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  • susie
    11-04 11:01 AM
    Having spoken with several congressional aids I can say that such issues are well received. The specific issue that I have raised (it does not affect me) is examples of people leaving USA and having to explain to their US born children why mummy and daddy are not welcome in the USA, and thus why they have to grow up in a foreign country.

    I have also given examples of one sibling being born in USA and other aging out.

    However, I have only raised this where law makers are known to be sympathetic to family immigration, e.g. support DREAM.

    I think that the best we can do is:
    Get wait times down (and reduce impact of this).
    Use this as an argument with those who support family based immigration (and may even be hostile to EB otherwise).
    If we have an opportunity to address this as part of other EB legislation we can.

    It is certainly not forgotten by me.

    I do think that it would be helpful to have a list of people in IV with this problem (with ages of all children plus relevant dates). For the moment I'm too busy to organize this (busy with IV work -- like 4am bed times).

    More active help (not just forum discussion) with IV is always welcome, so you are welcome to step up and help (e.g. compiling a list of such members etc.). Politics is personal so being able to present personal cases is helpful.

    Hi Mark

    It would be helpful if you could list/post any congressmen or senators you have found to sympathize so we can contact them and give us any pointers in anyway

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  • willigetgc?
    02-03 01:44 PM
    Attended 2010 event.
    Plan to attend 2011 advocacy event.

    This was in 2007, there is no rally in 2011 (just powerful advocacy from grassroots), but every thing in here holds true today too.....

    by chanduv23

    Subject: A peaceful rally at Washington DC by Highly Skilled Workers

    Immigration Voice ( - Home ( is a non profit
    grassroots advocacy group working to alleviate the issues of Highly
    Skilled Foreign Workers who are stuck in the Employment Based Green
    Card Process stuck in Bureaucratic Logjams.

    Immigration Voice is conducting a peaceful rally in Washington DC on
    September 18th, 2007 (Tuesday).

    You can/must participate in the rally if
    (1) You are in various stages of the Green Card Process
    (2) Belong to a retrogressed group
    (3) Highly Skilled worker (Physicians, Engineers on H1B visa, J1
    Waiver, L1 etc�) and planning to apply/already applied for a Green
    (4) If your families are divided by backlogs and retrogression.
    Thousands of families are being potentially torn apart due to their
    kids �aging out�. These children are victims of something they have no
    control over and they are constantly forgotten.
    (5) Current students studying in various universities (from other
    countries) but will be applying for Green Card soon or later
    (6) If you already have a Green Card or a Citizen, you can provide
    support and encouragement

    Please make it a point to attend the rally. Please invite your
    friends, relatives, co-workers and colleagues to the Rally. Please
    spread this message through mailing lists, media contacts, Orkut and
    other social networking media. If you are students, please send this
    email to various student organizations. If you work for companies,
    please send this message to managers, co-workers, employers etc.

    If you are not already a member at Immigration Voice, please become a
    member today. It is easy and free!

    Please follow this link for more details on the Rally

    A lot of people may be wondering why should we even bother about this.

    Some FAQs

    (1) What's all this? Immigration Voice? Rally? Why should I care?
    A. There is a political angle to issues that we are all facing. The
    system was designed long time back and has not been flexible and with
    the actual demand more than the capacity it is in a messed up state.
    No one has made attempts to fix the mess and vote bank politics are
    creating further mess.

    (2) Why no one talks about these things?
    a. The nature of this issue is very complex. Unless one falls into
    this pit, the nature of this issue cannot be understood
    b. A lot of people do not want to handle the truth and reality
    c. Perception - without looking at the real picture, lot of people
    assume things are fine

    (3) Why should I take these issues seriously, my lawyer will take care
    of these?
    a. Immigration lawyers assist and handle the paperwork, this mess is
    beyond their control or scope or even the scope of USCIS and related
    government agencies
    b. Immigration lawyers are your service providers and you are their
    client, they will talk only business to you, there is no need for them
    to explain to you the mess you are in

    (4) After the July visa bulletin fiasco, I did submit my 485 petition,
    and I will get an EAD/AP so why must I bother?
    a. EAD/AP were designed to be interim benefits (only for few months
    until someone can get a Green Card), their usage has limitations and
    will lead to further issues
    b. Severe retrogression will hit in coming fiscal years. India, China,
    Mexico, Philippines, Eb3, and eb2, and ROW eb3 will all be affected,

    c. Anti immigration lobby is targeting H1b tech workers, at the same
    time a lot of lobbying organizations are working hard to make the
    system unworkable for e.g.. Durbin Grassley amendments may appear
    d. Until you get a Green Card in Hand, EAD is not the best viable
    alternative for work and AP is definitely not the best travel

    (5) Why Immigration Voice? What is the agenda?
    a. Immigration Voice is the only grassroots organization working hard
    on these issues
    b. Immigration Voice's earlier campaigns were a huge success and sent strong signals to government agencies and law makers

    So why not start working on helping yourself and helping your fellow

    Please spread the message, and take active interest in the event.

