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  • sachuin23
    04-21 01:20 PM
    if its a 10 year visa...i doubt there should be a concern about visa renewal.
    Hopefully in 10 years you have GC and USC :)
    But to answer your question...as long as you are not overstaying the 6 months there should be no legal issues. Ofcourse there is no such guarantee as it is upto the visa issuing officer's discretion

    Thanks ! Thats what I thought , but wanted to confirm with senior members.

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  • rongha_2000
    05-04 02:12 PM
    I've been having similar thoughts for quite some time. Whether I should move back to india which is a one way street or continue here waiting to get my GC, citizenship etc.

    Here is my analysis of the situation without considering the emotional parameters involved

    1) India is currently on a fast track to development thanks for the IT industry. There are a lot of jobs and salaries are sky rocketting. A lot of people in India are living a life in India which we can only dream of here in the US.
    2) BUT I also read about the growing cost of conducting business in India. Definitely with salaries increasing by leaps and bounds, rupee appreciating against the dollar, high taxes and infrastucture cost has already got companies thinking about their businesses in India.
    3) Many are thinking of moving to southeast asian countries like Singapore, malaysia, phillipines, even China.
    4) Even if they dont move out I am not sure if the current trend in salaries will continue. It will definitely correct itself in next 3-4 years. Companies would tend to hire more fresh graduates than hiring experienced personnel.
    4) I am not sure with all these developments how would things be in India in next few years. If I move to india and then have to move to these south east asian countries then why not be in US and ride out this turbulent period.

    but then if you include the emotional factors in this equation it totally changes everything.

    As of now at least I am confused about what to do but I guess every first generation that moves out of their home town has to go through the same thought process, only the immigration to US is complicating things further.

    What will happen next is something for time to tell...!!

    Good luck to all of us and may god help us all to make correct decisions.

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  • number30
    10-04 08:27 AM
    Children can apply for OCI once they become 18 years. Until that time PIO has to be used unless one of the parents becomes a citizen meanwhile

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  • ganguteli
    07-02 12:33 PM
    To make an impact, we need in the order of 50,000 to 100,000 letters with their personal US address on it. Anything less doesn't hold any water..
    Are you kidding me. Nobody will write personal address on a letter. Even if they write one, it will be a fake address. and forget 50-100 thousand letters. Even IV members are not that many. Have you ever wondered where all the applicants are when we say there are 500 thousand or 1 million backlog?


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  • GreenCard4US
    03-10 07:56 PM
    Hope my small donation helps. I am encouraging my friends to contribute.
    Receipt number for this payment is: 2553-5233-6038-5007

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  • iprakashmails
    03-01 10:42 AM
    Hi Buddies,

    I got the offer from GTSS inc NY for H1B, is that a good company? how do they treat their employees, Please reply its urgent.



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  • villamonte6100
    04-09 06:32 PM
    i'll break my word for one last piece of advice for my sensistive friend:

    "The very reason why we join this forum so that we can, as whole, say something that may influence the law makers of this country to change the existing laws so that our problem with GC will be resolve."

    no lawmaker is bothering to read this silly thread. Please stop dreaming. if you want to influence, go meet them! that remain's iv's official word on the matter too...see the meet the lawmaker campaign. and if you already have...you have my respect, you are too good in that case to waste your time complaining about this stuff.

    Probably, that's the reason why most lawmaker ignore us because of these comments. For them, we are aliens. We are not their contituents. And I think these country centric comments makes it worse.

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  • javaconsultant
    02-04 12:07 AM
    I signed up for recurring contribution for IV for 20/month.
    Guys and Gals--------pls contribute to IV as much you can.Even little amount would help it....its our only hope to get out this GC mess.


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  • knnmbd
    04-03 12:39 PM
    You can not ignore some one just because they have a different opinion, and YES I do have the exact same interest as all of you on the forum. There are many ways to slide and dice an issue and this is just my take on it. I am not trying to turn this into a ugly thread but just voicing my concerns, so no offense to any one.

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  • Aah_GC
    07-09 11:49 AM
    How are you trying to locate your record? Do you have your case number handy? Employer details, priority date - all that helped me find mine (rather helped me narrow it down).

    I downloaded the 2004 file as you said and searched it, but could not find any information about my labor. Do you think the labor apps processed by backlog centers are in a separate file???


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  • javadeveloper
    12-31 04:22 PM
    You are absolutely right, It�s nature and as you said and I quote �nature created nature which is created by nature and so on...�

    And for some people to which you call �nature� they call it �God�

    Just different terminology, they do the prayer of nature (for some its God) and they never judge the acts of nature (God).

    I feel comfortable with these words "Nature Bless everyone" ,Not with the words like "God Bless everyone".

    May be As a Hindu I'll start visualizing Shiva/Vishnu/brahma/Rama/Krishna etc.. when someone says "GOD" .For Christians they may start visualizing Jesus and Allah for Muslims.

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  • hindu_king
    05-29 03:55 PM
    What are the chances of this bill getting passed? 10% or less? When is this bill going to be voted on? one good thing is Sen Kennedy is one of the co-sponsors and he's got some pull in the congress.


