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  • mrsr
    08-10 06:44 PM
    Exactly, they are entering at least 5 thousand cases every day from last one week.but still we donot get our strange!

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  • dealsnet
    01-07 09:17 AM
    Go to Airport for a defferred inspection. They will correct it. Many people here got it corrected. Don't waste time here for answer thomacha.........

    Anybody who had an I94 issued only till the validity of the visa and not until the I-797? At the POE the guy simply wouldn't understand when I tried to explain to him that I have an extension (797) valid from 4/10 t0 4/11. He gave me an I94 only until 4/10. I read that people go for deffered inspection and get it corrected. Anybody who did that in a similar situation active in IV now? Any suggestions on how to proceed? do you go to the nearest international airport or an off-airport location?

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  • sam_hoosier
    01-19 03:51 PM
    Technically, it is the date when LC application is received by USCIS. Most of the time, it is the same as filing date but not always.

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  • a_yaja
    03-28 06:41 PM
    If the employer agrees not to revoke the 140, Can I change the employer after getting EAD. 485 application is pending but less than 180 days.

    My project is getting over, and it seems hard to find a h1b job.

    pls advice

    When did you file for I-485? Your profile says priority date is Dec-07 for EB2/ India. That date was never current.


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  • rmo518
    04-13 11:58 AM
    Congratulations everyone! Thanks to the judges and the voters too!

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  • vjw2
    01-16 04:21 PM
    hello all,
    Has anyone in Charlotte, NC got a extension on the Driver's license on the basis on the H1-B renewal application receipt.

    My spouse's driver's license expires this month end. I have applied for h1-b/h4 renewal, yet to receive the application receipt.But wanted to know if anyone here in Charlotte,NC got a extension/grace (30days or 90days) on the basis of the receipt.


    I have a similar situation. My NC license is expiring and I am not sure if i will get the H1 renewal in time. Were you able to get it extened with the application receipt?

    Thanks for your help.


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  • stemcell
    12-26 01:45 PM
    Does the bill have provisions to increase residency positions ? I heard few months back about hard lobbying to increase the match positions by 15000 to accomodate new patients because of the mandate. Any idea?


    Havent seen any increase in residency positions.
    I dont think the bill addresses the 'real' issues that are plaguing health care in this country.

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  • minimalist
    10-11 09:53 AM
    HI Folks

    The reason for this post is as usual- too much confusion and no clear answers. i read on oh law firm that if you are not in a non-immigrant status i.e are working on EAD, there should be no gap in your EAD while you are working. Meanin you should stop working if your current EAD expires and your new EAD is pending- otherwise its a violation of law and provisions of 245 do not protect you because technically you are NOT a non-immigrant.

    Is that true?????

    Now, i recently had to go to India for an emergency, and had to come back on AP- did not have time to get my H1b visa stamped. I asked at the immigration counter if my H1b is invalidated and he told me it is. I spoke to my lawyer and she told me if you resume your H1b employment with the same employer- you are back in status- i kinda did not buy that though.

    Can someone please shed light. My concern is that my EAD is expired- new one is pinding. Although i was on h1b when i left for India, but came back using AP. Am i breaking a law by working??


    If you resume the job you were doing before you left, you do not need EAD. If you switch employment, then you have to use EAD.


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  • India76
    03-01 09:21 PM
    :confused: Hello All,

    I am preparing documents to send to my parents for Visitors Visa.
    My Question: If lets say my parents go to the US Embassy sometime in March and if their visa get stamped for lets say for 2 months. When that 2 months time start? is it going to start from the day their visa got stamped or when they get I-94 card at US airport?

    Thanks for your advice in advance.

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  • samcam
    10-27 05:00 PM
    Could you share information about your attorney?

    I paid $350 to my attorney. However there is no filing fee.


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  • kk_kk
    09-20 01:56 PM
    yes. you can. Just DON'T cancel. Keep them suspended. You have your utilities also suspended in the same way for much lesser fee.

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  • aug2007
    05-23 08:45 PM
    My wife was on H4. Her VISA and I94 are expired. I'm still on H1 (valid). Our 485 applications are pending. We have valid EAD cards but not using them. Can I apply for my wife's SSN using the EAD Card + I485 Receipt? Or does she need to have valid I-94 along with the EAD to apply for SSN? Does she need SSN to work on EAD?


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  • ksvreg
    04-06 02:35 PM
    Yes, The VISA page is readable. But I am not sure if it is readable by machines electronically in case if there is any invisible damage to it. Does it must be readable by electronic machines too?

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  • gctoolong
    12-06 08:33 AM
    Code 1 is FP check (FBI)
    Code 2 only biometrics for plastic GC
    Code 3 - both FP check (FBI) and biometrics for plastic GC

    hope this helps


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  • neeidd
    03-01 01:27 PM

    I had applied for my wife through paper and they did not ask for her fingerprints. I had applied for mine through efiling and they did ask for fingerprints. I was not in town on the day that they had asked me to be at the service center. So I requested a later date. Lo and behold one fine day I got my EAD approved without any fingerprints. Don't ask my how it was approved but that is the case.

    Please enter the details of your Green Card application in your profile.
    Thanks for the reply. I updated my profile

    So which one is faster to get approved? E-filing or Paper based (If you consider yours vs your wife) ?

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  • canmt
    11-14 07:43 AM

    My I-485 status changed to below. I did not receive any email from USCIS regarding the update. Is this normal?

    Current Status: Card production ordered.

    we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

    I have not received the card as yet, any ideas as to how long it is going to take?


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  • bigboy007
    07-28 10:54 PM
    Everyone wants to get to news... There are many options BUT h1 or L1 i have seen IT companies doing those when H1 are dried out...

    but Phaneesh is "he" ( the one quoted in the article not Shiela) anyways chill out... :)

    BTW Murthy is not he.

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  • solaris27
    03-14 08:52 AM
    your brother have 2 year left in his engg , ask him to keep these prrof and if possible letter from collage .

    he should be okay .

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  • willIWill
    01-12 03:11 PM

    I believe you should be okay if you were not employed during that period. Remember the green card is for future employment.

    But for the best advice check with an Attorney before you proceed to the interview and be prepared for questions regarding the gap.

    Hope all works out for you.

    11-16 08:10 AM

    Is there a time limit to transfer a H1-B visa ? If the previous company revokes the H1-B visa how long do we have or is the H1-B canceled at that point ? Please let me know at your earliest.


    I think it is 2 weeks. Also confirm the same with the lawyer.

    01-28 09:15 AM
    If waiting for decades is not considered backlogged, don't know what it should be called!

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