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  • Macaca
    01-20 12:06 PM
    Guys we should seriously think about changing the heading of this thread.

    Very few will come here if you mention about contributions in the title.

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  • gssr
    08-04 12:20 PM
    Not may approval from NSC.

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  • GCNeophyte
    07-15 09:31 AM
    Fellow EB3 filler, Please ignore eastindia here... he/she is been pain since we started this thread and we will just focus our issue.

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  • sanan
    05-16 03:36 PM
    Do we need to file that too for my wife , who is currently here on H4?

    Link (PDF) $1000 :O


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  • vicky4
    08-03 08:10 AM
    Hi All,

    Here is my scenario...
    I entered US on H4 in Sep 2005 and changed my status to H1 in Oct 2006.
    I started working from February and have paystubs till July.
    Planning to go India in August and get stamped for H1 in chennai consulate.
    My husband has to renew his H1.

    My questions are

    1.)If incase my H1 gets rejected, I am planning to come on H4. Do i need to pay the fee again in HDFC for H4 and book an appointment or I can just walk-in some other day for H4 stamping with my husbands valid H1-B petition and other other required documents.

    2.)We both are working for different employers. Can we take H1-B interview together?

    Your inputs are appreciated..


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  • snhn
    09-14 03:38 PM
    so does all this needs to be done before we file I485, even though the visa dates are not avaialable. I am assuming all this happens when you have filed for 485 correct?


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  • tonyHK12
    01-11 06:05 PM
    I have emailed, requesting my local congressman to give me an appointment. I have also asked him if he will support, co-sponsor or vote for the bill.

    Great job. Its generally better to call them and ask to speak to the immigrant or legislative secretary. Senators may receive close to 10,000 emails a day.
    It is highly unlikely the Senator or congressman/woman will actually meet you, which every one seems to be afraid of.
    The one you will meet will be their assistant (immigration), and they are just normal people and generally friendly. The appointment would be with them in most cases.
    This secretary is quite important and gathers notes from meetings with different people like you, to decide the agenda, based on what people in the district want. They will advice the law maker on voting on bills, because what their local people want matters a lot to them. Thats why it is important to maintain a ongoing relation with them and keep reminding them of our position, especially EB queue.

    Another thing to remember is they won't take much effort for a single immigrant, and we need to inform we are part of Immigration voice and you represent a few hundred thousand immigrants.
    When you actually get the appointment, please contact user 'StarSun' who will give you material for the appointment.

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  • eb3India
    06-12 11:20 AM
    I always tried to keep my life not effected by GC even used AC21 to change company, but at this time i am really frustated as I am losing many opportunites which are directly related to my GC.

    I don''t feel America is an immigrant country any more we may well be make an history here as the first batch of legal immigrants returning back to our own country.

    It is naive to think that law makers does not understand our plight, they are very well aware, they just need more H1bs, temp workers program to bring in slaves to work for their benifit


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  • Saralayar
    04-13 11:01 PM
    That's not correct. There is big difference between h1B annd GC and it is not for 10 years. it is for ever unless you don't fulfill some conditions.
    GC is given for a period of 10 years and not for ever.

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  • eb2_stuck
    04-09 12:23 PM
    Says who?

    How do you know that US masters degree dont need to work for consulting firms?

    Do US masters degree holders work for Deloitte? IBM Global Services? Accenture? KPMG? Price Water House Coopers?

    What about Oracle consulting services? What about TRW? Bearingpoint?

    All these are consulting companies or the divisions of consulting companies. Both US degree holders and the non-US degree holding duffers like myself work in consulting firms(I dont anymore since 2003). In fact, I have had my classmates from India have to look for consulting jobs after they did MS in computer science from USA.

    You are under the impression that the bill is outlawing desi consulting firms and firms that exploit.

    The bill outlaws OUTPLACEMENT. And the bill applies to all firms, desi firms and the big 5 consulting firms and your IBM, TRW ... everyone.

