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  • tammman
    11-11 11:08 PM
    I have to renew my passport since it is expiring next month.

    What is the specification for the passport photo? It it 2inch x 2inch or
    is it 3.5cm by 3.5cm
    I was preparing to use the same as that of GC process, 2inch x 2inch
    but now I need to check this out...

    I'm going to SFO counsulate

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  • xtronics
    03-19 10:33 AM
    It is still pending. Already 7 weeks. Any input guys?
    Thank you

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  • trnandakumar
    11-03 07:10 PM
    I was looking at status of my EAD I applied on 15th October'2008 online at TSC.Status shows that my card has been ordered for production on 31st October.I received letter for Biometric appointment on 5th November. I went to ASC on Saturday( 11/1/2008) and had my fingerprinting done.

    How can they order the card on 31st october when my biometrics were done by that date and my appointment was set for 5th Nov 2008 ? Anybody faced the same situation? I had gone for finger printing for I-485 this January.

    I got FP notice for my EAD one month after I got my EAD in hand.

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  • imm_check
    08-22 01:18 PM
    It is a case to sign in native language...

    Your question is not clear.

    did you forget to sign the G-325A form where it says "Sign here"
    did you forget to write your name in native alphabet?

    In first case, it will be considered improperly filed and chances are it will be rejected.
    In second case, even if your native language is other than English, the person who does initial review will not know that and it will be accepted and processed.

    I hope it is the second case .


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  • kondur_007
    05-18 07:04 PM
    Hope you are posting your question for US immigration. (This site discusses US immigration)
    As far as I know the country of chargeability is your or your spouse's birth country(Choice during I485 application) not based on citizenship. HTH

    Yes, that is correct.

    If you were born in India, you will still be counted as "EB2 India" in greencard queue even after you become british citizen.

    In other words, if you are planning to become a british citizen to live there, good luck. But it will not help you with US immigration.

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  • pappu
    08-23 11:00 AM
    please continue to send mails to your local lawmakers regarding Skil Bill. Use the webfax too at

    There are orgnizations that are opposed to this bill and are stronger than us. Only consistant efforts to make our voices heard would produce favorable results. We need letters comming from all members to these lawmakers so that when we lobby, these lawmakers already know that there are a lot of people who want this done and there is a broad support for such reforms.
    FYI Numbersusa have been sending messages against this bill--
    Please do write your own mail to your local senator and congressman to communicate the problems faced by us.
    The useful information is available here--
    Please tell all your friends too.


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  • Tshelar
    08-26 11:54 AM

    We have applied for I -485 last month.I am the primary applicant and my spouse is add on.Bothe of us are on H1B and it is valid till end of 2008.
    I have applied for EAD and advance parole for my spouse only.We have not yet received the receipt numbers .I was wondering if we want to travel outside the country do we need to wait untill we get any of the above or if we have a valid H1B can we travel outside the country.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    If you'll have a valid visa stamped on your passport then you guys have no issue on traveling outside U.S. Please do carry your 485 receipt notice while traveling.
    If you do not have a valid visa stamped then you should wait till get your AP and then travel on AP.

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  • JunRN
    01-26 08:49 AM
    Sorry to hear that...a simple mistake will cause your wait to become longer. I hope your lawyer or company compensated you for all the expenses you incurred during that period. It was truly frustrating.


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  • tnite
    10-16 01:31 PM

    I just want to know as to will the Green Card process happen faster if the State of GA were to sponsor it?

    Request you to reply soon.

    I dont know of anything specific.But if it's a job designation of utmost importance at the state level then it might help in name check(I am not sure) but otherwise I dont think it makes any difference.

    Just my 2 cents

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  • gc_on_demand
    02-17 09:37 AM
    I had an appointment on Feb 13th at Delhi for H1b renewal. It took less than 15 min for both of us. H1b and h4 we were given special treatment because of our US citizen children. No waiting in line and even no qu from VO once he came to know about children


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  • Michael chertoff
    02-26 05:02 PM

    I am applying for my EAD/AP renewal. The received date on my I-485 notice is Aug 2007. According to USCIS, if you filed after July 30 2007, you are not required to include a Fee.

    I am looking at my receipt notices and I feel like I payed under the old fee structure and should include the fee. Here are the amounts
    I-485 : $395.00
    I-765 : $180.00
    I-131: $170.00

    Can someone please advice if I need to include the fee for AP and EAD renewal.


    Your PD is May 2005 did not get your GC?

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  • docusmle
    08-15 10:07 AM
    Thank you .
    Have you ever came across someone in same situation and got rejected?
    Thanks again


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  • ramus
    09-08 05:19 PM
    GA members, please join this group asap..

    Lets be all together and help ourself.

    Hello Georgia members. Thanks for everyone who is joining the rally. I've created a googlegroup for the GA member. Please join this group.

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  • bigboy007
    10-09 02:37 AM
    Sorry..I have incorrectly named the suppose to read this way- "Changed Employer (but not informed USCIS), travelling on AP" .
    A couple of points : 485 is your property. Its a grey area whether to inform USCIS or not, some advocate it as its a proof and file AC21 and some have different opinion its a personal choice. Regarding using AP I myself dont see an issue. Rest of all are supporting dox. Nice to have supporting documents.

    Informing USCIS is nothing but officially filing AC21. Since there are no forms its just a letter indicating AC21.


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  • h1techSlave
    02-24 08:51 AM
    E-verify is not to prevent H1 folks from working or investing. It is against illegals.
    2 weeks ago i closed 30 year fixed ..I didnt face any issue ..Right now my mortgage held by Fannie. I got a good deal though i am on H1B!

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  • laksmi
    12-12 06:23 PM
    You are not supposed to work on EAD until unless it�s renewed that is sure, you can work on H1B for your H1B employer if H1B is not revoked.
    I suggest a attorneys advice on H1B once.


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  • mchundi
    09-12 04:20 PM
    nkavjs, I am with you brother.

    so am i. called the USCIS custoner service rep. she asked me to call back in the last week of sep.

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  • peekay
    02-17 09:52 AM
    I just came to know through various sources. I am not sure how much of fact there is in that information.

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  • getgc2008
    04-23 10:41 AM
    I am planning to work on EAD soon and switch my employer using AC21. How would USCIS know that I have switched from H1b to EAD. I might change my mind after 1 months and get back to H1 transfer and work on H1 instead on EAD.

    This depends on if the future project is long term and I switch to H1B just to be safe.

    Any ideas would be appreciated...

    09-19 07:14 PM
    is it for Sub-Labour ? Category ?

    04-03 05:23 PM
    Hello all, I am so impressed to see so many supports for the immigration bill. We all wish ourselves luck. :)

    I have few questions regarding the H1B visa renewal. I hope someone who can kindly answer them.

    Background - I got my H1B visa in about 2003, and I got married in Oct 2005. However, I am not able to claim my husband for the H4 visa. He is an undocumented immigrant in the U.S. for more than 10 years. So my lawyer told me that I could only help him to get greencard when I become a citizen. So I have the following questions :

    When I do my first time H1B visa renewal, will my new Marriage status disturb me to get the H1B renewal? should I just simply fill in the form saying I am "SINGLE" and not tell the consulate? Will the consulate know?

    Thanks for all the great help. Let's hope each of us good luck on the petition.

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