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  • dilipb
    06-23 05:36 PM
    Going home now.

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  • go_guy123
    07-02 01:36 PM
    Are you willing to put your name in a lawsuit, travel personally spending your own money to the courts, stay up late and do the research with the lawyer and above all spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on expenses of a lawsuit?
    When people cannot contribute $25 how can you expect them to contribute 100K+. Even the FOIA campaign 10K amount took about a month to meet. So no point discussing something people cannot do. Let us just focus on writing forum posts. This is the easiest work we can do and it does not cost us money.

    Letter writing will be useless. USCIS wont give without a fight. You have to see from their point of view. This open a can of worms for them. They will never yield unless forced by court.

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  • BharatPremi
    11-08 12:27 PM
    As usual you twisted my point to make it out that I dont have any "cultural values," as you define it.

    I think chandu and paskal in their subsequent msgs got my point exactly that we should promote happy <festival> of all regions/traditions rather than focusing on the majority one.

    That would promote IV's agenda rather than distract from it.

    Its people like you with your misguided "cultural values" that are the cause of problems around the world. You are like the Indian version of ALIPAC.

    Happy Diwali to you.:)

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  • luckysiri
    04-15 02:22 PM
    I will share the employer name and review in the given link Desicrunch.com.


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  • mrajatish
    04-26 01:13 AM
    My heartfelt gratitude for your tremendous effort. Hum honghhe kameyab - we will be successful.

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  • luckysiri
    04-14 09:03 PM
    Thanks you all for the responses and help. We are searching for employers who can help me out in the situation. Most of them are thinking twice bcoz I am pregnant and have to take maternity leave within a 2- 3 weeks.

    Which will be the good option for me in this situation H1 transfer or EAD? I have EAD in hand, but never used. I like to maintain the status of H1-B as long as time permits. My husband is going to get health information next week once he joined in the job.


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  • Michael chertoff
    04-21 02:06 PM
    thanks Michael chertoff

    Not baby sitter. I want to take care of my parents.

    it is part of our culture, we all live together forever.

    why dont you go back to home and live with them. keep visiting US to maintain your GC,.

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  • wellwishergc
    04-03 12:00 PM
    just made some additional monetary contribution to the cause.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Quite frankly, I did not want to reply to your post, but your repitition above forces me to!

    1) You have NO idea what it was like to find a lobbyist ready to work with us given a) We are dealing with a very sensitive issue b) We had only 10K in cash (5K raised by core members) and another 10K promised again by the core team. Do a real exercise and get a lobbyist to sign a contract with you for after revealing to them that you have only 20K. Try it now with even 50K and see how many lobbyists are ready to tow your line

    2) Regarding your talk of Erin Brockovich and all, you do not even seem to grasp the fact that AILA is interested in the 11 million undocument workers. 500,000 skilled workers are nothing but a drop in the ocean compared to them.

    In any case, have you done your part in contacting AILA? We have! Its easy to sit on the fence and complain but it takes conviction to actually DO something

    3) Do you have any idea how difficult the task is to get amendments in? Do you know how much a fine balance the Republicans and Democrats achieved and are not ready to take on anything that might disturb the balance? Also do not forget that 500K people is not even 1% of the US population but 11 Million illegal immigrants make a sizeable chunk and alsong with Hispanics make more than 13% of the population. Now given this, who would you as a politician try to appease? 13% of the population or 0.1% of it?

    4) And what made you think that faxing celebrities is an idea of the core team or QGA? Please read the posts again. It was an idea by a member!


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  • malaGCPahije
    09-26 12:40 PM

    i say great post! i actually was very happy in aug/sep this year and counted chicken much earlier than the eggs hatched... my eggs have not hatched... anyway, i set up an s-corp and got going... i did on my own name and with just me in it... the purpose of my s-corp was to do some non-IT work i.e. not consulting... though my day job is IT. my immigration lawyer warned me against being self employed for the GC sponsoring job... basically, if the USCIS ever becomes interested in your small business, they can ask any questions... including whether there is enough work to justify a full time employment and the burden of proof will be upon you... so if you plan to use AC21 to switch to your own company, i'd say think about it a little hard...

    as for legal formalities with the state... that was a breeze... i incorporated with the state of illinois... filled out the form (2 pages). put it in the envelope with the check and sent it out... there are some other formalities too... i read the book "inc yourself" which had a bunch of easy instructions and things to watch out for... that was one amongst many books i read... did not consult any lawyer other than my immi lawyer... i use quickbooks for record keeping and have a free business checking account with national city... (i am in the midwest)... dont have cpa or lawyer yet... primarily, i want to learn the law and accounting myself before i outsource to lawyers/cpas...

    all the best, let me know if i can help.. i would enjoy it...

    I started an LLC earlier this year. Much easier and less risk with an LLC. It is still early to say whether the company will make it to higher grounds or not. But I sure am trying. I have me and my wife as manager members. No employees at the moment.

    Best of luck to you all. GC or no GC, we can still make the entrepreneur dream happen.

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  • WaldenPond
    02-24 10:47 PM

    It was my second contribution...


    Hello wrldnw4me,

    Sorry about that. I did not realize....

    Thank You for the continued support and contribution.....whole of IV team really appreciate your help and good work.

    Kind Regards,


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  • gc_chahiye
    09-20 05:25 AM
    "Those people???". What do you mean by that? These are people who are trying to get permanent residency on their own right, based on the skills they have honed for years. I don't like the condescending tone of your voice. What makes you better?

    ok, that really ticks me off. This post is probably going to get me a red splotch, but you should'nt have picked on Franklin:
    I think all the work that Franklin did in preparation for the Rally and then at the Rally itself makes it obvious that she is better than most of the IV members (me included) who could not make it to the Rally.

