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  • ragz4u
    03-02 08:13 AM
    If I had my green card today, I would surely be making at least 15K more in my salary per annum repeat per annum.

    If not all, many of you are in the similar situation.

    My $200 contribution is just 1.33% of that lost opportunity per annum. If I take into consideration the 4 years of wait, it comes to 0.33%.

    Almost anybody who is in US for 5 years on H1B can buy an nice little home. (Bay area is bit more cruel).

    Last year I could have bought a home for say 500K. It would have surely appreciated by 50K. But because of the uncertainty of GC, I can not. That's a loss of opportunity of 50K.

    My $200 contribution is just 0.4% of that another lost opportunity.

    Now you know why I support this effort.

    Most of you and your friends are in a situation similar as mine.
    I urge you to become aware, make them aware and support this effort, which has a potential to minimize those lost financial opportunities, with your wallet.



    Very well said nviren. I would like to take this a step further.

    There are 1000+ members on these forums. If everyone contributes 200$, we will have $200K. That way, the core volunteers can concentrate on getting the work done by working with QGA/lawmakers etc instead of worrying about our survival for the next month.

    If we can get double this membership (each member gets one more member on board), our contributions per head can come down to just $100.

    Then nviren's contributions as compared to his lost opportunities will get reduced by 50% ($200 to $100) ! So his contribution compared to the lost opportunity in terms of annual increase if he changes his job is now down from 0.33% to 0.17%.On the other hand, if we each get 5 more members, his contribution($200 to $40)/opportunity percentage is down to 0.065%....

    What we can do as a group now is
    a) Contribute our part
    b) Get as many friends as we can to become members of IV.

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  • coolngood4u80
    08-10 11:00 PM
    bulletin looks very much real...at the end of the bulletin it even has the date stamp as Aug 9,2010

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  • chanduv23
    07-09 12:03 PM
    We will have to wait and see how effective this will be, going forward.

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  • gcseeker2002
    12-06 12:28 PM
    So they refused to acknowledge that it is pending more than 90 days?
    They are technically right, the regulations say "within 90 days from the date of receipt of the application".
    Talk about broken promises. Write to the USCIS ombudsman.
    Emails to USCIS ombudsman just generate a standard response, nothing more, asking to submit form 7001. They should be swamped with 7001s by now, so they should create a processing-times for the form7001s.


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  • pappu
    10-11 12:50 PM
    actually I had already drafted a template in an earlier post, but IV deleted the entire thread. This was a template to send to reporters that outlined our issues.
    sent you a pm

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  • ursosweet
    07-19 03:55 PM
    .....EB2, India, May 2006, reached July 2, 2007 @9:01 AM via FEDEX 140 pending since 10/2006 @NSC.


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  • gdilla
    08-16 06:17 PM
    Talk to a lawyer and get the answers. But if you're on travel and questioned by immigration upon entrance if you're still working for sponsoring employer, depending on the circumstances, they can take your GC away. So that's another scenario separate from an audit or citrizenship interview that GC jeopardy may arise.

    If circumstances change, like you getting laid off or fired, that's a different story. If the sponsor's intent changes, and that does happen, then obviously, you're free to move on. But you should be able to prove that, with say a termination letter, for example.

    Many of us will be facing this decision and it's good to know the risks and the answers. Imagine you got a GC and now you have a +20k offer from the other company. Staying with your current employer for 6 months will cost you 10k. The question is "does the risk cost 10k?".

    This is how I see it, please correct me if I'm wrong. You can be questioned about leaving the company only in two cases: 1. citizenship interview, 2 - investigation/audit. In first case I don't see much problem, as many years will pass, and if you will not keep any documents, I don't see how USCIS will be going back and chasing these 4-5-6 months of your employment.

    Investigation is a different story. You have to be ready. The law says that you/your employer had to have intent to work on that position with that job description forever at the moment of AOS. Technically you could change that intent the very next day.

    So.. I think this is how it will work. USCIS might request evidence/letters from you/your "after-GC" employer and if they will find something like your resume that you have sent them before getting GC, then you are in trouble. But if you will demonstrate, that let's say you met your "after-GC" employer only after getting GC (let's say at some exhibition) and he offered you right away +50k salary, then I don't see how USCIS is gonna build their case.

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  • pappu
    02-23 10:03 AM
    Please provide the email address/new thread where we can write the articles. Perhaps the admins can review all the articles submitted, and then choose some of the articles which they think are worthy, and other users can then try to post their comments. Last, the admins can edit the article based on those suggestions.
    write articles and post them on this thread


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  • casinoroyale
    03-18 11:53 AM
    So lets do the numbers. If 10,000 of us buy houses worth $300K.

