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  • arunmohan
    01-21 07:14 PM
    Thanks gcisadawg for Stats. I do agree with gcisadawg , EB3 will get again 3000/4000.

    I do agree with kartikiran, if we don't do team effort, it is not going to happen anything.

    IV team: Please consider this, please make a plan and designate the people.

    I am ready to do for AZ Senator and House members.

    We start writing if someone open a new thread for EB3, that thread would be active for one or two days and after 2 days that thread would be dead.

    Group please come together and keep this thread active.

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  • BharatPremi
    11-08 04:45 PM
    To Red Dot Hammerers,

    Do not work over time giving me red dots again...

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  • saggi13
    07-25 02:56 PM
    EB3/DHL delivered on 02-July @ 8.26 AM

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  • chanduv23
    07-10 07:46 AM
    Can anyone recommend attorney who are good in AC21 and I-485 Motion To Reopen cases. Who is better, muthy or Oh law firm, or Ron Gotcher ? I am confused as to whose services I should take knowing that my I-140 will be revoked and if I have to file MTR.

    Try Rajiv Khanna too.


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  • sk2006
    08-07 01:49 AM
    Couldnt agree with you more - absolute magic from ghalib

    This Ghazal is NOT by ghalib.
    Poet is Shaharyar who wrote this for movie Umrao Jaan.

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  • chanduv23
    09-22 02:37 PM
    My I485 is still pending (> 180 days filed on July27th '07). I have my renewed EAD valid for the next 2 years. I have been out of project for 4 months and my employer , who filed my GC, terminated my health coverage too. Iam using my COBRA option.

    Recently, i have applied for a perm position using EAD . I explained to the client about by current status of GC. They wanted to know what they are supposed to do for it. I told them i need to 'invoke' a law called AC21.(pardon my ignorance if iam wrong) inorder to transfer my pending application.

    Now the big question is, how do i initiate this whole process?

    I really apreaciate all your suggestions.

    Invoking AC21 is easy, but you need to know what you can expect and how to resolve it

    (1) If you decided to change to new employer using EAD - there is nothing you need to do. Just join and work.
    (2) As employer is asking what they need to do - tell them they need to provide an AC21 letter of support - you can find various formats on the web.
    (3) Your new job must be in same or similar category.
    (4) Call customer service to verify your address on file - also hire a personal attorney and make sure they file g 28 and have them on file too for USCIS communication
    (5) Your AC21 letter may/may not reach your file depending on the service center, officer and a lot of other factors.
    (6) Usually most AC21 cases go through just fine unless your ex employer requests a revoke on i 140 - in such a situation you may get an RFE, NOID or a straight denial on 485 - nothing to worry about - you can resolve all these and you will find yourself back on track.

    Hope this helps


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  • h1b_forever
    04-15 12:40 PM
    Many in this community have endured and suffered at the hands of rogue employers at one time or the other.
    It is time we came together and shut them down. It is better for the community and the world in general.

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  • Openarms
    05-13 04:34 PM
    well said, you got couple of great points.

    when a person applied his GC process 2002 EB3 with 3 years experience per say, another person 2004 EB2 with 5 years experience. How come EB2 guys is smarter then EB2. By the way lot of people in those days who applied under EB3 are well qualified and well educated. In my experience most of them are doing jobs that will easily comes under EB2.


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  • peyton sawyer
    07-23 03:44 AM
    Hi bluez25..

    I just wanna ask if are you under EB3 row?

    How did you know that your case or your documents have already been forwarded to Chennai consulate?

    I would really appreciate a response.. thank you

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  • panky72
    06-21 08:02 PM
    I have heard that USCIS is going to bring a law. Which states that if you have used AP you have to use your EAD. Or After using if you extend your H-1B than you have to go for a visa stamping. I am confuse how true is this rumor is?
    any comments

    Can you please tell the source of this news/rumour.


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  • hindu_king
    04-07 02:08 PM
    There will be no movement in May bulletin, but June bulletin will be Jan 1 2006 for EB2. I'm guessing this based on last 3 years, where there was no movement in May but had significant jump every June.

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  • h1bmajdoor
    10-13 06:42 PM
    The idea was to make it easy for majority folks who work in Manhattan and surrounding areas. We were also concerned that the tri state folks travel long distances and work long hours during weekdays will need the weekends for themselves and a Friday night after work must be the best time.