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  • jkamel5
    06-06 01:16 AM
    I am on H1B visa and I am working. My wife is currently on F-1/OPT. We are both in the USA. Could you please advise me what is the required documents/steps to apply for her for H4 visa?
    Thank you,

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  • gcappl
    04-19 12:49 PM
    Obama - YOU LIE


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  • meridiani.planum
    08-23 03:00 PM
    April 2004

    Once you login you should have been able to vote... are the options grayed out for you?

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  • ocpmachine
    10-15 11:11 AM

    I efiled my AP on 9/5/10 @NSC and it was approved today after requesting expediting on 10/5/10 based on financial loss, I have a business transaction back home for which i need to be present and provided all supporting documentation related to that.

    This is what is think is more effective than contacting senators/Ombudsman for expediting, resend all the I-131 supporting documentation,proof of emergency/loss, 2 photos and include a cover letter with bold colorful fonts requesting expediting to the same address you sent your app earlier (btw, i used the USCIS center courier address and not PO Box address), i believe this way your app goes to the officer quicker and he has all the documents needed to approve your case right away if you qualify for expediting, i have used this process more than once and know it works at least for me....you have tried other methods, why not try this as well!

    Good Luck!


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  • Canadian_Dream
    10-12 04:37 PM
    Thanks for clarification. I still disagree with you. Media outlets do measure the intensity of the issue but not by amount of SPAM they receive in e-mails. From my personal experince in talking to a journalist, if you send them an e-mail regarding the issue they have published they will definitely defend their point or refute yours and may even look at the issue from your point of view but in all cases they will reply. Now if you want to bring an issue to their attention all you need is take their article and simply put your perspective on it. It will have a far greater impact if it comes as a collective voice of an Organisation such as IV. That's why I originally questioned our approach of spaming them by sending 1000's of e-mail with the same issue. It doesn't bring much to the table. Right ? That's precisely the reason why all organisations have a media relations person who represents the collective view of the entire organization and manage the press releases and all contacts with media.

    Any idea how many emails news media outlets recieve? Do you remember the emails Jim Carey reads in Bruce Almighty? he hee .. Some thing of that sort, if not of that magnitude. By sending more emails, we are making the media cognizant of the fact that its not one person but hundreds of thousands of people. Also, these emails are mostly read by interns and they sort them( In big outlets atleast) The more the emails on same issue from diff people with diff body with same bottom line story gives us a better chance. Do I make sense?

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  • luckysiri
    04-14 09:03 PM
    Thanks you all for the responses and help. We are searching for employers who can help me out in the situation. Most of them are thinking twice bcoz I am pregnant and have to take maternity leave within a 2- 3 weeks.

    Which will be the good option for me in this situation H1 transfer or EAD? I have EAD in hand, but never used. I like to maintain the status of H1-B as long as time permits. My husband is going to get health information next week once he joined in the job.

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  • vivache
    09-25 07:13 PM
    I agree with both the ideas.
    In fact the idea of the banner with 'Waiting for X years' is fantastic ..
    That would be an amazing sight where everyone holds placards that say since when they have been waiting.
    If it's even 400 people .. we have 400 people saying look we've been waiting since 5,7 or 9 years.

    It's also important to get in heavyweights like either local folks like Google HR head or any public face. Google has always supported the Immigration issues .. since they have problems because they couldn't hire folks when the h1 lottery happenned.

    04-15 12:31 PM
    Well, last year i was in a similar situation too ,actually worse than yours.My project ended in February '08.Then i went to India for 4 months. After i got back , my employer refused to pay for my health inssurance.I opted for COBRA and was paying 1200$ for my family , with my husband and child listed as dependants.I attended several interviews,while I was expecting my second child . Though its against the law, many were skeptical in employing me as a consultant during this time. I was very lucky to get a full time offer using my EAD, where my health coverage started after 60 days .All this time, without a project , i was paying through my nose for the health insurance using COBRA.

    Ofcourse, i never bothered to inform my employer about my new employement.(Do i need to??)One fine day, i get an update on my H1 application , that the case has been reopened for review , and i get to know through my employer that he has CANCELLED my H1(got a 3 year extension based an approved I140).He did not give me chance to transfer it, inspite of me working rather slogging for 4 years , during which he shamelessly took the overtime money i earned as part of the billing.Though, i feel cheated,used etc etc.... but i did nothing. What could i have done?
    All through my journey in this GC process, i have had bitter experiences with desi employers.Though i've been in this country for 10 long years, i am still sitting waiting for my GC with the PD of Dec '05!! The previous employer, said he was filing my GC under EB2 but actually used EB3. And he also was willing to 'sell me my labor' for 12k!!!!! when i requested for retaining the PD. I coulddo nothing..
    I am not writing all this to vent my anger but to make you think that there could be other worse things happening to us.

    Also can somebody educate me on the 'stimulus' ,please?(pardon my ignorance)


    09-25 09:25 PM
    sure .. have sent you a pm

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