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  • eb3retro
    10-23 10:05 PM
    hi eb3retro.

    when and where u filed for ur h-1b 7th year extension and when it approved?
    i filed on july 12, 2007 to vermont, still waiting for 7th yr, extension approval.


    my h1 was extended last year sometimes during april i think ( i had approved i-140 that time itself), waited for freakin 1 1/2 years to even file 485. it was filed and approved in california and got 3 years extn.

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  • amitjoey
    05-22 05:12 PM
    Guys, this is the time to show the core group that we are a bunch of people thankful that there is IV to help us fight this fight.
    We need to stand united and raise awareness and sign up for the $20minimum a month recurring contribution.

    I understand that some of you do intend to contribute and have contributed generously in the past,
    But here are some mindsets, All of us fall in these 4 mindsets.

    1) you probably think "why should I sign up for a monthly recurring contribution program". I am a generous contributor and I contribute almost monthly anyways.
    2) I have contributed enough.
    3) I will contribute if I feel like, when I see something comming out of this effort.
    4) I do not have to contribute.

    If you are in category 1).I can tell you, I understand because I have been a generous contributer in the past. But guys, the reason I signed up for a monthly recurring contribution is that it helps IV know that 'X' amount of funds are guaranted every month, this way they can plan better.

    Category 2) Contributed enough - Okay why dont just sign up for a minimum amount of $20/month once more. What is enough is not enough.

    Category 3) This has been discussed, I do not want to talk about this category of members.

    Category 4) Again - No Comments-

    Lets show the core team that all of us fall in the first 2 categories.

    The last thing we want the core to do is bite their fingers over funds. We do not want the core to get stressed out over funds. They have enough real work to do already.

    I give all of the ones that have not set up a monthly recurring contribution benefit of doubt. May be you were not aware that this organisation and the lobby money has come out of pockets of ordinary hard working people like you. But this is our last chance. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?.

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  • whiteStallion
    05-27 04:20 PM
    Lets hope for the best on this bill !

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  • wikipedia_fan
    07-04 11:17 PM

    I have my I-140 (approved in May 07) approved from my previous employer. I am not sure whether he has revoked it or not. I am now working as full time employee with another company. How can i find out if my I-140 was revoked or not? I am yet to file a New PERM, i already got a PERM denial after joining this new employer :( looks like i have to file one more... This looks like a infinte loop :(

    Thank you,

    You can subscribe to CRIS email for status updates. But sometimes you may not get the email. The letter may directly go to your ex employer's Attorney.

    Even if you get a NOID, it may go to your ex employer's Attorney. We all know this employer attorney nexus - they are ready to screw you.


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  • gc_wow
    05-30 07:39 AM
    Spelling-Improves memory,for a growing kid that excercise is important.
    Pronunciation-Once again it is an excercise which enhances capability to differentiate.
    Root-Gives information on how words are formed.
    Language of Origin- Gives information about another language.
    Meaning-Gives information about the word and provides context to understand a word in better fashion.

    The top 10 kids in the competetion already are equivalent to a phd. It is not complete memorization.

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  • apunka_gc
    07-25 04:51 PM
    EB2 delivered to Nebraska on 2nd July AM


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  • eb3retro
    09-23 03:02 PM
    its the same old freakin horse shit..politics at its core...:mad::mad:

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  • Gravitation
    01-23 09:18 AM
    Here is a post from Ron Gotcher's website which might be of interest to some of us trapped in EB3 I retrogression .

    He expects visa bulletin cut off for EB3 I to jump to 2004 in coming months. No reasoning behing this though..

    Ron has not made prediction specifically about India. Somebody asked Ron about filing I-485 with May 2004 PD without mentioning that (s)he was from India. So Ron probably assumed RoW. The OP later clarified that (s)he is from India and Ron hasn't replied to that. So let's wait for Ron to reply before getting excited about it.

    If Ron meant EB3-I, he's probably expecting a July 2007 kind of bump, which allows a lot of people to file but results in very few approvals. This can be inferred from his statement that, "your priority date will become current, briefly, in a few months".

    We EB3-I's are looking for any sign, just any sign of hope. But let's be cautious in disseminating such information further.


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  • seeker
    05-24 10:31 AM
    Status quo is far far much better that passing this bill which has articulately been designed to screw us completely.

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  • gunabcd
    05-24 03:10 PM
    I'm surprised that everybody in this thread got so scared of the language in a stupid bill and stopped thinking how clever Indians are in finding loopholes. I hate when all the extra-ordinary people think in the same direction. To start with, is it possible that these jokers will pass anything agaist the will of big techs like microsoft, intel, csco, think again? even if they did to make average(stupid) Joe happy, they wil keep loopholes making the law irrelevent. e.g. H1 quota limited but L1 unlimited. businesses more than 50 emps can not have more than 50% H1Bs, what do u think big desi consulting cos are in trouble? they will simply 10 more companies each having 49 people.

