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  • Rayyan
    01-06 07:07 AM
    Guys, Count me in for $100. Will contribute more if needed. I will mail the check during the weekend. Sorry guys for the delay....

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  • gsc999
    05-25 02:13 PM
    Here is my draft, any other thoughts, suggestions are welcome:

    Call to Action for all legal employment based prospective immigrants.
    Come and support us during our Advocacy Day event in Washington DC on Monday, June 7th and Tuesday, June 8th. You can show help by donating your time/money/others. Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

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  • belmontboy
    02-15 12:36 PM
    Can you please name those companies for the benefit of everyone...

    Isn't law abiding employers and visa abusers not enough to make a distinction???

    It has just started, wait for a couple of months. Then you will get a long list :D

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  • kbsyed61
    08-15 09:20 PM
    Applied for EAD extension on July 18-2008 (expiring on Sep, 2008), less than 90 days. Today (Aug 15, 2008) received an email saying "Current Status: Card production ordered." for self and wife. No idea whether it is 1 year or 2 year extension. APs are still spending.


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  • coopheal
    10-07 12:21 AM
    I second this. It will take 1 more year for USCIS just to come out of 2001 for EB3 I unless 5882 passes!

    What should be our next steps? How do we go to public media with big bang?

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  • am4gc
    10-11 01:37 PM
    Nov 2006 Employ-ment-Based
    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 15APR05 01JAN03 C C
    3rd 01JUL02 01JUL02 22APR01 08MAY01 01JUL02
    Workers 01OCT05 01OCT05 01OCT05 01OCT05 01OCT05
    Workers 01MAY01 01MAY01 01MAY01 01MAY01 01MAY01
    4th C C C C C
    Certain Religious Workers C C C C C
    5th C C C C C
    Targeted Employ-ment Areas/
    Regional Centers C C C C C


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  • frostrated
    07-02 01:02 PM
    That's why we couldn't solve all the admin related issues then. If we had significant volume, we could have had visa re-stamping done in USA and the list goes on.. Any ways, I don't mean to give numbers.. But as long as we are on the same page that volume speaks and we don't have enough at this point of time, I am good.

    We need a mass movement to make an impact. They need to get frustrated with the letters and will have to give a press statement that they are reviewing the matter. As long as we can do that. I think we can get DOJ attention. If 5K members send letters 10 times in 2 months, I have no issue, as long as we can annoy them with letters for justice..

    Maybe if we can repeat the flower campaign, and send the flowers with a note attached to the DoJ, they might get to notice it. Or, we can send the flowers to the president to appraise him of the issues that face us. What we do need to stress is the fact that dependents are being allocated immigrant visas that actually belong to the employed applicants, thereby creating a larger backlog. In effect, rather than 140K visas being issued to employed applicants, about 70K are being issued and the rest going to dependents. any thoughts?

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  • GC_2008
    09-20 01:29 PM
    Both Franklin and GooblyWoobly have a valid point, but let's not offend anyone on the forum. I see a trend on this forum where some people are trying to differentiate people who attended the rally and who did not. Should we divide the forum to 2 groups now? One being "attended" and the other "no show". It is totally childish... I contributed some money to IV as well since I believe in its effort, and I did not include that in my signature to say "contributed $$$". Do not take your frustration out on anyone 'cause you know other people have the same right... I am not a programmer but it is a endless loop...


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  • abhisam
    09-12 01:15 AM
    exactly my thought... you almost stole words from my mind :-)

    if i have to return to my country because of the immigration bs, it's this country's loss and the lender's loss - not mine. I did everything that I could... like an ideal citizen would do... and after all that if they want to kick me out, well then goodbye.

    Also one thought (on an unrelated note, sorry!) - I see a lot of people on the forum posting about how they finally got their GC's after 10, 12, 15 years. I am really happy for them. Having said that, its not a matter a pride that people have to wait for so long to get GC. In fact it's a matter of shame! And by the way before anyone pounces on me, I take care of all action items that IV recommends :-) I am just saying that I feel bad when people have to wait for 10-15 years for their GC. My opinion is (coming back to our discussion) - I base none of my decisions on my GC process. I bought a house, decided to take a student loan to go back to school, changed my job and hopefully if all goes well, may even take a promotion pretty soon. GC my kiss my you know what. The process will go on on the side, but it won't affect my life in anyway.

