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  • hetuweb
    10-23 09:38 PM
    I received my EAD last month. But no AP yet. However, i received an email from my lawyer today AP got rejected. The rejection letter is saying that I485 got approved that's why the I131 is rejected.....therefore, my lawyer is waiting for the I485 approval.....but my lawyer told me that I can expect my card soon.

    I don't know how to react. The online doesn't have any update about the I485 status yet. They received my application on July 2, 2007.

    congratulation on ur grand success of getting green card.

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  • atlgc
    09-22 05:54 PM
    called several times(today,last week and last month) ,most went to vmail and left a vmail today

    i hope they get a chance to vote this time

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  • at0474
    12-17 11:36 AM
    Hello there,

    I have been wanting to make an IV contribution for a long time and here is my problem..I probably can be labeled a miseror a magpie! ..Whenever I go to the IV link to contribute and see the $50 or $100 option I panic and get out..yes I do!
    I have some desi colleagues and was discussing this issue with them at work..and they had the exact same am not the only magpie..

    But hey is'nt IV the one which is at the receiving end not getting our contributions..

    I speak from my own experience and call me a mapie or a miser..or whatever..I cant make myself make a $50 or more contribution .. thats the way I am..But I can sure make a smaller contribution (like a monthly recurring $10 contribution which really is easier to make) and I am quite sure IV will benefit from my small contributions as well as i think a lot more people will not hesitate making contributions in smaller denominations than a whopper $50+

    And really this is not related to IV effort but more to do with my own way of thinking about parting with my money..I love my money..:)...

    My history - Made $0 contributions so far..and have been wanting to contribute for a long time now..but keep backing away..

    --Understand your situation very well. For a new comer, unless he/she is fully aware of what IV is about, what it has done, doing and going to do, it is very difficult to be convinced of 50 dollar monthly contributions.

    I see one problem in allowing contribution with lesser denomination provision though; majority would sign up for the lesser amounts. I am not talking about casual onlookers. I am talking about serious potential contributors who are convinced of IV cause and ready to contribute. They could easily go for $50, but rather, a lesser contribution option would tempt them down! In essence, it would seem like the bar was set down.

    All in all, we have to remember. IV is not supported by any 'no-nonimmigrant-left-behind' federal program.

    If you cannot do recurring contributions, you can do it in one time payments.

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  • learning01
    04-26 04:45 PM
    but saw 10 postings about IV in Indian (desi) sites., like, one from Detroit, one on Sulekha and a few other Chinese sites. I guess these are blog posts. If it is useful, I will post each or all of these. Even, some Canadian sites have picked up issues listed in IV home page ( and probalbly spinning them to their advantage)
    Can we do something in Indian regional news papers? I know or two most popular online Telugu newspaper for skilled immigrants in US. Also has popular enough which might help different group of people to know about what IV is doing.


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  • belmontboy
    03-15 10:34 PM
    I am just wondering why in the world has someone done this stupid things... and suffer like this.

    sometimes life gives you lemons.

    sometimes people do miss billing certain items (Ex: could have forgot to put it on the counter, etc) and get caught.

    Shoplifting is the number one crime in stores and stores suffer billions of dollars losses onthese. Stores do prosecute these without any leniency. They cannot differentiate between an misunderstanding/accident with an intentional one.

    This is not like india, where the owner of store is most interested in making you pay for that item or get it back if you are caught.

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  • mirage
    02-23 10:05 AM
    Rehman is a Super Star....But Slumdog Music is far far below his standards. I'm sure he never took this movie seriosly and might have done those scores and music just in few days as a sidea thing...Slumdog's score and music doesn't come even close to the superb work he has done in 'Rang de basanti', 'Jodha Akbar', 'Dilli6', 'Dil se', 'Rangeela', 'Bombay', 'Roza'....List is endless, I wouldn't even put slumdog in this list, it's just doesn't sound like him...


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  • 24fps
    02-15 06:58 PM
    yea i hope USCIS completely cleanses the system and gets things back to the way it was pre - 2000

    except for mayb 5% of the bodyshoppers ( i could be wrong as i'm not frm IT , have friends who tell me etc) rest all 95% commit fraud to some degree or the other

    they need to be weeded out

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  • vinodp1978
    06-28 02:00 PM
    According to this from Murthy:

    Generally, one may apply for an interim EAD card, if the EAD application has been pending more than 90 days if there is not an unanswered Request for Evidence (RFE) on an I-140, I-485, or I-765 that is pending with the USCIS for the applicant. The interim EAD may be obtained at a local USCIS office. To obtain an interim EAD, two USCIS-specified photographs and the 485 and EAD receipt notices are needed.


