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  • crazyghoda
    01-15 10:52 AM
    5 for legals and 10 for illegals.
    That's the only fair thing to do, for us suckers as well as for the illegals. And the lawmakers anyway have to create the perception that illegals are being "punished" in some form (In this case, by having a greater number of years)

    The other option is to state, that they can apply but they wont get processed (approved) until all the other applicants in the legal categories are processed first. Given the size of the illegal community, they will start pushing the USCIS through their morchas, etc to process faster and the legals can benefit as a result.

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  • paskal
    10-02 11:46 AM
    i will be in nyc this weekend on work and will try my best to be there.
    look forward to seeing the tri state folks!

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  • 485Mbe4001
    03-17 07:16 PM
    good old AG created this mess, there was a reason that he was called easy Al...suggest reading Bill Fleckenstein's , "Greenspan's Bubbles: The Age of Ignorance at the Federal Reserve."

    Bernake has studied the great depression, he is probably the best person for the current situation, his hands are tied by a number of factors..suggested reading :)

    Ben Bernanke (2005). Essays on the Great Depression.
    Ben Bernanke, Thomas Laubach, Frederic Mishkin, and Adam Posen: Inflation Targeting: Lessons from the International Experience. Princeton University Press

    btw, h1techSlave, there is next to nothing he can do to help us with the GCs, that my friend is one heck of a pipe dream. There is a 19 trillion derivatives market (trillion with a T) going down the drain, i doubt he has time to read or even think about your letters.

    I would try get Alan Greenspan back into office :rolleyes:
    Bernanke does not seem that qualified IMHO.

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  • mallu
    06-15 08:30 PM
    We are being squeezed all along the way... Did you notice I140 retrogression? Think about those who got stuck at labor, then 140, then I485, then name check...

    Did you hear that they were trying to eliminate AC21? So what's the benefit of filing I485 considering all the backlogs? Without AC21, you still have to start all over again should you lose your job.

    Pure stupidity on those bueracrats!

    Some employers are having merry time. "Dedicated" employees working for N number of years without any major promotion ( also i have seen employers in dilemma because cannot promote employee to a mangerial position ).


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  • eb_retrogession
    02-24 09:35 AM
    Dear friends,

    As many of you are well aware, it has been about 50 days since IV was started. Since then, we have come a long way in setting up a platform to voice our concerns. We also established an able alliance with QGA to have a powerful channel for our voices to be heard on the hill.

    It is now game time!!

    Two very significant legislative vehicles, namely the PACE bill and Comprehensive immigration bill are right on the corner. PACE is scheduled for discussion end of Feb, and the comprehensive Immigration bill beginning of March. In this dynamic legislative climate, it if very difficult to predict which of these potential vehicles could bear fruit, or even predict the timeframes accurately. IV�s strategy is to pursue both the bills and push for our goals to be on them.

    We are in immediate need of funds for that very purpose. We are seriously low on gas right now, for the journey ahead that we are only just starting on. We have only raised $30,000 in the last 50 days; even more alarming, fund raising has gone down drastically in the last 2 weeks. At our current burn rate, we will be out of money in a month or so, just when we expect the bills to come up for discussion on the Senate floors. As you can expect and appreciate, there is a cost for achieving anything politically. IV has already demonstrated a great deal of leadership and persistence to work on retrogression relief and labor backlog elimination. Many IV members will start making trips to DC in the coming weeks to meet lawmakers at the hill. We need your help NOW!

    Members that have not yet contribute money, please do so TODAY! And members that have already contributed please consider another contribution. We need all hands on deck. Also pass on the message of the immediate need of funds to your friends.

    If you have questions, as always, please send a note to info@immigrationvoice.org

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  • unseenguy
    07-04 11:35 PM
    This is not true. The Indian citizenship rules were changed sometime in 2003 so that children are not eligible citizenship if the birth was not registered within 1 year or if the child has taken some other passport. These children can get Indian citizenship only after attaining 18 years and renouncing the foreign citizenship.

    I think like many Indian government rules, the OCI rules have not been thought out properly.

    But within a year you can register a birth and get Indian citizenship, right? Whats stopping you from registering birth within a year?