    Bottom line - whateva whateva, I do what I want! (for any South Park fans here)... haha..

    Sorry about blabbering! Chao!

    I have just kept GC out of the equation for anything I do in my life. Buying a house was a personal choice and I could afford one - so just went ahead and did it. If I have to leave the country for good due to some immigration related bs, my lender can suck it up :D

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  • gulute
    11-17 12:57 PM
    ... And got a red dot! see the comment:
    Gultu, what's wrong with you? Are also one of them (blood sucker)? shame on you!!!

    Why don't you come out form hiding and post this ???

    Started this thread with 2 green dots, and so far I have 3 red dots . . .

    Since you have negotiated 70:30 before joining, you must have agreed to paying H1b Fee. And yours is an H1 transfer and you new how this business works and signed the contract!

    Read this post:

    Now what are you complaining when you knew how this system works?


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  • ramus
    06-28 02:17 PM
    They have stopped issuing intrim EAD from local office.

    According to this from Murthy:

    Generally, one may apply for an interim EAD card, if the EAD application has been pending more than 90 days if there is not an unanswered Request for Evidence (RFE) on an I-140, I-485, or I-765 that is pending with the USCIS for the applicant. The interim EAD may be obtained at a local USCIS office. To obtain an interim EAD, two USCIS-specified photographs and the 485 and EAD receipt notices are needed.

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  • ivslave
    09-11 04:27 PM


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  • jayz
    07-02 01:28 AM
    You can find the link on the US Consulate website for Mumbai, under appointment information.

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  • FinalGC
    09-08 12:05 PM
    I believe sanju is right to a certain extant. However, I believe it depends upon how much of a close relationship you have established with your clients or per say other clients. Have you done good networking...check out LinkedIn, if not. I can guarantee that if you were to go could easily ask for at least 110-130/hr, however you may not be able to get the $180/hr, since the companies like IBM, Accenture, Deloitte have an established brand name.

    This is something these firms have developed over the years. You will be competing your skills and your relationships versus their combined skillsets and knowledge database, their legal backings, their relationships (not just money) and their history. People are ready to pay for a Cadillac because it is a brand name, while for a Ford they willl not pay that much money.

    The key is the relationship and the trust that your client will have with you, rather than your current company....if your company has a bigger and better relationship, you will have a herculean task of removing that and replace that with yours, by proving that you are worth the money. Once you establish the brand name and expertise and the legal too could get may be $140 or so, but will never be able to reach the $180 level.......This is the industry.


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  • adhantari
    07-30 04:49 PM
    Let the BS(brain storming) begin......................:D

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  • akv123
    07-15 12:29 AM
    It is discouraging to see this thread - it is surprising to see the understanding of 'g(G)andhigiri' we have - no tolerance, no forgiveness for the mistake! Shame on us.


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  • hebbar77
    05-02 12:36 AM
    hahaha...good one belmont boy

    Yes my note was for humor.
    But to answer questions :

    out of all useful land , I guess africa has lots of uninhabited land!, so someone would not mind selling! Its not to offend anyone. I have great respect for africans, being aware that we come from them!
    Me being an indian upper class guy, and this OBC thing going on back home, I dont think I belong to that country that much, where me/my children will be discreminated against!!!
    So dont you guys now think we need our OWN country???

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  • dummgelauft
    03-17 11:39 AM
    I have an Idea, instead of all of us spending time in making useless predictions, why not engage an astrologer from India, pay him a few hundred dollars, create him an account and have him run the "Bulletin Patra" (Like Janam Patra) every month?

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  • snehaledu
    04-16 12:26 PM
    And the point of this entire thread is?????
    Start investing money in India.
    r u IV Policeman? Can I see your badge?

    04-19 08:24 AM
    Thanks for the link, planets !
    Tarikh pe tarikh, tarikh pe tarikh........... :(

    haha !! Totally agree! Nothing is going to happen

    04-13 10:12 PM
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