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  • hopefullegalimmigrant
    02-15 09:36 AM
    Its high time abuse is stopped. All of us have a dream to chase, but the high amount of abuse of the system must be stopped.

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  • raj3078
    11-01 05:22 PM
    Which state are we talking about here?

    New DL renewal Procedure is a painful process which started August 1, 2006.

    The process involves;

    1. Visiting a DMV office and they will ask for your documents and give you a case number which you will present to MVI.
    2. MVI will investigate your immigration status with USCIS and you will receive a letter after 5-7 days. If there is a problem, it will take upto 9 weeks. This means, you cannot drive until they have verified your legal status in the US.

    This is a new procedure and I know a couple of friends who currently cannot drive because they cannot renew their license.

    At first, DMV branches were unaware of this new procedure.

    Has anyone been through this new process and successfully pass through MVI and renewed their license or is anyone waiting for the letter from MVI for more than 7 days.


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  • hiralal
    08-04 09:29 PM
    I know 2 friends who filed in July 07 and got their FP notice last month. The explaination they got was their applications were struck in name check and once that was over they issued FP notice. This was news to me.
    what ? that is surprising ...does that mean if you get FP notice then your name check is over ?? I don't think so ..
    I guess no need to think too much as it becomes a mental torture for retrogressed countries and categories ... if GC has to come it will come.
    one of my friend was saying that a lady from kenya got her GC in 9 months ..since everything was current current for her @#$#R$#R

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  • mpadapa
    10-08 09:40 AM
    Come on tri-state folks, this is a great way to meet with people who have same problems (GC issues). If U are new to GC process, then U can get expert advice.

    What are U waiting for...


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  • starscream
    05-26 04:33 PM
    especially the reasons you gave as to why this bill is interesting...this bill does not scream employment based immigration but as I see it it does have has employment based visa provisions along with much wider and extensive family based gc provisions ..also there is no mention of temporaray visas / temp workers with tis mention of legalizing illegals to legal is focussed exclusively on reducing waiting time for GCs for folks who are in the queue with more emphasis on family based

    Salient features of Bill: S.1085

    After analyzing this bill, I found the following:

    1. This bill will recapture all those unused employment based visas (gcs) from 1997 till 2008 and it will add those recaptured visas to this year's employment based quota.

    2. After the passage of this bill, any unused visas will rollover to the next year. So, no more wastage of visas as we go forward.

    3. Per country limit will be increased from 7% to 10%, so more folks from over subscribed countries would be able to come under the normal yearly quota.

    4. We will be able to avail the benefits of the recapture after 60 days of the passage of the bill. That means, if they are able to recapture 220,000 (approx) employment based visas, the employment based category will be able to use all those after 60 days of the passage of this bill. USCIS is pre-adjudicating all I485s pending and if this bill gets passed in say for eg by October 30, almost all (80%) in this community (who filed 485) would be able get their GCs in Jan and Feb of 2010.

    What makes this bill much more interesting is:

    1. This is not a bill targetting the issues of Employment based category - So there won't be a huge backlash against this in the name of the economy and recession. The provisions for the employment category are just one item in this bill.

    2. Family based immigration reform has a wider range of support from all kinds of groups unlike Employment based immigration reform. Just search for this bill "Reuniting Families Act" in google news and you can identify all those organizations supporting this bill (they all have a news release).

    Complete Text of this Bill:

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  • pappu
    10-12 06:10 PM
    Tell me
    good response. we are all in this together and need to work together in order to get things done. IV is not just IV core but each and every member. each member should try to do something positive in order to help IV in whatever way theycan. - contributing money, help increase members, contact their local lawmakers and also contacting media. we need to raise awareness andevery small positive action done by an iv member helps in the overall scheme of things.


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  • hopefulgc
    01-13 03:41 PM
    OMG... some imposter called Hrithik is trying to impose himself as paskal... god Save IV :D:D:D:D:D

    Isn't the new one cool enough. :D

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  • ujayra01
    06-24 11:04 PM
    My wife is apply for AP renewal. She has her AParole until oct, 2,2008. She is travelling to india this week for three weeks. Can she apply for renewal and travel to india. Is it legal or does it have any replications.