    Lets say, each make 20% downpayment.

    10,000 * $ 60,000 = $ 600 Million (right away gets pumped into the market)

    each pays mortgate of $2000 per month which makes by next year this time

    10, 000 * $2000 * 12 = $240 Million.

    So which this plan, for 1 year, we are helping the economy by $ 840 Million. :confused:

    Hmm, Is that number sufficient enough for Berneke to even think about our plan?

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  • sorcerer666
    04-21 02:37 PM
    Why should only GC holders get this 'permission'? F1, J1, L1 and H1 people should also be able to get their parents. Also, add all their dependents, H4, L4(??) whatever. We can all live as a big family then. Or, just pack up and go back to India.

    Its ridiculous to hear people saying that they like to live in the US because of human values here, but then talk about Indian values. Please make up your mind. It's not just my family, my siblings, my whatever..... Think outside 'your' little world.

    well said!!


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  • gc28262
    02-15 10:17 AM

    Now that Desi consultant companies are under scanner, i hope employees working for them get their long overdue justice.

    H1B has become synonym for visa abuse bcoz of these moron's. I hope the system comesout clean.

    FYI majority of Desi companies follow the rules as stipulated by US laws. There definitely are abuses in any law. Do you think all wallstreet firms played by rules in this financial mess.

    If there are abuses that should be enforced. No doubt about it.
    Please stop generalizing from these incidents. There are good majority of IV folks who work for good consulting companies.

    If you don't want IV to be reduced to an organization of couple of hundred members, please stop generalizing. After all that is what anti-immigrants are doing.

    Don't kill IV with your immature perspective.

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  • memyselfandus
    08-04 11:02 PM
    Sorry, if you didn't like my comment. I am of Indian origin, and recognized/enjoyed your poetry and thoughts well. We can surely talk to our peers in any language, but writing for general information exchange on a public forum in our language may lead to regional labelling of our forum, which we don't intend.

    First up all I am not that poetic; so I want to discredit the credits bestowed up on me by you. What labelling r u talking about? Why are you so afraid about things that have no bearing on anybody. Being Indian/ Chinese/ Philippine has nothing to do with it as long as the comments elicit positive energy among peers. I am not talking about blantaly jotting down everything in a non-english language; I am only talking about poetic stanza's people pen that removes some sadness or frustration about the whole immigration fiasco.

    As far as talking about peers, I consider IV folks to be my peers too. ;)


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  • sgorla
    04-17 02:08 PM
    Very well said, nozerd. Indians may keep dreaming about INR gaining value against USD. It might actually happen at some point of time, but without the proper infrastructure that it needs, its going nowhere in my opinion.
    What India needs is

    Transparent Government without any trace of corruption atleast in regular day-to-day life
    Clean drinking water, un-interrupted power supply
    Roads and neighborhoods without trash pile ups
    Change of people's attitude that Govt should do everything for them, but without having to have pay taxes, fee etc.

    Yes but in Canada you will breathe clean air and drink clean water. You will have electricity 24 hrs a day and water 24 hrs a day. You wont find trash on the street and you wont be considered second class citizen if you arent SC/ST/OBC due to reservations. You woint have to give "donations" to get your kid admitted to Class 1. You wont face a system where a simple court case drags to 50 yrs or a case where doctor will not treat if before police does a "Panchnama" if you had an accident. You wont have to bribe everyone from minucipality to police to start a business.

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  • anandrajesh
    04-26 10:28 AM
    Fantastic Job folks.
    This is absolutely fantastic. An article on the frontpage of Washington Post dedicated to IV. I'm sure the opponents must be cringing in their seats and biting their finger nails.

    We sure do need more members to contribute to sustain this level of intense involvement.


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  • hunkuncontrolled
    04-02 11:58 AM
    What the hell is wrong with you? Stop using Slurs. Eating Sambar Rice and curd rice does not make a life life with out pride.

    Take your Slavery argument some where else. if you truely believe so, go to your masters on the hill and fight for abolishing slavery.

    Not able to work does not directly cause loss of self esteem. Sorry to say this but this is the bitter truth. if you or your spouse's self esteem is so hurt because of the inability to work, fight for it and get H-4's the ability to work. Some thing like Lily ledbetter (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lilly_Ledbetter_Fair_Pay_Act) did. Just blaming that it hurts my self esteem does not win brownie points.

