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  • gcseeker2002
    12-06 12:28 PM
    So they refused to acknowledge that it is pending more than 90 days?
    They are technically right, the regulations say "within 90 days from the date of receipt of the application".
    Talk about broken promises. Write to the USCIS ombudsman.
    Emails to USCIS ombudsman just generate a standard response, nothing more, asking to submit form 7001. They should be swamped with 7001s by now, so they should create a processing-times for the form7001s.

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  • Raju
    02-24 11:37 AM
    Dear friends,

    We are in immediate need of funds for that very purpose. We are seriously low on gas right now, for the journey ahead that we are only just starting on. We have only raised $30,000 in the last 50 days; even more alarming, fund raising has gone down drastically in the last 2 weeks. At our current burn rate, we will be out of money in a month or so, just when we expect the bills to come up for discussion on the Senate floors. As you can expect and appreciate, there is a cost for achieving anything politically. IV has already demonstrated a great deal of leadership and persistence to work on retrogression relief and labor backlog elimination. Many IV members will start making trips to DC in the coming weeks to meet lawmakers at the hill. We need your help NOW!

    Members that have not yet contribute money, please do so TODAY! And members that have already contributed please consider another contribution. We need all hands on deck. Also pass on the message of the immediate need of funds to your friends.

    If you have questions, as always, please send a note to info@immigrationvoice.org

    This is my third post regarding this topic. I have made my contibution and urged all my friends to do the same. [B]Can we sell some add space[B]. If we can have more broad immigartion related topics like proceesing times, more people visit and we can probably sell some add space

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  • cabal
    03-27 10:42 AM
    Thanks to the efforts of everyone at IV and QGA, we have the golden opportunity for a member of IV to actually testify before Congress. No kidding!

    This has to be one of the best and most effective chance we have to make our point directly to the lawmakers

    IV is looking for someone who is in the �limbo� stage, and has made a significant contribution to the economy (ie, invented something, made a medical discovery, created a lot of jobs, etc.)

    Please treat this as very very urgent. We need someone like this ASAP.

    Please contact any of the following if you come across someone who fits the criteria


    This is your chance to speak up and be heard. Please pass it on to everyone you know.....

    I dont know if i quite fit the bill, I am a Environmental engineer, did my masters in the U.S. Working since the past 6 years. First LC rejected due to incompetence of lawyer, second LC (PERM) took 6 months instead of 45-60 days as promised. Now stuck in retrogression. Admitted to top MBA program in UK, and waitlisted at top program in U.S. Planning to go to UK as tired of being stuck and waiting.

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  • prabasiodia
    07-15 02:44 PM
    1. Recapture unused visas identified by USCIS Ombudsman
    2. Remove spouse and children from the numerical limit
    3. Either remove country wise (diversity) quota or increase it to some respectable limits that adheres to true representation based on population and the country’s immigration quotient.
    4. What about automatic GC, say after 8 or 9 or 10 years in H1/L1 status?
    5. Last of all, all the recaptured numbers should go to the persons based on the very first Port Of Entry date with continuous status. It doesn’t matter whether you came on F1 went to H1 then H4. The very first POE date should rule and people that have been languishing for years should get a reprieve. It’ll only be fair that a person that came on 1999 on whatever category gets a visa first than a late comer in 2005. PD is illogical since many of us had to change jobs and do what not and start afresh and still saw no light at the end of the tunnel.


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  • GCNirvana007
    08-25 06:12 PM
    Would like to clear two things:
    1) I did not give you red :)
    2) Mine is TSC all the way from 140, no RFE, same company for 6 years + and still no result :)

    :p Thanks on the first one

    I was meaning that message for seekerinpeace for the transfer :)

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  • styrum
    02-08 01:04 PM

    This is rather discouraging if this is true. This basically says one can't require any experience for zone IV if you require MS.
    Well, MS + 11 month (but not 12) will do then, cause zone IV is has SVP "7.0 to < 8.0"

    The question is then: In question 6-A on the PERM form do they mean experience including 4 yrs of MS or experience in addition to those 4? From my negative experience it looks like this number is what is used to compare with the respective SVP time, so it does include 4 yrs for MS (2 yrs for BS)

    Any other opinions?


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  • mannubhai
    05-27 04:57 PM
    We have seen that for every bill which gets a chance to be presented, there is a heated debate and some compromises arrived at if the bill gets a chance to move further. I am concerned that if this bill goes the same route, the compromise would be to drop the employment part of the same.
    I agree with Pappu that we need to meet lawmakers and would like to add that our agenda should be to ensure that the employment based Visa Recapture remains in the agenda.

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  • sandiboy
    07-19 02:08 PM
    EB3/Sent Via Fedex/Reached NSC Jul 2nd @ 7:55 AM


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  • yabadaba
    11-08 11:56 AM
    The people who wants to be a part of American Society should first definately be a very open minded towards all cultures and social trends.
    Other thing to be Indian or representing Indian traditions is not a crime but certainly every time barking against anything Indian may certainly be a crime as it is a clear indication of closed door or prejudicial mind towards one particular country and culture. Americans do not mind if one shows that he is Indian now and want to become in American future. Although they prefer that AND that is why they label Jindal as Indian-American although he born in USA. If there are majority Indians on IV board, it is not a crime but it is obvious. Some of my chienese friends on IV board may start thread for wishing chienese festival, I bet most Indians on this board will welcome and same goes with Muslim friends on IV board. Starting and wishing EID MUBARAK thread (By the way that is also a Indian tradition..And I am proud of that too) is not a crime and by now if nobody started it does not mean other people may not welcome it. If you are a Muslim, start the thread for EID Mubarak, I will be the first to welcome that step. You want to be American,, right? Then first start learning open mind and start respecting the culture of majority IV memebers first. If you would not start that now how will you settle yourself in cultural pot of the world?