    According to my lawyer, the person (in this case your wife) must be in USA until your wife's AP application is accepted. Basically your wife should not try to apply AP when the she is not physically in USA.

    After the application acceptance, your wife can travel.

    Disclaimer: Please do not take this granted and always consult your immigration attorney.


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  • gc_lover
    06-28 02:29 PM
    my attorney said i need to wait for 140 receipt to file 485
    is that true?

    i need big help with my 140 filed in Premium Processing
    and i did not get my receipt to file 485
    applied it on Jun 20 2007 (this month)
    any way i can get some copy of the receipt to file 485?

    No you don't. You can file without 140 receipt, atleast that's what my lawyer told me. Anyways, mine is concurrent filing.

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  • pappu
    03-09 11:56 AM
    Not much good news for EB2 and EB3 India. I hope folks realize and do the lobby day seriously.

    Here is the timeline for folks that are not serious

    EB2 India: Waiting for July - October spillovers thinking that most EB2 will be current. The prediction threads have hyped this a lot. Many will benefit this year. But many will miss this bus too. Some from those who will miss this bus, would be back wanting to do something in Nov - May timeframe. Others will waste their time on predictions and trackers and make those site owners rich.

    EB3 India: Many who filed in July 2007 are still happy with EAD status. They worry and contact IV only if their I140 is revoked, I485 denied or if EAD renewal is delayed. Some still sulk or want to blame someone (even IV) for their delays. Those who have not filed I485 yet are few in number. Many new Eb3s still do not know the extent of the backlogs. With time they will slowly learn about the backlogs and wait times. When they suffer due to lack of EAD, they will all make noise on IV asking for some action. This is the reason why the I485 filing action item thread is still weak and pre-mature. I would give another 2 years for the non-I485 folks to have retrogression sink in.

    Retrogression is not going away. If it goes away, only applicants will benefit from it. And these applicants are too weak and small in number to even raise their voice. So why would anyone pass a law to make these people happy that do not even want any law changed. After 2 years all the folks who are not participating in advocacy days and contributing, will contribute to IV. At that time, if we in core are still around, would rather ask them to lead the effort if they can and if they are really serious. The current advocacy day campaign and contributions are a measure of seriousness for us to plan our next agenda items.

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  • imm_pro
    01-14 12:38 PM
    Man this looks too good to be true..

    04-09 06:32 PM
    i'll break my word for one last piece of advice for my sensistive friend:

    "The very reason why we join this forum so that we can, as whole, say something that may influence the law makers of this country to change the existing laws so that our problem with GC will be resolve."

    no lawmaker is bothering to read this silly thread. Please stop dreaming. if you want to influence, go meet them! that remain's iv's official word on the matter too...see the meet the lawmaker campaign. and if you already have my respect, you are too good in that case to waste your time complaining about this stuff.

    Probably, that's the reason why most lawmaker ignore us because of these comments. For them, we are aliens. We are not their contituents. And I think these country centric comments makes it worse.

    09-20 02:00 AM
    i just read on another forum, that about 70,000 visa's come up for the new fiscal year which starts 1st october, so it might take a couple of months to see any movement, but it will happen, as they have got to wait and see and get a better feel for how many filers there were for july/augest, as they havent processed them all yet, then we will see something happen. so lets wait and see what the Nov bullitin says, and if the rally had any kind of effect.

    140K visas come up for the new fiscal, not 70k. Those 140k are somewhat evenly split (20-30% each) across teh four quarters (its not an exact science, but thats the order in which USCIS requests visas from Dept of state). So the number of visa numbers used up in october is going to be much lesser than 70K, probably around 10-12k.

    The backlogs are right now way too extensive to result in any major movement of PD with current quotas. If dates move in November, they are only expected to creep along... I hope I am wrong, but thats what it looks like

    The effect of the Rally is not going to be on the visa bulletin; it is on legislators who need to now come up with some way to ease these huge waits (either recapture visa numbers or bump up the annual cap or both). unless congress wakes up to this and does something, we are in for a long wait.

    EDIT: Whoever gave me a -ve rep for this post, care to explain why?

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