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  • zerofour
    Apr 29, 03:05 AM
    Thanks goodness Apple aren't infringing Samsung's "GPS" system... I'd much prefer to use GPS quickly and accurately, without having to root a device... then run an app to correct things! :D

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  • Consultant
    Mar 23, 09:12 AM
    Its funny how every position at Apple is either a Vice President or Senior Vice President of something... hehe..

    No VP or SVP of magic though. =/ ;)

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  • Jay Z ( Jay Z??? C#39;mon Son

  • phas3
    Dec 5, 09:02 PM

    mmmmm oliviaaaaa in full 1080p

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  • Jay-Z And Nas - God#39;s Black

  • mad jew
    Dec 14, 10:06 PM
    Try resetting core audio by opening then closing Garageband as a start. :)


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  • God#39;s Black Son: Jay-Z Decoded

  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 4, 06:30 PM
    I wonder if Verizon will offer some kind of special offer for current customers who purchased the iPhone 4 to upgrade to the iPhone 5 for a good price.

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  • Tags:Beyonce-Knowles, Jay-z

  • BigDonII
    May 4, 08:46 AM
    May unlock iphone is now searching for a signal. Every-time i make a call and hang up, i loose signal and phone beeps twice. I have done a restore, but no help.


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  • Jay-Z Sues Over Failed Hotel

  • lazyrighteye
    Oct 31, 01:50 PM
    4 years ago I hiked the Camino de Santiago, an old pilgrimage route that goes across Spain (850 km)

    I had a diskman at the time and used for about 5 minutes during the walk.

    I found that it ruined the whole experience.

    sometimes the best music is absolute silence

    So very true...

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  • Jay-Z a l#39;ouverture de son

  • tarproductions
    May 2, 04:02 PM
    Always donate when i can. Stumbled upon a blood drive RV the other day but was turned away due to being in a malaria zone 6 months ago (Haiti). Good on ya MacRumors!


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  • kanye west jay-z rick ross

  • SuperCachetes
    Apr 14, 05:49 AM
    Well in that case, there's a clear line that a non-black person doesn't say that to a black person. It's not like the referee had an "I'm Gay" sticker on his shirt.

    I mean, what about saying..."omg...that is sooo gay" when describing a non-cool object or situation. Is that "gay bashing" too? I mean, this is getting to such a point where you can say anything that "might" offend some overlysensitive person...becomes a racist, sexual harrassment, hate, etc offense. I mean, some things are understood to be coloquial amoung pop culture.

    I hear what you are saying, and I certainly didn't mean to imply that I'm not guilty of the same things. I've been using "gay" as a negative adjective for 30 years, like a lot of other people. But every time I do it, I think of what my very close gay friends would say about me using it that way. Whether they specifically would be offended by it is one thing, but the point is that it just isn't right to commandeer that word and use it as an insult or detractor when there really is no reason that it should be.

    In this case, maybe you, me, and all of us need to work on changing pop culture and getting it out of a grade-school mentality. As long as Kobe was fined because he did a piss-poor job of acting professionally and as a role model rather than just "hurting the ref's feelings," that's a start.

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  • Decoded, que Jay- Z décide

  • fireshot91
    Sep 21, 03:27 PM
    I liked it. I liked their other album/s better though.

    Also, this can be part of This Thread (


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  • Beyonce, Jay-z amp; Julez

  • r0n1n
    Apr 13, 11:27 PM
    Here's mine. :)

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  • Beyonce+jay+z+pregnant+

  • glocke12
    May 4, 04:43 PM
    It's easy for you guys to say "provide proof" when you know as well as I do that much of this information, and the full story of how this all happened will never see the light of day. Thats basically the lazy mans out...I could easily have said provide proof that these techniques did not lead to the killing of O.B.L.

    I never said water boarding was used, but I have heard interviews on more than one radio station that claim "Enhanced Techniques" such as subjecting the interviewee (in this case K.S.M.) to extreme cold which required him to be hospitalized, having him wear a bra, playing loud music 24/7, etc..were used and provided bits and pieces of information that led to the killing O.B.L.