    If you are an Indian citizen right now take control over your inferiority complex and get over it because if you do not respect your culture or your tradition what guaranty would be there for Americans that you would respect American traditions in future. Even Americans are not fool. And how dare you pretend that people form China and other countries just stop supporting IV as they just see few threads celebrating Indian culture? So stop this bullshit now otherwise I may have to request moderators to ban you.

    By the way Happy Diwali to you and your family.
    As usual you twisted my point to make it out that I dont have any "cultural values," as you define it.

    I think chandu and paskal in their subsequent msgs got my point exactly that we should promote happy <festival> of all regions/traditions rather than focusing on the majority one.

    That would promote IV's agenda rather than distract from it.

    Its people like you with your misguided "cultural values" that are the cause of problems around the world. You are like the Indian version of ALIPAC.

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  • ryanjoe_99
    10-24 10:55 PM
    thank you. Eventhough my son is 13 year old, when I told about it, he was worried about it.


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  • franklin
    07-20 05:49 PM
    Before people start slamming this lawmaker and that, please read the full context of the bills and amendments.

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  • CADude
    05-28 02:37 AM

    What ever we will do USCIS will never finish Backlog... THIS IS CALLED SCAM. :mad:


    We have to let congress know about this scam.


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  • rajchadha
    06-03 09:10 AM
    This is called waste of brain power ... cramming as much as you can from the dictionary and god knows what. It would have been much better if a child learns some skill or diverts the mind towards exploring a problem or invention . What use is cramming the dictionary when it is available right on your phone now . If you have the internet all the world's knowledge is searchable.

    There are much better uses for the brain power.

    People can have different opinion about this ---cramming or not cramming but matter of the fact is that is still a great achievement .
    Proves that we indian rock in whatever we decide to do in life and that can be medicine/IT/Law/ working to do some invention / spelling or whatever. People can have different intrests in life but matter of fact stays same that we indians are one of the most hard working race.
    Good job---Sukanya Roy!!!!!!!!!!! you make us all feel proud !!!!!!!

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  • jsb
    01-13 03:10 PM
    Eb2 have never moved beyond may 2004.. so until it goes past that.. these movements are not really worth anything.. it has to overcome that resistance.. then maybe 2005 will be a reality


    EB2-I did move to August 2006 only a few months ago, clearing some people way down in PD, but people senior in PD keep waiting.


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  • vpa_2009
    03-17 02:58 PM
    Thanks to start this. No offense for EB2 but EB3 is going nowhere. We have to do something for it. Kindly spread the word and come up with ideas to work on it.

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  • sheela
    09-12 09:14 PM
    and why was it so early. those arseholes carnt even watch a calander right.

    suppose to be on or around the 15th??? which would be friday???

    your language stinks


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  • ramus
    10-14 07:42 AM
    TSC.. received date is 09/29

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  • gaz
    04-20 12:15 PM
    it may be so in some scenarios - but i'm not sure if thats the rule rather than the exception. but then again - i'm speaking from my limited experience in this area, which does not include a consultant position (have always been a full time employee), and could very well be wrong about how this works in the consulting world.

    my intention is not to preach - just bringing up what i've been told and have read on IV regarding the letter and spirit of the law around filing - and that the OP should be aware of this before deciding on a course of action.

    Sure. h-1b is now; labor is what you are going to do when greencard gets approved.

    try telling a consultant who is qualified for eb2 that the job dictates it is eb3 and they won't sleep or eat -:).

    Reality of the process and how it works is quite different. If you really wanted to pick on things; DOL assessment of education and experience dictate that all of the IT positions should not require more then bachelors and four years of experience (ever IT labor filed with eb2 requirements it to be answered that the job requirements are NOTnormal for the positoin.

    If companies don't want to file eb2 then employee will not stay (they cannot fathom waiting 10 years for greencard).

    Maybe people don't want to hear this but that is reality of the situation.

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  • sanju_dba
    02-19 05:09 PM
    I did refered earlier in this forum ,about www.givemeinsurance.com , a desi agent deals with Farmers Insurance in Texas only.
    I got mine and my wife insurance with him for $15 a month covering 250K Term Life insurance ( We are on H1 )
    Check for any Farmers agents in your area.

    Good luck.

    01-14 01:29 PM
    I hope that this holds good for existing GC applicants too. When perm was introduced the existing applications was pushed to the BEC black hole. Many of us had to wait for a couple of years while watching the newer perm applications getting approved.

    06-18 11:14 AM
    I am no expert here but know that most of my friends did not have priority date current but were getting EAD/AP all the time. So once filed and accepted (receipt#) I am sure you would get an EAD/AP (the first one would come quickly 2-3 months) then extentions of EAD/AP might have a different outcome.

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