    Other direction: when i came to US in '99 from SEEPZ, my US salary(in Rupees) was 12 times my indian salary, now it's just 2 times. Indian salaries are increasing 10-20% every year, and Dollar is going down (down 20% in 6 years, 40% including indian inflation), very soon there will be no advantage in coming over here, and you are worrying about future H1s having trouble getting GC?

    No matter how stupid and selfish politician look/sound they always think about their contries future, and folks these are US politicians. take it easy and take a walk outside, it's nice out there.


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  • rangaswamy
    08-11 01:15 PM
    Thanks for the info. I went and pulled up the 9089 filing and just saw that the filing date was 15th may 2006, the expiry date was 3/31/2008 and hence i might have incorrectly assumed that the filing date was 2 years before that.

    Sucks! i missed the cutoff by a week

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  • best_mode
    07-20 04:43 PM
    Folks, just a hunch but I don't think the bulk of the Dems are against Cornyn's amendment. I think the Dems will trade support for this provision in return for the repubs supporting the AgJobs bill if and when it comes to the Senate floor. No point in giving away a barter chip for nothing.


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  • garybanz
    11-29 01:49 PM
    Here is what you should do:
    1. Print this memorandum
    2. Take it and go for infopass.
    3. Insist that they follow the procedures outlined in the memo. Do not leave until they do what they have to do according to the memo. They have to provide you a receipt that they followed the procedures.
    4. Get your EAD within a week or so after infopass.

    Thank a ton for the help, Can you please tell in more detail what i need to do/say there? I have heard that people are being turned back pretty rudely at local offices. Also do i need to fill any forms before i go there?

    Thanks Again,

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  • english_august
    07-10 09:18 AM
    Yes, flight to DC would have been then recovered from USCIS in the lawsuit against them.. :)

    I know your are kidding saimrathi :).

    On a serious note though, flight ticket is a small price to pay compared to the other losses that we are suffering because of status quo.


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  • hopefull
    05-24 01:46 PM
    The only way they will learn is like when Europe imposed heavy taxes on Orange Juice imported from Florida.

    THese guys want us out and they want to make money in China & India by selling their products and killing the local domestic industries. SO MUCH FOR GLOBALISATION. ITS HYPOCRITICAL ..

    I M SURE CHINA WONT OPEN ITS ECONOMY FOR US GOODS which is GOOD ..IF ONLY THERE WER EHONEST INDIAN POLITICANS AND THEY WOULD TAKE THE SAME RECOURSE. EVERYTHING WILL TURN OUT ALL RIGHT ..WHom will they sell to here in a saturated market and people already filling Chapter 11 and living on social security?????


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  • mrsahaayam
    03-17 07:14 AM
    Thank you all :)


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  • Marphad
    01-13 05:54 PM
    are logic life ko nahi jaante aap?

    logiclife is a bhagwan .... he is sabka baap .. sabse bada saanp.... aaj kal chup chaap :D:D

    (translation: ramblings in hindi language ... the crawling vb has made me sick & delirious)

    I think you meant "saab" and not "saanp" ;). Or it was a deliberate mistake :D Just kidding.

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  • NKR
    01-15 11:41 AM
    Sanju, I agree. One of the news papers went a step further and their headline read "Satyam's employee shot dead in US". Shameless people, they are trying to cash in on this incident by linking with another sensational incident...

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  • lacrossegc
    07-20 06:03 PM
    Whenever an attempt to increase visa numbers is made a budget point of order can usually be made. So, you will need 60 votes to amend the law.

    "Before every one starts to bash Hillary : this is what someone on IV posted regarding Senate floor Amendment 2339... and now it sort of makes sense:"

    Not really. Senators voted against this because they opposed the underlying amendment. The Democratic opposition stems from the facts that the amendment proposed to re-capture from all categories and then re-distribute accordingly to a Republican preference. For instance EB-3, numbers re-captured didn't all go to EB-3. The amendment gave 61,000 to Schedule A and then re-distributed the rest equally.

    A much fairer, simpler and permanent solution is to simply rollover the unused numbers to next years numbers.

    08-26 03:09 AM
    Just voted. Nov 2006. Good luck to all of us :-)

    07-20 02:40 PM
    I just call USCIS , she told me to wait until Aug 2nd week to get receipt# or to see chased checks.

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