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  • gunsnkars
    07-18 04:25 PM
    what kind of attitude is this. If he/she is eligible to apply they should apply.

    Sorry!If it was rude!!No offence meant...Me thinks it is more of a pain than gain!!Like what if your 485 gets approved b4 u file for your spouse's...There are still solutions as much as problems!!It would only benefit guys who are desperate for EAD but then again if you have your I-140 cleard and with serious retrogressions expected you could still get 3 year H1B extensions!!!

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  • gcisadawg
    02-23 03:01 PM
    Green Tech, There is a history of posts with buddyinfo alias buddyinusa alias buddyinuk etc etc. This guy has a background of sounding like someone from India, and attacking specific community, pitching one against the other, which it typical terrorist mid-set. The other day he pretended like someone from north India and attacked people from AP. He was also supportive and sympathic towards terrorist who attacked Mumbai on 11/26. Based on that history, I read between the lines whenever he post, and I see it in that light. Others in that category are sab and gcisadawg. I hope it explains where I am coming from.

    Alright, Moral high priest! You are ready to criticize others but shoot the messenger if someone doesn't agree with your position.


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  • learning01
    04-26 06:25 AM
    TMC Net: (http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/2006/04/26/1610336.htm)

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  • sanjeev_2004
    08-22 10:42 PM
    Not quite, as I understand it, if your PD is not current, your AOS will continue processing and will eventually get to a "approved, pending visa number" state. You can pretty much be in this state for some time, and then when PD does become current (as happened from May through July this year with the significant shift in PDs in the bulletins) there will be a massive approval rate of all those pending applications.

    USCIS doesn't stop the application process just because your PD is no longer current

    This is how USCIS got through 60k unused visas in a staggeringly short time. There were a LOT of applications that were ready to go, they were just waiting for those numbers. USCIS didn't all of a suddenly quadruple their efficiency in processing :)

    "pending visa number" situation never possible now becuase there are sufficient I485 with old pds. PD is base after that every thing is luck.


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  • lakshman.easwaran
    07-01 09:46 PM
    Does anyone know whether hard copy of Labor approval is required for filing Form 1-140. My Labor status shows certified, but my lawyer is conveying that they have not received my hard copy of approval to process Form I-140 and 485. Can some one tell me if we can take a print out of Labor approval from online status and use it for filing 140.

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  • vjkypally
    10-05 10:24 AM
    Thats great news


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  • funny
    09-26 01:38 PM
    So what is the general feeling about the Original GC sponsoring Job, Should we continue the Primary Job and Start a company on the sides. In my case

    1. I am not on H1B anymore
    2. I am already using my EAD with my GC sponsoring employer.
    3. My Employer is ok if i leave the company ( i have been with them for 6-7 yrs now and they have made enough from me...fair enough i think)
    4. My employer will not revoke the I-140 for sure.
    5. My client is ok to work with me if i start my own company.

    All the above points make me inclined towards starting a company and work for it, Do you think it is not advisable to change the employer specially in the case when you are starting your own company..

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  • logiclife
    01-31 10:58 AM
    If you could send checks instead of paypal, it would help us save transaction fees. Every penny counts. We are getting about $1000 a day on weekdays and as high as it may sound, its not the best we would wish as Sam Alito's confirmation gets the senate closer to other items on agenda one of which is Comp Immigration bill.

    Call you other H1b friends waiting in line for GC and ask them to contribute after you are done contributing.



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  • sanju
    11-15 11:36 AM
    Thats what my Question is......how i am gonna prove it i paid 3k for my H1. They are deducting 500 (for my H1) everymonth from my paycheck in the name of CASH ADVANCE DEDUCTION.
    I really want to teach them a lesson....so that they stop messing many vulenerable people like me who go to them every year. Could somebody tell me how i am gonna complain DOL in new jersey about this company and does DOL really takes any action.
    Greencard is not i am much looking for......i am planning to go back to india after 2-3 years.

    Here is the starting point. One way to do this to start from 'Wage & Hour Division' of US DOL. In NJ, this could be reported to the district office of US DOL at the following contact information.