    You and Zen dont deserve reds. You guys are beyond red reds. So I will not give you a red so that your self esteem does not go down further.

    So here come the thing. Thats why i asked in my original post is IV just for people who have applied for Green card ? I wanted to know if they could address these issues as well . Regarding inability to work and self esteem , just stay in home for few days and then feel how much you loose. Man , its 21st century and ability to work is basic right.

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  • rsharma
    10-10 10:54 AM
    I respectfully disagree, he is the president of USA and to its citizens, you might morally/personally declare him to be your president, but as long as your passport is not from USA you my friend are an alien (not extraterrestrial) living in the US of A :), please dont take this personally I am in the US too, and I got my passport recently renewed, and I had to pledge my allegiance in order to get my passport. It's just a law point. And I wish you all the best in your endeavor. Bharat mata ki Jai.

    Dear Friend, I know that I had pledged my alligiance to the Sovereinty, Intigretity of the country who had issued the passport I am holding. None of my actions are against that statement. However as I have moved over to USA and applied to live in USA permanently I should respect and love this country from the bottom of my heart.

    I feel if I love my country of birth and sing its paises, then I should have stayed there permanently and not aspire to become US permanent Resident and eventualy US citizen. Since I want to stay in US I should love US more than any other country including the country of my birth.

    Friend, most of us say that there should not be any country quota (I too support this statement), but sometimes we only provide the reason for keeping the country quota. We do not blend in to the US melting point but keep our seperate identity of so and so country. If you regularly read the posts in this forum it clearly displays that this forum belongs to a particular country. Many of the posters post in that country's language, posts any news from that country and some even say negative things about the nighbours of that country. Although I am too from that country I do not support that and want to present myself as an immigrant who want to reside and live in USA permanently.

    I will continue to sing praises of the country I have selected and want to live permanently in (USA) and work to show that I am blending in this culture of this country and try to help remove any quota based on country of birth.

    God Bless USA.


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    08-27 10:45 PM
    Expectation is itself on July 2nd courier based Apps were around 20000+ but ofcourse after 2nd the no. of applications significantly reduced hope for the best

    I am on the same boat, my application was also received 9:01 AM Fedex signed by R.Mickels. I am not sure what the hell is goin on..it's all messed up..:mad:

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  • seekerofpeace
    08-27 10:59 AM
    I checked with some folks who have got GCs in the past and they mentioned that FP (2nd time ) is not needed.....unlike the minds of USCIS one's FP doesn't change over his lifetime...that said..if you apply renew EAD u can get FP notice....

    But if 15 month rule of FP is correct then very few will get approved as very few have received 2nd FP notice....so I am not sure what is good or bad...we need to know if the folks who had got FP notice had recently renewed their EADs or not.

    I am current next month but I rate my odds as 2/98 meaning 2% chance of getting clear.....taking into account RD/ND/transfer/FP all vagaries into account....even Indian monsoon is more predictable.


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  • ashwin_27
    04-20 11:56 PM
    those who were at the advocacy day saw the amount of behind the scenes efforts IV core and coalition partners are putting in. We are lucky to have folks who have a deep understanding of the politics in DC as well as public policy. So I am sure that from a lobbying and advocacy viewpoint with lawmakers in DC...the best is being done.
    It is up to our members to meet with local lawmaker offices and push our/IV provisions so that the DC offices get pushed from the local offices as well and there is a more well rounded awareness/understanding of what we need.
    It is not a question of whether lawmakers know what we need..it is a question of making enough noise and frequent noise so that our provisions are constantly on their mind.
    Reading the article that a member posted a link for the other day...where there was mention of how thousands of FAIR and NumbersUSA members clogged DC lawmaker office phone lines against CIR when it was brought up in 2007, shows the reality of the situation and on the other hand how naive our EB community is.

    I don't know if IV is already doing it...but we need to meet all these lawmakers who are considering immigration reform....get the details of the bills they are proposing....see what the common benefits are...and help them to converge toward a unified bill that will help all.

    A difficult task ....but it needs to be done if we have to have any hope in passing some meaningful legislation.

    03-15 10:19 PM
    Thank you belmontboy, I will talk to attorney at the earliest and see how it goes.. will update the forum.

    07-14 08:32 PM
    Let me stop with final words.

    I only came to know about USINPAC recently with this flowergate.
    And i don't know about USINPAC mission or robinder.

    But, if USINPAC is such a great organization, then IV and USINPAC should sit together and support each other.

    Let us forget the mess and we all know the whole world acknowledged IV for flower campaign.


    please stop this.

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