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  • rlavari
    02-21 09:31 PM
    Public announcement

    Immigrationvoice would like to reach out to its community to find out if they are facing any problem with AC21 related issues or had faced any such issue in the past. If you had received a denial of your application for example not having the same designation/ different salary/different location etc... please contact and we would like to assist. This would also help us try solve the larger issue of restrictions on applicants during their greencard journey where they are bound with employers, salary, designation, narrow occupation field etc.

    Please contact us at info at immigrationvoice.org

    Do post this information on other forums so that we can help out others in need on this issue.
    i send email as requested, also my application has been pending for more then 900 days with out any update back on forth in stage say interview never get letter NOID i dont understand what is going on with USCIS

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  • thankgod
    06-03 09:09 AM
    This is called waste of brain power ... cramming as much as you can from the dictionary and god knows what. It would have been much better if a child learns some skill or diverts the mind towards exploring a problem or invention . What use is cramming the dictionary when it is available right on your phone now . If you have the internet all the world's knowledge is searchable.

    There are much better uses for the brain power.

    Well said.

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  • chanduv23
    02-07 01:41 PM
    I got EB2 140 approval (I have BS + 5 years of experience)

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  • EBX-Man
    05-06 03:44 PM
    I think u guys are getting anxious and thinking of such ways. u will need some determination to complete the MS besides ur regular work.......suppose if EB2 gets clogged suddenly next year, will u stop doing MS then?

    While what you ask is valid what you need to understand is that these people have a right to get anxious and hence want to better their situation and you should not object to that. Help them if you can and if you dont want to help then dont. Let them figure their way out, Believe me they will figure out a way to do MS for less and online. In any case EB2 getting clogged will not effect these people because EB2 dates might not progress but will not go back and if these people complete their MS and get a job which sponsers them in EB2 they become current according to their EB2 qualification.


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  • floridasun
    12-31 11:17 AM
    I would sympathize with you if you can do the following:
    1) Show me that no more than 90% of the population experience depression tendencies at some point in their life.
    among EB applicants I believe it would be 99%. So are you alone? I guess not:D:D

    Things you could do: Try watching talks with the Dalai Lama (available on youtube). Read books on Gandhi. Increase frequency of quiteness / meditation. Watch atleast one comedy show per day. Visit/remember the sick/disabled/poor or other less fortunate people than you.
    Things you could avoid: Heavy drinking. Watching news, movies/shows which are high tension. Most important is not to fight the emotions/thoughts that you consider are destructive. Allow them to come and go. Just watch them come and go........

    What you consider as "Good luck" can happen to you in the fraction of a seccond, however, it will never happen if you keep on defining yourself as unlucky. So focus on the good things you have now and refrain from comparing to "what you should be having or are worthy of having". :D:D:D:D

    thomachan72.... good advice - your point taken. I follow similar techniques to stay optimistic for most part of time. but every once in a while, there comes a time when I think why do some ppl get so lucky in everything they do.... they succeed in everything they do. while there are unlucky ppl like the poor/disabled etc who are destined to live unfortunate life deprived of so many things that other ppl enjoy regularly. is this what they call 'Law of Karma' ? did I do anything bad/evil in my past births - did I destroy anyone's career or life ? I am positive I did not do anything bad/evil in this life .... atleast as of now :D

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  • walking_dude
    08-15 10:51 AM
    I have added a poll to the thread to make it easier to determine how many IV members are impacted and are ready to participate in a campaign to fix the issue.


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  • gc_lover
    06-28 03:59 PM
    Does this mean we even cannot upgrade to PP after August 1st, when the premium processing will be available...???

    It means you cannot file between July 2 and Aug 1, at least for now.

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  • SenSan
    06-03 01:17 PM

    I certainly respect your view on this post that this information is irrelevant to this forum. At the same time I disagree your view. Different view points from other members absolutely help us to know how others perceive things.

    But your "offensive language and replies" to other members views are uncalled-for.

    Now in recent posts, you are using "we" and trying to gain support for what you have been writing.

    I request other members (whoever expressed their views that this post is irrelevant in this forum ) to express their concerns about Thankgod's language in his posts.


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  • yabadaba
    07-21 02:41 PM
    can we at least get the facts please before the naysayers votes us down?

    I had a question.

