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  • srn04
    01-19 12:04 PM
    Thank you very much.

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  • singhsa3
    08-08 02:20 PM
    No this time I will prefer hunger strike.. Care to participate?
    Why don't you file a lawsuit? :)

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  • reddymjm
    05-12 09:33 AM
    AAA also offers..

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  • chanduv23
    01-13 10:09 AM
    As we watch the earthquake destruction in Haiti with horror, one group of individuals that will likely start to get attention is the population of Haitians currently in the US and who are obviously not going to be able to safely return home anytime soon. US immigration law actually has a system to handle precisely this situation. It's called Temporary Protected Status and it is available to individuals who are from country suffering armed conflicts, disasters, or other extraordinary conditions. The Secretary of Homeland Security is empowered to determine which countries are on the TPS list. People in TPS status...

    More... (

    While we look at this from an immigration and DHS rule making - in reality, there is large scale devastation and catastropic loss of life.

    Lets pray for the victims and lets all contribute in all possible ways to help the people of Haiti.


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  • praneet
    08-19 10:12 PM
    Hi there,

    I am working for a small Indian consulting company with 60-70 employes. My H1b expires on Sep 30 2009 and initial extension for next 3 years was filed on a regular processing on May 13th and moved to premium processing on Jul 27th. I was working with an insurance client at the time it was filed and expedited thru premium processing. I also mentioned the client name and address at the time of filing extn.
    Now I got below RFE asking for a supervisor name from the client (they also mentioned client's name in RFE)
    1)The project name the beneficiary is assigned to
    2)Whether there is a vendor through whom the beneficiary's services are provided;
    3)The name of the vendor appilicable;
    4)Whether the end client or the vendor supervises the beneficiary;
    5)The name, title, contact information of the person who primarily supervises or will supervise the beneficiary at the worksite;
    6)Whether the worksite has the ability to assign the beneficiary to a different employer.

    The day I received RFE the contract between my company and end client came to surprise end(FATE!!).

    Here are my Questions:
    1) One of the major Indian software company is ready to give me offer and take me as their employee in US. Can I withdraw my petition thru my employer and ask Indian company to apply for a transfer before Sep 30th?

    2) what will be the success rate of transfer after withdrawal? and consequences in my future GC processing ?

    3) What if my employer withdraws petition and files new petition mentioning that I am working on in-house project. We have some work at in house too.

    4) My employer also looking for other clients and hopefully I will get one soon. a) In this case Can I withdraw the petition and apply a new one with a new client information? b) or Respond the current RFE with new client details and explnation. (I heard that USCIS don't entertain this.)

    5) what is the better option to get the extension approved out of above all? New suggestions also welcome

    Thanks in advance.

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  • bhanukumar
    02-28 12:47 AM
    Is that normal to have the same I-94 number on my renewed H1B and my wife's H4 approval notices?

    Seems it is a mistake that my old I 94 is given in H4 extension application. Do I need to apply for correction? Any Lawyer / Member, please confirm. Thanks in advance.


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  • amitk81
    07-14 06:47 PM
    This morning I received a phone call from NAVRS (appointment system) about my H1B appointment.

    The phone call was to give me a heads up that my visa might require an additional 2 weeks processing time (has any one received similar calls)?

    My I485 is currently pending with a priority date of Jan-2007 (EB2) and this is my 3-year extension, last extension was stamped at US consulate of Toronto (2nd extension).

    Can anyone share his or her experience in a similar situation?



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  • number30
    05-16 08:06 PM
    Hi I'm a Moroccan citizen I was placed in removal proceedings (NY Buffalo) and took voluntary departure. once my wife's divorce was finalized we got married while on voluntary departure. we filed motion to reopen the case and it was reopened and transferred to Los Angeles, CA then the judge closed my case based on marriage with an I130 receipt without prejudice. The I130 was filed on june 2009 and was transferred to Los Angeles on November 12, 2009. I made an appointment with Info Pass but they just said you have to wait untill we call you. My lawyer said I can't file for the I485 untill the I130 is approved. My question is: How long will it take before we will be called for an interview?
    An estimation will be much appreciated thank you very much.

    I cannot give you any estimation But my question is why can't you file I-485. Any one who pending marriage based I-130 should be able to file I-485. Double check this with another attorney.


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  • wisley
    10-24 01:03 PM

    As per Section 201 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, out of 114,200 visas for 2nd Preference, 89,000 reserved visa numbers has been allocated to F2A and the rest something around 26,600 visas has been reserved to allocate to F2B. But now, in previous year F2A jumps over 4 years� gap and only then they could achieved their quota and who knows there could be a probability of wastage or unused numbers as well. Anyways it will be an advantage for F2B�s because in 2011 they have 89,000 stock again to complete the required given numbers and any body in a world can guess right now after seeing the result of 2010 that it will become current soon. All I wanna say that there could be a tremendous amount of unused visas will gonna distributed among the preceding categories in which they will distribute those unused numbers to preceding categories. Where the maximum will be allocated to F2Bs and rest two: F3 and F4 could also enjoy this unused numbers in a discrete sequence. This process is known as �Spillover�, I have mentioned below the link of USCIS Blog site(Beacon)u guys can go and check it out.

    the bottom line ........... i think in the next couple of months will see much moving in the visa bulletin not happen ever

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  • Aah_GC
    06-24 06:16 PM
    Yes you can but at some point it is safer for you to have worked for at least some time with Company A. Please confirm with others.

