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  • gvenkat
    03-19 05:08 PM
    Shop lifting has to be the most cheapest crime our indians commit when they land here.. They think the stores dont have anything and try to put it in their pocket and go away..

    This is not an accident. there is no justification for what this guy has done. but maybe he can be given a benefit of the doubt that he did a stupid thing, in the rush of blood. I dunno if he inadvertently tried to put something in his pocket , forgot and left the store...if that is the case the guy deserves a break...

    if not i cant fathom the fact that a sane person who took so much effort to get here thro F1 or H1 or what not, had this cheap idea... :eek::eek::eek::eek:

    I read in one of the posts that they forgot to bill that item and could have been caught. Most cases if u are buying so many items and miss one they will leave u...

    BTW, i'm curios as to what u shoplifted and where...? :(

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  • k94
    11-02 12:06 PM
    I guess I should be ecstatic! I was able to renew my Mass driver's license going to the DMV, no (pointless) check of random documents, no rude state officials. I received a 5 year driver's license (my 8th yr H1-B expires next year) in the mail within 7 days of my online application.

    Moral of the story...move to Massachusetts! :)

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  • pappu
    10-12 08:41 PM
    Originally Posted by tdasara,39024671,39163118,00.htm

    send your comments to--

    Will Sturgeon
    write to

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  • extra_mint
    04-21 02:25 PM
    u mean ur parents r babysitters for last 4 years....I hope this teaches to keep ur mouth shut calling other's parents baby sitters.

    No problem, my parents are doing this from last four years. Six months here and six months in India.


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  • chicago60607
    09-23 12:23 PM
    No, the horse bill is done. They continue with the immigration for military families
    King will, as usual, will come up with alot of amendments again. By the way, they have to finish with the horse bill and then they will come to our bill and then they have to finish the nurse bill. All the bills along with the Mr.Kings amendements have to be done in 2hrs because it starts at 3PM and ends at 5PM.

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  • ghost
    04-20 11:42 AM
    Another key Republican calls for H-1B cap hike - Computerworld (

    I think there is a need to educate politicians that the problem is not H1B but GC backlogs. As per USCIS only 7100 H1B's have been utilized so far for FY 2012. Unless they provide clear and time bound path to Permanent Residence, positive economic contributions from high skilled immigrants would be minimal.

    Lawmakers will listen to folks who participate in lobby/advocacy activities..apparently H-1B lobby/advocacy is louder than the GC backlog lobby/advocacy and that's what we hear in the news.


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  • dingudi
    12-11 10:17 PM
    We need to develop really intelligent strategies considering all the factors. Just throwing out ideas and organizing rallys may not be enough (although needed).

    There are a lot of intelligent people on this forum. I think we need to work on our unity, commitment and implementing of strategies.

    IV is already doing lot of these but does not seem to be working fast and effective enough.

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  • dilipb
    06-23 01:41 PM
    Current processing for 765 at texas shows April 28th.
    So I guess at this rate I think we should get it in 2 months.


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  • p_aluri
    06-18 12:49 PM
    They have stopped issuing Interim EADs.

    THis thread is confusing a lot of people. My understanding in once 1485 is pending , one can to county office get EAD card after a month. Gurus please input your comments

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  • KRS
    05-14 10:55 AM
    but i will donate some money specifically for this purpose. Let me know when and how to do it.


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  • immilaw
    09-22 07:23 PM
    I applied for FOIA on my 140/485 petitions and I have got scanned copies of the file. It took more than an year to get the copies.

    To my surprise and disappointment, 140 approval notice was not included in the copies they have sent.

    When you file FOIA, that what you are supposed to get. If you want the approval notice you should have I-864. FOIA, request only gets you the documents in file.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    01-15 11:20 AM

    Could you please edit your post so that it does not take up 10 pages space of may be 10 -15 lines of information?


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  • gg_ny
    03-19 08:27 AM
    people can be so dumb...
    it is better to wait for PD to become current than to convince some people (who seem to own houses-and hence are bent on opposing--wake up guys ..real estate is dead )

    At last.. you got this self-realization. I have been trying to tell this in a more polished way ever since this thread was started

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  • Michael chertoff
    04-21 01:49 PM
    A Quick Question.

    Can parents stay here for 5 1/2 months go back for say a month or two and come back again for 5 1\2 months? Would this pattern be suspected during visa renewal?

    No problem, my parents are doing this from last four years. Six months here and six months in India.


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  • 485_spouse
    09-27 12:58 PM
    We applied for my wife EAD/AP on June 7, 2010 (E-file)
    Her EAD was approved in few weeks back but there is nothing on her AP.

    Her LUD change was on 6/11/2010 when they issued the receipt.
    We called USCIS and initiated SR. Still no change in LUD.

    Infopass is not a great option for us (3 hour drive one way). Any help is appriciated.
    (We used to have POJ trick for calling NSC IO directly,
    Does it still work?
    If yes, what are the steps?)

    Thanks in advance.

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  • gulute
    11-17 12:57 PM
    ... And got a red dot! see the comment:
    Gultu, what's wrong with you? Are also one of them (blood sucker)? shame on you!!!