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  • BharatPremi
    04-14 01:57 PM
    I guess we have enough people convinced and for those short sighted ones will have an option whether they want to get naturalized or live on their dear GCs so by that time if they educate themselves they will be convinced too.

    Now what are the next steps in chanelling this effort through IV Core?

    One's life time is too short to determine whether changing citizenship to US citizenship is worth or not. And hence to define it as a "wisdom" or "short sightedness" is also almost impossible. Two school of thoughts can just pop up 1) What would be the gain vis a vis loss changing citizenship 2) why one should get rid of the citizenship where one was born. And both of them are more realted with philosophical and moral issues rather than short term material gain...

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  • pappu
    05-17 11:21 PM
    Nice one!
    Hi folks, just as predicted, my email thread to select contacts resulted in one outright racist response. i dont want this group to get distracted or distressed if you too get such responses. take a look at the original note below and my response. remain brave. remain strong. this is a LEGAL immigration process in the US economic interest too.

    hopefully people will begin to realize that anti-legal-immigration is just a facade for deep rooted racism.


    I have to let you know that not only will I not support this bill, but I am vehemently against the legal immigration of workers that are originally brought here to usurp positions that would have otherwise been held by skilled Americans. I agree that this is a racist and exclusionary position, but I also know many people who can no longer get work at the level they deserve due to the displacement they have experienced as a result of this foreign worker influx.

    Please remove me from any future posts regarding this or related issues.

    i know how the native americans must have felt when the pilgrims landed... oh that darned foreign influx.

    i will not dignify your self avowed racism with the erudition of economics, capitalism, innovation, globalization, human rights or the rich history of the united states as a melting pot of cultures ... all of which are underpinning factors that are in the long term US economic interests in high skilled LEGAL immigration. of course, these tend to be conveniently ignored on the altar of superficial sentiment, myopic protectionism and deep-rooted xenophobia.

    it would be best that we not be on each others' personal contacts or have any future interaction at all.


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  • snathan
    04-06 08:31 PM
    Very true - anyone who goes ahead in the queue is actually easing it up for the latter. This is Never about belittling a fellow sufferer.
    If PhDs get a quota relief, will be good for all of us, although i personally will not qualify.
    US Bachelors/Masters holders in a STEM field for example, will similarly ease up the system.
    Hopefully all others will see it that way.

    If there is anything targeted for any small group...I am sure other will not accept whatever may be the reason. Everyone desperately wants to get out of this mess. I don’t think freeing up the queue theory will help. That’s the reality.

    For the shake of argumennt let me ask you...If I get my GC, it will free up one GC in line. Will you accept that and support this. This is the question in everyone's mind now.

    United we stand...divided we fall.

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  • santb1975
    04-07 12:20 PM
    The goal of Team IV is to raise awareness about the issues faced by highly skilled legal immigrants in the communities we live in and garner support from fellow Legal Immigrants and US Citizens to further IV�s cause.
    We put this project together to get support from the communities we live in and support a cause for the community we live in.

    ************************************************** *****

    Team IV
    The Walking/Running Club of Immigration Voice

    Team IV is the walking/running club of Immigration Voice. Team IV�s Mission is to raise awareness for the issues faced by Legal Immigrants and to promote a sense of community by participation in walking/running events throughout the U.S.

    Team IV�s goal is to have over 150 members and raise at least $45,000 to support Immigration Voice and help prevent childhood obesity in the United States.

    and what will this walk create awareness abt...during this period of recession and uncertanity???

    hey white me get my that i can take ur job and u can go flip burgers !


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  • eb2_mumbai
    09-25 10:57 AM

    Please do not make me say "Recapture" a million times to get my point across.

    Spillover is not going to help EB3-I much.

    I read on some posts that an executive order may be sufficient to recapture lost visas.