    If you dont like the condescending tone of the voice of someone who has worked hard for IVs goals, feel free to stop coming to IV and posting here. Honestly why should someone here care about whether you like the voice or not when the voice speaks the truth?

    Look at all the blog posts and pictures of the DC Rally before saying anything against any of the volunteers who worked at the rally. unlike the people who are "trying to get permanent residency on their own right" these dedicated bunch of IV volunteers are trying to get permanent residency soon for all of us. See the photos, the videos of the speeches and then talk.

    What Franklin meant by that post (I think) was that IV is much more than a discussion board for reports of who signed whose Fedex package and what was the timestamp of the package. Its very important that we all actively participate in getting IVs goals met. The rally was a big, for-the-first-time event, and still people seem more excited by tracking receipt notices, and the short-sightedness of it all has made many people ticked off. The turnout could easily have been higher (like someone said, see the lines to the doctors office for getting medicals done when the dates were current, and compare that with how many showed up at the rally).

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  • BharatPremi
    10-02 07:47 PM
    If you want OCI, there are a few hoops to jump through -

    1. Apply for an Indian passport first.

    2. Once the Indian passport is issued, apply for the US passport.

    3. Return the Indian passport after the US passport is issued. The consulate should return the Indian passport back to you, but keep a photocopy in case they don't.

    4. Now you can apply for OCI on the grounds that your son once held an Indian passport.

    His child is born in USA and thus his child is US Citizen and so he can only apply for US passport. He can not apply for Indian passport for his child.


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  • jonty_11
    06-28 12:26 PM
    makes sense...they are expecting alot of 140/485 combine filings in July and by issuing this bulletin they have stopped people from filing 140 in PP

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  • hyennah
    06-03 12:08 PM
    Thats great ! These kids must have sure worked hard on this...just congratulate them on having a goal and achieving it .
    As for the competition been silly, you can say this about many events starting from Golf.
    What about 100 mts running in olympics..specially in this day and age of cars and bikes, what is the need to run so fast..


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  • anilsal
    07-10 11:54 AM
    Yes, you are right....he did indeed use "passive resisitance" in South Africa. We all learned about it in school and I can remember the idea making a HUGE impact on me as a kid.

    So I guess it does more than "work in a foreign land"....it can change individual's worldviews!

    If Martin Luther King Jr. can use the views of Gandhi successfully, why bother what we learnt in School?

    Has anyone seen the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the MLK memorial at Atlanta as well as a whole section devoted to Gandhi in the museum.

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  • sanju
    01-22 12:18 AM
    So, what are the options for EB3-I? It appears that porting to EB2 will be more difficult moving forward due to difficulties in getting PERM approved especially for IT professions.

    If the recapture of unused visas does happen, what is the estimate on how much EB3I would move?

    Figures suggest that there are over 800,000 pending applications. Recapture will get around approximately 215,000 green cards. We are shot of around 600,000 green cards, which will take around 4 years (@140k/yr EB green card) to address the current backlog, which contains your and mine application. This is a deep deep hole and EB3-I is at the bottom of this hole.



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  • srikondoji
    04-26 05:10 PM
    Now my friends living in other states facing similar problems have come to know about this coordinated effort and will likely contriute.
    We are soon going to have a weekend discussion group and see what we has a group can do.
    Great job.

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  • DareYouFireMe
    04-17 12:14 AM
    If USD falls further-then other alternatives like migrating to Canada and Australia are more attractive.
    Australia rewards you in terms of more points for having
    -Better English
    -Possessing high tech skills in demand
    -Being less than 35 years old.
    Australia has business ties to both Europe and far east Asia.
    Compare this to US high skilled immigration system!. Ah!.

    Canada is already worse than India (atleast for IT sector). Hard to find jobs. Salaries are 75-80% of corresponding US jobs. And Candian $ is also cheaper (though catching up with USD).

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  • nav_kri
    02-23 01:52 AM
    Truly amazing. Winning not one but 2 Oscars. ARR is awesome with his calm and composure.

    06-15 08:30 PM
    We are being squeezed all along the way... Did you notice I140 retrogression? Think about those who got stuck at labor, then 140, then I485, then name check...

    Did you hear that they were trying to eliminate AC21? So what's the benefit of filing I485 considering all the backlogs? Without AC21, you still have to start all over again should you lose your job.

    Pure stupidity on those bueracrats!

    Some employers are having merry time. "Dedicated" employees working for N number of years without any major promotion ( also i have seen employers in dilemma because cannot promote employee to a mangerial position ).

    06-30 09:28 AM
    My original "Reciept notice" of 485 came from "California service Center" then few weeks i got another notice of action notice type = "Transfer Notice" that said your application has been transfered to "Nebraska service center".
    For EAD renewal should i send copy of just Receipt Notice or both?

    Also should i send the EAD renewal app to "Texas Service Center" as per instructions because i live in MA ?

    As per section 7 of the instructions "with a copy of the receipt notice or other
    evidence that your Form I-485, Application for
    Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, is pending"

    So you should send a receipt notice and that should be enough.
    But for the heck of it, it does not matter if u send that transfer notice.
    USCIS will not create any issue for you, just because u sent TOO much documentation. Here we are talking only about 1 extra piece of paper.

    For legal fanatics: Technically the statement clearly states that they are OKAY with only the receipt notice. In fact that statment also tells me that you could show anything as evidence of a 485 filing. So even a xfer notice should also be fine. I simply recommend, send the recpt notice. Thats all.

    So now its all upto you.

    Yes. Read the instructions and send your applicaiton as per stated. So if it says that MA people are supposed to send to texas, send it to texas.

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