    Please read the bill and read the description in the first post.

    And although I am the last one to engage in US-degree versus non-US degree and Masters Versus Non-Masters fueds, I am tempted to say that US masters or US degree isnt worth a bucket of warm spit when the market is bad.

    When the market is really bad, like it was in 2001 and 2002, I have seen many Masters degree holders pack up and throw in the towel and I have seen many individuals with degrees from private Tier 3 university from India survive just fine in an environment where there were 80 resumes for each IT job. The US masters degree holders, particularly with computer masters degrees with their courses in useless subjects like "assembly level programming" and their binary math didnt do squat for them while looking for jobs during recession times and could not stand competition from bachelor's degree holders from Tier 3 university from India who had done 6 month course in NIIT.

    However if you are proud of your US degree and US masters, suit yourself. But dont say things like "I dont need consulting". Coz you really do and so do thousands of others having US degrees.

    This H1B drama has really brought out the "indian" in each one of us (you). God Forbid, some of the anti-immigrant agencies see this, we will no face to fight.
    To say something like what logiclife has said only brings out the true face of the some people behind It all boils down to "who has a US degree and who hasnt"..well, Mr logiclife, You dont know the value of a US degree simply because you dont have one! I want my GC as much as some people here without a US degree, but to classify a US degree as being the same as "warm spit" is just plain "uneducated". Now, I really appreciate all that is doing for our community, but some of the these stupid racist comments from the so-called administartors,with such an attitude,who happen to meet the US lawmakers scares me a lot.


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  • gdhiren
    09-20 11:19 AM
    The three days were packed with drama - Like any good drama, this too had it's moments of tension, action, and humor....the funniest one was:

    Right before the rally when Aman was EXTREMELY busy, he actually had 30 seconds for each reporter. Our sweet little Jane walks up to him and asks "Aman where are my clothes?"
    Aman had the funniest expression on his face :confused:

    Here is the background : All of us had stayed in the same hotel and at the check out time we had kept out luggage in the baggage room. Aman had the tags of Jane's bags and Jane thought that Aman would get her luggage @ the rally!

    Guys u had to be there - It was hilarious:D:D:D:D


    hahaha, I remmeber on Monday night while getting out of Situation room, Aman figured that two of his bags were missing and he was trying to figure out where they are. He only had his laptop bag with him. When I drove in to pick up 3 guys at the hotel, the guy who was with Aman (I forgot his name) thought I am picking up Aman and started putting Aman's laptop bag in trunk of my car. Aman saw it at the right moment and took that bag out of trunk and probably thought no wonder why his two other bags were missing.

    I think he eventually found those bags, people taking care of thos ebags took them for ride and dinner.

    beenwaiting, by the way they had to cut your (and mine too) interview on AajTak. They had to choose between our interview and LogicLife's speech, it was an easy choice for me as logiclife's speech was more important. I'll post the clip as soon as I have it. You should be on one of the other channel interviews, thanks a lot for being available for that.

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  • pappu
    04-10 12:00 PM
    please answer this poll if you are EB3 ROW only. Thanks

    Please update your profile with details so that it can be helpful to everyone tracking the success

    on IV tracker

    IV members are requested to update their profile with valid dates so that we can make IV tracker helpful for everyone.

    I have personally decided to make this request to everyone who does not have their details completed and only then respond to the member. If a member has bogus data in their profile for tracking purposes I would not be replying to that post. This might help encourage members wanting replies from IV core team for their questions.


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  • sanju
    04-06 08:22 PM
    Wake up. Don’t take every word from Ron Hira as word of Gospel. This guy is the biggest thief and preacher of hate. This guy is a partner of IEEE-USA and is the author of Durbin Grassley bill. Ron Hira wants all of us on H-1B out of the country. He represents racist middle-aged engineers here who are scared of competition from younger and dynamic engineers from Asia, Europe and other parts of the world.