    It says u need a police certificate for the application:

    do u request it before or after the application has been submitted?


    do u need one from every place u have lived in since u were 18?

    does it apply for ur spouse?

    how can i get a certificate from india and dxb

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  • vishwak
    08-11 09:40 AM
    How did this law firm manage to get hands on Bulletin before official release???

    Which law firm you are talking about???

    its already out in travel.state.gov


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  • arthsidhu
    09-03 06:57 AM
    We always had these people but they were never successful in bringing end to the issues faced by legal immigrants

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  • nrk
    03-11 12:00 PM
    No change in dates April Bulletin, so i am thinking the same trend will follow.


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  • redcard
    02-19 03:13 PM
    Have you ever checked your balance? . Please go through insurance documents you would discover the truth. let me know after checking your balance how much you have in account/how much you paid.


    I am not sure what you mean by this... I have a schedule which lays out the exact amount which is payable in case you terminate the policy before the end of the level term period... which is about $1K in the first five years and hardly anything in the initial years but increases at the end of the term period..that apart you can either pay lump sum premium annually or you can pay monthly�.

    Let me know if this helps� or be more specific so that I can check..

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  • neamoni
    05-21 12:50 PM


    My Firefox shows the APril but IE shows the May. Try deleting the cookies, temp files, cache, etc.

    I did all that but still show April 15. :(

    Could somebody tell me what's the date for I140 @ NSC?



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  • snhn
    05-21 12:53 PM
    so TSC processing time actually retrogressed this month by 8 days if it is at June 21. For times of April, it shows that they are processing June 29, 2008.

    what is going on man. when will they get to Aug 7. but then again, if EB3 is not avaialable then what si the point.

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  • elaiyam
    05-25 02:22 PM
    Here is the challenge... we need

    Title : (not more than 25 Characters)
    Text : (not more than 70 Characters)


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  • addsf345
    06-30 02:15 PM
    Even though Freedom_fighter's intentions are right, the intelligence is too low. Did he/she suddenly wake up and think 'WOW, I HAVE AN IDEA THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. 600 million legal immigrants have not thought of this but I did?????".

    The judge will dismiss such a case at the start by saying "please produce the culprit who put a gun to your head and told you to come to this country".

    still something is wrong. USA does not descriminate based on country of birth, in this case there is a punishment for being born in india.

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  • EkAurAaya
    06-12 06:01 PM
    There is definitely something missing here. You are either not saying the complete truth, OR your wife is not supporting you, OR you are suspecting that she will testify against you.

    I agree with you, i think he is in deep s.... and the whole trying to type broken English thing is also fishy (in my opinion its on purpose)!

    This guy has been in the country for more then 3 years (at least - based on his h1 being valid till 2011 which means recently extended)) on a work visa and cannot communicate a simple fact that they were fooling around and he didnt intend any harm (if that is the fact).... HE must be really really good at what he does at work for his company to keep him!

    But to give the benefit of the doubt and innocent until proven guilty - I wish him luck!

    I really hope i m wrong in judging you... and seriously I wish you all the best if you are being honest about the whole thing.

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  • chanduv23
    09-22 04:54 PM

    I am joining with Tek systems and they don't give as permanent position in offer letter rather just said contractor.. but I am full time with my current employer.

    Do you think its going to be any problem from changing Full time to Contractor?

    AC21 letter - wording is very important - the offer MUST be Permanant fulltime and the prospects for future employment must also be good - this is exactly what they request in a RFE or a NOID.

    If your letter says it is temporary position, you will have issues.

    02-23 11:00 AM
    I wouldn't call ourselves losers. But I do agree with your statement about Richard Attenborough and Danny Boyle, because I was thinking the same thing!

    It took a richard attenborough to show case Gandhi and it took Danny Boyle to show case Rahman's talent. as simple as that.. people who cant rejoice at this moment are sore frigging losers. end of story. :D

    04-15 07:44 PM
    May be even 5 would help at this moment.

    Also I would suggest to show the data as below in the contribution sign up page where the people would get an idea before contributing.

    $100 Contribution / per month -- xxx members
    $50 Contribution / per month -- yyy members
    $20 Contribution / per month -- zzz members
    $10 Contribution / per month -- xx members
    $5 Contribution / per month -- x members

    This would help the new members to grasp the idea about the strength of the forum and would also give a ball park figure on which range they should go.

    Can we lower minimum recurring amount to $10 a month? I can request some of my colleagues to contribute a recurring amount of $10 a month. We can probably get more ppl to join more lower limits.

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