    I agree with you. Recapture is ony way out. Spill over was done from 2002 - 2006 and EB3 I was still struck in 2001. Adding 20k visa would barely move EB3 I With all the labor subs that happened in 2007 there are many more people that have jumped the lines. All Spill over can do is barely move Eb3 from 2001 to early / mid 2002 that is all. So for folks post 2004 PD you are struck because by the time your PD gets spillover there will be EB2 I & C fighting for the same visa# that you need. So spill over helps a small section either Eb3 I with PD between 2001 - 2003 or EB2 with PD 2005 - CURRENT. For all others only real chance is recapture

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  • hello
    04-13 08:08 AM
    This is a supporting thread to the "Want to File I-485 without Current Priority Date? Gather here" thread started by pappu.

    As suggested by pappu/starsun, this supporting thread provides impacted members with additional information and tools to help the initiative.

    Visit Immigration Voice Wiki ( 2C_and_EB3.29) - for overview of Employment Based - Green Card process
    Visit I485 Filing w/o current PD Wiki ( - for overview of this initiative

    As pappu stated in the first post of the above referenced thread - some of the ongoing efforts include finding how many IV members would get benefit from such a provision and get basic details such as username/Priority Date of impacted members. Future action items might include drafting documents and letters to support this provision. There maybe actions such as sending emails etc. However we would not be able to open a public action item unless we can have thousands of our members willing to participate in a grassroots action item. This survey intends to understand the needs of our membership for this provision and collect grassroots information.

    The fact is we have a dedicated group of volunteers (and we need more) who have been trying their best to spread the message about this initiative so that a strong grass-roots support can be created leading up to launch of the public action items. So far we have around 1100 people who have responded. Based on quick calculations carried out using PERM data, it is estimated that there are at least 60K-70K EB applicants waiting to file I-485/EAD/AP (this is a very conservative estimate..the actual number could be much more). Grass-roots initiatives require time and patience and we request maximum number of impacted folks to participate actively.
    What can you do to participate?
    1) Vote on the poll/survey created by Pappu.

    Then please send an email to (starsun) with subject - "I485 filing without current PD - Impacted Member". Include your a) IV username b) Email address c) Phone #, d) State of Residence e) Priority Date - so that grassroot efforts can be coordinated

    2) Print out below Flier and circulate at all asian/indian malls/groceries/theaters. Forward the flier to your friends/co-workers and ask them to do the same.

    I485 Filing Initiative Flier (

    3) Volunteers have created a facebook community and an Immigration Voice WIKI page to spread the message about this initiative. Please circulate these links among your friends/co-workers who will be helped.

    Please "Share" and "Link" and "send to friend" the facebook community via your Facebook account. Also include these two links when you post on the IV forum.

    Facebook - IV I485 filing w/o current PD initiative community (!/pages/Immigration-Voice-Grass-roots-Campaigns/150562351660693?v=info)

    (Just FYI that you might have to be logged in for the above link to direct to the facebook community. Alternately, search for "Immigration Voice Grass-roots Campaigns" to find the community after logging in. Search "Immigration Voice" to go to the IV's main facebook page)

    Immigration Wiki -
    I485 Filing Initiative - IV Wiki (

    PM these members for additional info:
    nmdial ; geevikram ; vbkris77 ; ashwin_27 ; snathan
    Dedicated members can also join the leaders group:


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  • sdrblr
    09-03 05:31 PM
    Congratulations Dude !!! wow 6 years for a freakin LC.. What happened at the BEC.. did it go the BEC for BEC :)

    By grace of Almighty, finally my Inbox received the email from USCIS that I was eagerly waiting for.

    Just few minutes back, I received the Email from USCIS for myself, my wife and daughter saying "Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident".

    It's a long journey started in August 1997 with landing in Washington Dulles Airport. Got a chance to start the GC process by filing Labor in 2001. The labor approval didn't come until 2007.

    In 2004 had to take a transfer to different company which caused me to start the Labor again in Nov 2004. Lost the valuable 3 years of PD date.

    Finally the approval for 2nd labor came just right before 2007 July Fiasco. Luckily I had my attorney filed my application on July 2nd itself. And Rest you know the story.

    All throughout I was on H1B, on permanent employment and never out of status. Never had any problem with Immigration process except for the GC delay. In any way it was an interesting journey, making new friends, had the chance to live in SFO, LA, New Jersey, Virginia and currently in Maryland.

    Many thanks to IV and its members for providing the wonderful platform for sharing and collaborating for common cause.

    I wish all the best to all those who are still in queue. Hang in there. Your turn will come.