    And one more thing, what do you mean by “Indian Companies”. All the companies are registered in US. Stop putting imaginary labels to the problem. Don’t fall in the trap of people like Ron Hira as all that they want is that all of us on H-1B to be out of the country. Wake up to the harsh reality and stop ranting. See this thread:

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  • arunmohan
    05-25 02:48 PM
    CPO on 5/14
    Card not yet received.

    Same here. CPO on 5/14 but Card not yet received.


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  • GC_Applicant
    02-25 02:09 AM
    Thanks for sharing the charts.

    Now I am really confused between going forward with stocks vs forex. I understand that forex is traded 24x7, wont they be helpfull if you can trade during the stock market hours. What is your thoughts??

    E-mini S&P 500 Futures (

    Each points = $50. Example Sold short at 796 and bought at 788. 796-788 = 8 points and that means 8*50 = 400 dollars profit.

    E-mini NASDAQ-100 Futures (

    Each point = $20.

    >> If you could share your charts and explain your strategy
    I can not share my strategy, however I can share my daily charts.

    Disclaimer: Information use only and should not be constructed as an offer to buy or sell any securities. Trading is very risky and is not for everyone.

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  • ramboom1
    01-18 09:28 AM
    IV Core members,

    I am putting in 40 dollars now.

    I understand your hard work. It is a big task as this is not your regular job.

    Please continue your efforts. If you want to collect more money, then you need to send more emails. More and more members are needed as well.

    Information are available in your website about the problems in GC process and the efforts taken by IV in fixing them. You have presented it very well.

    I appreciate and congratulate the core team for all the efforts you take. I am not worried about the results. Our effort is important and definitely the core team is doing that.

    Keep up the good work.


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  • radosav
    08-07 02:40 PM
    AFAIK they dont issue Interim EAD's any more.
    I think this practise was stopped in 2007.

    70 Days for me and waiting..........

    60 days for me and waiting...
    when did you submit expedite request?

    I still have 55 or so days till my current EAD expires but I am very concerned now that I will have to stop working on Sep 30. My current employer is a large public school system and I do not think they will allow me to start working on august 25th without new EAD. I am going crazy here... already signed a new contract but dont know what to do...:eek::eek:

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  • Lalitha
    04-25 05:45 PM
    Will my application selected if I get my ITIN number? I clearly understand that it is for Tax purpose, but as it also comes from the same department I am bit curious to know about it.

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  • Liz
    08-01 01:06 AM
    If someone has a job offer (sponsor) and they require MS + 3 years experience, do you have to put BS + 7 in ETA 9089? Do you have to always put anything (alternative) if the job requires MA/MS ? I mean it is required MS + 0 but alternative is BS+5, so following this path what equals to MS+3 or MS+2? I read on Forums that applicants put MS + 4, MS+1 etc. and their cases are approved. Only sometimes I can see that someone states: MS+0 or BS+5 so it is not required to put this BS education all the time? I know my question is stupid but I really can not find any answer to this issue. I was talking to the woman whose case has been pending and she is a biologist, the lawyer prepared ETA stating required: MS+2, alternative: NO, and in H-14 he wrote: any suitable education, experience will be acceptable.

    I am asking because my good friend from PA is a food scientist, currently h1b. And the company lawyer /general practice/ told him to be sponsored as food scientist manager, and - in the lawyer's opinion - it would require MS+3 (alternative: No), but he also mentioned this sentence any suitable... Do you think it is right?

    08-23 12:04 AM
    I applied for H1B and Change of Status in April 2007 and got approval for the same in August 2007.
    I have to go to India so, I want to know Can I Travel outside US and re-enter on H4 visa (which is valid till 2009) before October 1st?(Before H1 becomes effective)
    I am aware of the fact that you can not travel outside US while your application is pending. But in my case I have the approval. So is it possible?

    03-14 11:50 AM
    please answer this poll if you are EB3 ROW only. Thanks

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