    Between, you just invoke AC21 automatically under the guidelines - there is nothing to "file" per se, unless you want to send out your new offer letter to USCIS along with other supporting documents.


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  • martinvisalaw
    09-09 09:57 PM
    I have a question regarding my spouse who is on H4 visa.One of the company did H1b processing through "CONSULAR PROCESSING". Her H1B is approved now.

    1) She is ready to work from Oct 1st as she got some project.Her employer said that they have to apply for amendment(COS) to get I94. Is this right?

    The company either has to file a COS or she needs to leave the US and re-enter in H-1B status.

    2) How many weeks will it take under premium processing to get new I94
    15 calendar days for CIS to make a decision

    3) Do they have to apply only after Oct 1.
    No. Since she is already counted towards the cap, they can apply now but the start date will be 10/1 or later.

    4) Are there any chances of getting rejected at this stage.

    There's always a chance of a denial, but the risk is low if she is maintaining H-4 status when the COS is filed.

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  • Openarms
    09-15 03:01 PM
    How come Mubai,India consulate publish cut of date as april 2002 for EB3-I??

    see the below link

    Cut Off Dates- Consulate General of the United States Mumbai, India (


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  • validIV
    03-26 05:21 PM
    It wont hurt you to have both. Whichever gets approved faster only benefits you. I have an I-130 filed for me in 2001, F2B, as well as an EB3 based with a PD of May 07

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  • nixstor
    12-18 11:06 AM

    Any one recently who applied for F1 visa in Canada/Mexico/India after moving from H4??


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  • pan123
    01-14 11:15 AM

    Friend of mine has got H1B1 visa stamped now. But we just found out that on his passport ECNR is not deleted. ECNR is still required there.

    Can you guys help us to understand what this is? Do we need to remove ECNR before he travel to UR? He has BE (Mech).

    When I came to US my ECNR was deleted and I am also graduate.

    Your help appreciated.


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  • xyz
    06-17 07:22 PM
    Should you get immunizations done *before* you met the Dr?

    If you have immunization records, you need to present to the Doctor. If you do not have records, Doctor will administer certain vaccines or will request blood work to test for the immunity against certain diseases such as Vericella, MMR, etc.


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  • kirupa
    07-18 05:45 AM

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  • kirupa
    11-30 02:01 AM
    Is this a WPF application?

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  • bskrishna
    02-28 02:13 PM
    Can some one in L1B apply for EB1? I thought only L1 A were eligible to apply in EB1....

    Munna Bhai
    08-23 08:28 PM
    HI All,

    Please help me to sort out this difficult query.

    Company 'X' holds my H1 Visa and i got an offer from comapny 'Y'
    So i can easily xfer my H1 to company 'Y'

    But i am expecting a better offer from company 'Z' in couple of days probably 2-3 weeks.It can be also the scenerio tht they may offer me in a day or two when my H1 xfer is already in process from company 'X' to 'Y'

    In that case when can i xfer my H1 to company Z?

    The worst solution is to get my Visa xfer to company 'Y' and after a month or so get it xfered to 'Z'. Is that possible and allowed to xfer it so quickly?

    Please help.


    There is nothing called "H1b transfer" basically every company applies new H1b but it is within quota and you can have multiple companies holding your h1b visa but you can work only for one company on full time rest part time and there is no need cancel H1b, just go and join the company you want to join. Hope this helps

    06-01 07:53 PM
    My online 485 status shows "card/document production" for a long time now and I did not get the card yet. I had contacted USCIS several times thru lawyer and never got any reply. My lawyer said that could have been a mistake.

    I finally called hte USCIS directly and got the reply from the Phone rep that my 485 is approved and will open a ticket to find out why my card has not arrived. After a week or so I got a letter from USCIS quoting my earlier call and said my PD is Jan'04 and currently the availablity is only for Apr '02 and I have to wait till the PD is current for case.

    There was never an explanation about why my online status shows the card/document in production.

    In this case, what are my options ? Please help.

    Can't explain the kind of emotional and psychological trauma we go thru ever since we saw online status and subsequent messages from USCIS.

    -Unlucky Dude

    Online status is error prone and so, it is useless. USCIS is correct in its response that your priority date is almost 2 years away. Even if they had given you a GC by mistake, they would have taken it away after realizing the error.

    Your best option may to port from EB3 to EB2, if a job is available and you are qualified.

    good luck.

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