    But, yes, based on majority of the folks's response, we plan to do one more on a Saturday, but not in Flushing, location will be decided soon.

    ok. i live in queens and work in CT. manhattan on weekdays does not fly for me. if anyone wants to meet in the hindu center on holly av. on sunday evenings please let me know.

    if nothing else, maybe prayer will work.

    "ab dawa nahin dua ki zaroorat hai".:rolleyes:


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  • freedom_fighter
    07-02 01:37 PM
    New Traps for Aliens Filing for a Green Card (http://www.rreeves.com/articles/immigration_en_10575.php)

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  • caydee
    05-24 09:08 AM
    I spent some time analyzing the draft and I conclude that status-quo is better as the Law-makers will continue to feel the pressure for a "true reform". The bill in current form does more harm than good and this is also evident from press reports. It is also evident that there aren't any known amendments that would change the face of this bill and it appears that the process we are currently seeing on the senate floor is a staged drama. One must remember, if any bill is passed, then there wont be any more reforms for years to come. Just my opinion.


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  • Aah_GC
    07-08 06:07 PM
    You can find everything about your Labor stuff from here - www.flcdatacenter.com

    Good luck!

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  • pmpforgc
    10-17 08:28 AM

    I had all paper work ready for PP and were sent to my Lawyer for premium processing of my Sch. A case. But retrogession occured that night in Nov. visa bulletin. So my lawyer advised me that it is not advantageous to go for it unless your date is current. So we did not filed it.

    As I remeber you were not ready for premium process. Any reason or justification for rethinking your decision? let me know if you can outline some advatage of PP of Sch. A at this point, or have seen some cases which enjoyed some advantage due to PP very recently.


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  • GCard_Dream
    03-18 05:52 PM
    Why is that important? Does it have a impact on his I485 approval if he got to keep it or not? It's amazing the kind of questions people can come up with :rolleyes:

    Did you get to keep the stuff you stole ?

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  • waitnwatch
    11-03 04:51 PM
    Apparently in Colorado they verify with some Federal database which should have your I-94 in place. So if the Feds goof up somewhere they expect you to go down to Denver to sort it out.

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  • pappu
    07-06 02:52 PM
    Lawsuit update:

    04-09 02:27 PM
    I just want to point out one missing thing here. I read all postings here and you guys talking about "People like lallu, Jaya, Karunanidhi, Naidu etc,". Might be you will add some more names for this category. I am sure most of the above patriotic Indians will not like to add names like Bal Thackeray, Modi etc. Majority of you guys like to add names like Dawood ibrahim (I hate guys who kill other human being including this guy) to bad guys list. At least people like "lallu, Jaya, Karunanidhi, Naidu etc" are Ok (that does not mean they are good). They kill one or two (might be 10/50) for their self interest and money. Guys like Bal Thackeray, Modi killing entire community openly by taking Police support. Same time so called patriotic-Indians elect these guys and make chief ministers. I always wonder when Thackeray, Modi can become ministers after committing such atrocities and walk freely in India, why can't people like Dawood Ibrahim (after all he is also indian and successful in his own profession).

    You guys may think that I am racist by reading above lines. From bottom of my heart I vote for punishing all bad guys ( irrespective of their religion) who harm innocent human beings. Long live India����..

    04-28 09:41 PM
    I tend to think a point system is better than what we have now. One thing though is that the points should be allocated "properly". For example, more points should be given to people with higher education, who earned a US degree, who have worked in the US for more years, who have paid more taxes, etc.

    Someone mentioned a good point is about the visa number limits. If the per country limits are not eliminated, the points system won't solve the problem. Of course, they should also give more points to people who have passed Labor and I140 and allow them to adjust status right away. Otherwise, we will further get stuck in all the backlogs. Poor us. :(

    I think if all the above issues are solved/cleared, probably a point system is good for us (i.e., EB based immigrants who are now stuck due to backlogs and retrogression). :p
    Once you have a point system , a whole lot of people will be qualified, many more than currently on H1B from other countries , it will again clog the system, remember for canada the waiting time in india is 5 years now for skilled people who have enough points.

    Again it goes to the basics how many skilled ot semi-skilled people they want in this country.


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