    Why don't you come out form hiding and post this ???

    Started this thread with 2 green dots, and so far I have 3 red dots . . .

    Since you have negotiated 70:30 before joining, you must have agreed to paying H1b Fee. And yours is an H1 transfer and you new how this business works and signed the contract!

    Read this post:

    Now what are you complaining when you knew how this system works?


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  • sertasheep
    06-24 03:21 PM
    desi3933 is right.

    - While on a H1 or a L1 visa, one is expected to maintain a continous period of employment. If one is on a H1 visa and does not get paid, that individual automatically falls "out of status".
    - It does not matter if the person has other seemingly valid visa stamps on his/her passport.
    - The only highly-skilled dual intent visas that allow one to work, are the H1 and the L1, as far as I am aware of. Dependent visas do not allow one to work, such as H4 or L2. The only way one can work while being a dependent is if one has an EAD based on a pending AOS(I-485).
    - If one is on a H1/L1 and wants to switch to say a dependent visa (H4 or L2), one has to submit a change of status form (I-539?). The person is assumed to be in "authorized status" until the change of status (or even an extension) occurs. If the COS or extension gets denied, the person is retroactively "out of status" from the original date of expiration on the previous visa.
    - Accruing over 180 days will entail a bar of 3 years for re-entry after the person leaves the US.
    - Accruing over 365 days will entail a bar of 10 years for re-entry after the person leaves the US.

    Also see the last paragraph on Rajiv's website here:

    Under the current system, unfortunately, there is limited employee protection or even whistle-blowing, so seek a competent attorney's advice right away.

    - Remember, the affected individual(in this case your wife) has a lot to lose if she leaves the US(ie cross the official border), even to visit Canada. Competent attorneys can help arrange for waivers from typically the home consulate(ie consulate in home country). Consulates in third countries do not entertain applicants for visa stamping or visa renewals if they have not maintained status.

    - If the home consulate approves the said individual's visa renewal or new visa stamping, that individual can enter the US, however, there is lack of clarity on whether such a person will be finally able to "adjust status" to become a lawful permanent resident.

    This is a SERIOUS matter requiring legal competent advice.
    email me at "sertasheep at immigrationvoice dot org" if you have any followup questions.

    NOTE: Immigration Voice does not purport this to be legal advice, and you are strongly advised to seek legal opinion. Employers, as a rule, must not ask for payment in any shape or form to produce paystubs. Immigration Voice always advocates abiding by the law, no matter how archaic they may be. As the applicant, the burden is on the individual to maintain status. Please do your research

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  • zen
    04-06 04:37 PM
    what you say above is true. but the fact is that we are what we are ..and we are at cross roads ..and that is where we are.
    the main question is how do we increase membership .. the answer to that has to be in meaningful and visible campaigns.
    forcing people to pay money when their jobs are at risk will not increase membership.

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  • gcwait2007
    12-31 09:35 AM
    Texas is a great state...No hassle. My first H1-B is expiring in Feb 2008 and they renewed my driving licence for 5 more years till my birth day in 2013.

    08-13 09:03 PM
    I will do the #3 and #4 by tomorrow EOD.

    It is nice to see that the senior leadership is taking notice of the 'pain' some of us are going through right now.

    Disclosure : I have already received 2 year EAD (thanks to IV). I have taken initiative to bootstrap the effort to help others who haven't been so fortunate. Since we are all in the same boat let us watch each others back for a change, instead of trying to backstab each other at every available opportunity.

    This is NOT a yet another case tracker /EAD tracker thread. I don't believe that just tracking stuff will change anything. Be it EAD issue or any other, real world action is needed to solve it.

    I have started this thread to guage the impact this issue has had on our community , how many members are affected, what actions have been taken by them, so that next steps can be taken. If a large number of members are impacted IV may decide to take up the issue.

    Here are the options available to applicants

    1) Call National Customer Service Center and create a Service Request (SR) to expedite the case
    2) Fax and mail a letter to Service Center requesting to expedite the case due to possibility of job loss. Since the burden of proof is on the applicant - a letter from the company that EAD is necessary for continuation of job may help.
    3) If steps 1 and 2 don't produce the results and CRs refuse to open SRs citing silly reasons, USCIS Ombudsman may be approached.

    Here's how you can do that -

    4) Approach your US Congressmen/women Representative/Senators. Every office has a different form for requesting Immigration help. They can open an inquiry with USCIS on your behalf.

    Following the above (4) steps is no guarantee that your case will be resolved. But it is necessary that we follow all possible avenues before the issue needs to be escalated. We shouldn't feel embarassed at the question "Did you follow up with all these avenues available to you?". Our answer should be - "Yes. We did all that and it didn't help". And we should be able to produce the proof that we did do all the four steps mentioned above.

    If you have done all the four or after you have exhausted all avenues, AND are willing to take it further - speak to the media, participate in possible IV campaign etc., post your details. We need members ready to go public with the issue if we want to succeed.

    Right now, I have started this as an individual initiative. But I am sure that IV will get involved once it's proven that a large number are impacted and there are enough members to turn it into a campaign.

    07-29 06:06 PM
    Great job of keeping idea live ;)

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