    Will soon post specific regulation that says your employer cannot deduct H1 fee from your paycheck. Although, no one is going to dispute that, it is always good to keep it available to show it to DOL officer to put additional weight in your conversation, so that DOL officer knows that you have done your research and know the rules and regulations.


    Also, DOL will tell you to file WH-4 form. They will assure you that you identity will will kept confidential. So you will never have to tell your employer that you are the one you cmplaint. They will simply plan a visit to your employer's office and summon all the records. And the truth will be know.

    All the Best.


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  • sledge_hammer
    01-15 03:43 PM
    When I posted that reply I didn't for once think it could be taken as anything other than a joke! If you are going through a debate in your mind whether its a joke or not, then I will have to revisit what I wrote to see what it is I am missing :)

    i'll take this as joke.

    Trust me, if he wants to kill you, he won't ask for your money.
    If he asks for your money/car, he doesn't intend to kill you.


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  • gc_lover
    06-28 02:29 PM
    my attorney said i need to wait for 140 receipt to file 485
    is that true?

    i need big help with my 140 filed in Premium Processing
    and i did not get my receipt to file 485
    applied it on Jun 20 2007 (this month)
    any way i can get some copy of the receipt to file 485?

    No you don't. You can file without 140 receipt, atleast that's what my lawyer told me. Anyways, mine is concurrent filing.

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  • cendra
    10-11 08:29 AM

    I am new to this site and had a question about the Nov. bulletin that maybe someone might be able to answer. I am EB3 ROW and I am still not able to submit my I-140 + I-485 concurrently by 5 days (my PD is July 5, 2002).

    Do you expect the EB3 ROW dates to move forward at all in the Dec. bulletin?

    I just need to know because my lawyer is pressuring me to submit my I-140 not concurrently, but I wondered if I just should wait for a month.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • aviko21
    06-21 09:16 PM
    there is no employment allowed on H4. Please check with your lawyer as you might have problems with canada stamping

    07-17 09:32 AM
    Can somebody clarify?
    To lead India to a good present & future,why do we send these faxes?
    GC or no GC, I feel the video tells me to do the best for my nation India.
    To do that,do I need immigration to US????

    I am not against any camapaigns,but using the videos for this campaign doesnt look like a good idea.May I know whats the point of "Lead India " videos here :-)

    This should actually make me feel "No,I dont want to apply for immigration to another country anymore".

    No offence, please clarify if the intentions of putting the videos here are different???

    02-15 07:24 PM
    1. If you are in IT field, you don't even have a grasp of software development lifecycle and the part QA plays in it. A good QA cycle is essential for a good quality product. It is your ignorance about software development cycle that makes you say good QA guys are not an asset for a good product and they are not smart as developers.

    Well I am not a software engineer but I do understand the role it plays so I do know im not dumb. Thank you for your words of wisdom.but I wouldnt agree with the fact that people have to be flown in from other parts of the world for this, yes there are corner cases in every product validation cycle which needs really talented people the vast majority do not do that

    A tenth grader with enough common sense can do good software development. India produces lot of people with good common sense and analytical thinking. That is one of the reasons for India's software boom.

    IMO if you don't have a patent in your name, you are not high skilled enough.

    2. How many consulting companies do you know do charge their candidates for filing H1 ? I haven't come accross any. It is illegal to do that. If someone is doing that, ICE is after them.

    Do come out of your own imaginary world, I can forward you a dozen emails my wife gets from these so called messiahs of the IT industry. 3.

    All I can say is you are as ignorant as some of the anti-immigrants in this country. You haven't seen the real world.Come out of your little world and look around to see the real world.

    I am not anti-immigrant at all. There are good and hopeless people in every aspect of life , I see the H1-B visa or any employment based visa scheme as a prized posession and only the best should be allowed to lay claim on these ones which unfortunately isnt happening.

    4. Yes, you are for whatever suits you. What about getting yourself a preferential treatment for H1B visa and GC ? Sounds good ?

    No matter what I explain to you, you'd always be giving me a raw deal, I am not even going to explain myself.

    BTW I am curious why you are referring to "consulting companies" as consultants. "consultant" and "consulting companies" mean different things.

    OK thats a biggie I should have known better I'd be clear the next time around. Due apologies.

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