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  • pcs
    01-20 09:58 PM
    Let us send emails & call members. If 154 of us call 10 members each, we can manage about 500 more memebers @ 30 % success.


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  • anzerraja
    11-14 03:24 PM
    Thanks Somma !

    Looks like the requirements has recently changed at SFO.

    Four colored Passport size (3.5cm x 3.5cm) photographs showing frontal view of full face against a light background including one photograph to be pasted on the space provided on the first page of the application form;

    More information @

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  • dummgelauft
    09-29 08:49 AM
    Even illigal immigrants has more optimism,
    And they actually believe themselves they have every right to become a permanant citizens than legal immigrants waiting in line.

    Some folks can't even bear the thought if some one thinks they should try to influence the law makers.

    Illegals have nothing to lose. If CIR happens...they celebrate, now that they can all be legal and apply for their families to follow them
    If CIR does not happen...they still continue to live here, work their jobs, keep sending money home, and try and get their relatives over here by paying the "coyotes" makes no difference to them.

    Even if these guys are legalised, they will still NOT pay taxes, NOT learn english, NOT try and be upstanding residents.

    They have huge numers, both in population and political support.

    They represent a MASSIVE democratic vote bank.

    WE (EB) have none of the above and a lot to lose)

    Hence, the attitude.


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  • chintu25
    01-29 12:09 PM
    Friends....I apologize for not being present yesterday but some pressing matters had to be taken care of .

    We will schedule another Seminar on the weekend ..... Do post a convienent time / Day and we will finalize a common time

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  • pmpforgc
    01-18 09:00 PM

    I just signed up for 20 $ monthly contribution and will be willing to do more contributions and other fax and email campagin when ever asked by IV core team.

    Core team we are behind you, continue your great efforts. We are here to support your lead.

    Also try to include other Indian leadership organizations such as USINPAC, Physician Associations etc. as they had shown their strength during recent deal. Their support will make our task much easier as they have already crucial political ties in both parties.


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  • zico123
    06-28 01:31 PM
    I have H1-b petition approval but i dont have h1-I-94 card.
    Is it legal to work without h1-I-94 Card?
    Do i need to travel out side of country ?
    Read the approval letter. It states that you would need to travel outside the US and apply for H1 visa at US Consulate abroad. If your visa is granted then you can re-enter US with new I-94 card. Stay inside US without a valid I-94 is considered Out-Of-Status.

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  • snathan
    03-25 06:54 PM
    I think most on here know that IV's central goal is to clear the backlog
    However there are many underlying specifics to get to this goal
    and i think that's what the members on here want to hear about.
    for example
    Re-capture of unused visa numbers
    removing country specific limits
    Automatically granting visa numbers to those who have waited 5 years or more
    Increasing the total number of EB visa numbers
    Allowing non-current people to file I-485 and get EAD

    As you can see there are many different causes and many different solutions
    What is IV advocating...which cause?...which solution?

    StarSun, Pappu please don't take things personally. Not all members can go to DC or visit their state representatives. I am sure IV has many other needs. If we can identify and openly publish a list of things that are needed then we can certainly increase volunteers and participation do you join the state chapter?
    The answers to many of the questions asked may be obvious for you since you are heavily involved with IV...but they are not obvious to a lot.

    I do understand not everyone can travel to DC....but whats stopping to meet your state represenatives in their local office...?


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  • dkshitij
    02-19 09:39 AM

    IV may want to contact Home | Partnership for a New American Economy ( for support letters for the advocacy days. They may even sponsor. Worth a shot I think.

    Contact info: Feldstein, Robert <>. But he is out of office till Feb 28. So please contact Peter Goldwasser at or (212) 788-4357.


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  • stuckinmuck
    06-26 07:00 PM

    Also, let's keep working on opposition to the Menendez amendment.

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  • akilaakka
    08-04 09:28 AM
    My AP was approved today. My PD is current. I am not sure whether AP approval according to USCIS means, I would not be getting my GC.

    AP renewal date June 24, 2008
    Recepit date: July 02, 2008
    AP approved August 04, 2008

    04-01 10:07 AM
    reports that 12 485 approvals (ROW) on the 31st, and EB3 catagory are being approved for PD 2007! mainly from TSC.

    04-20 01:11 PM
    There is a fax number you can send a letter to expedite your EAD case. You need to mention that you are not able to work and will face extreme financial hardship if you do not recieve your EAD in time. we had sent a fax for our renewal last time and it worked.

    Can you plz share the fax#?

    Source URL:
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