    Many forum members here in the past have claimed that these methods also fall under the classification of torture, so what if information obtained using these methods led to the death of O.B.L.?

    As for the poster who asked what has been gained by his death, its called retribution.


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  • that jay-z secret son

  • Thnkdifferent
    Mar 4, 01:14 AM
    I really like the concept HP has done with their up coming slate/Pre integration. Being able to respond to a text while on my iPad would be awesome. Anyone hear of an app that can do this? If not lets get one going :)

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  • angie martinez son. JAY Z

  • bozzykid
    Mar 25, 04:39 PM
    They should buy one of those dedicated GPS/Maps companies like Garmin or TomTom and integrate their software into iOS5. Microsoft will be doing it soon with OVI and i suspect Google will be doing something similar with their new vector based version of Google MAPS.

    It will be a shame for apple to be left out of this game.

    TomTom or Garmin wouldn't help Apple that much. Garmin and TomTom both license either Teleatlas or Navteq for road data and they don't have access to much else since most of their devices are "offline" devices. Google has used Google Maps to build up a lot of data (they currently provide their own traffic on Google maps by curating all the data from mobile GMaps users, etc). A lot of people are missing out on the fact that "maps" that people expect today is a lot more than just road data. Getting access to road data is not that complicated for Apple to obtain. The rest is very complicated. Currently Google is the leader in this and there really isn't a close second (although Bing is doing some innovative things in this area).


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  • NBA probing Jay-Z#39;s visit to

  • bdj33ranch
    Aug 6, 10:41 PM
    It uses a 6-to-6 Firewire cable plus a power supply and is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Your Dell would need a Firewire port or the ability to install a Firewire expansion card. Software should be available for download at the website. If you don't have the power supply maybe LaCie support (or Radio Shack) can help you out.

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  • a line from a Jay-Z song,

  • MilesTone
    Apr 28, 08:12 AM
    I have a Mac Pro Quad core (early2009) with 1 gt120
    As i understand it that there isnt a way to get 4 separate projectors (non-mirrored) with just this setup and a cheap DVI to 2 VGA splitter.
    If i have 2 gt120s will i be able to run a 4 screen setup?
    If so whats the cheapest way to get this setup to work?


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  • in acceptance jay-z son

  • dethmaShine
    Apr 30, 08:24 PM
    So now every time someone uses the word, Castle, Apple files a law suit :rolleyes:

    More trolling on this forum. Go! Go! :rolleyes:

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  • The site also said Jay-Z

  • DoNoHarm
    May 3, 03:52 AM
    What's in it for me? Seriously, the owner of Macrumors makes $100K plus off this site (so much that he quit his job AS A DOCTOR.) Why should I give blood just to glorify the name of his website & make him richer?

    What's in it for me?

    Soooo.... He should shut down this site and go back to being a doctor? Would THAT make you comfortable to donate blood? Does quitting his job make him ineligible to do further public health work?

    I'm having difficulty understanding your logic, unless.... You're jealous of him. That fits perfectly.

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  • don#39;t know son, Jay-Z kin.

  • Merthyrboy
    Dec 24, 07:10 AM
    Hopefully I'll be getting my 1981 4001 rickenbacker that I've saved for and the Christmas and birthday money. Snows like stopped the deliverys though :(

    Oct 19, 06:38 PM


    May 3, 03:25 AM
    I'm giving blood tomorrow - albeit in Norway :D

    Nov 20, 09:25 PM
    maybe they bought out the stock from BJ's who is dropping the sales after coscos got them or was it the other way around? i forget

    Nov 10, 11:04 PM
    :( I am unable to install wiretap. when I try to unstuff it, it asks to save some preinstall thing in a folder but it says that it already exists. I naturally say save, all three documents. It unpacks, but when i click on it, it tells me that it was unable to locate files. So i am lost at the moment.

    Apr 26, 03:40 AM
    "flash Page Flip converter" ( that is the most frequent answers I got for Mac OS. Look if it could help you.

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