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    The long bob is a cut that was grew out of the typical bob. The hair is left long and cut typically just above the shoulders. Bangs are also left long bending into the bob or cut a little longs then the bob for depth.

    The bob remains a hot hairstyle for 2011, in fact, it's so hot that many actresses and singers are cutting off their long locks for chin-grazing bobs and the longer "demi-bobs" or long bobs. 
    This season's bob has a bit of edge to it. The hot bobs for 2011 are messy, a bit tousled but they all end at the chin or just below it, like Keira's here. Add in blunt bangs or fringe for a really edgy look. 

    So who can wear the bob? Anyone with a nice jawline and neck will look good in a bob. If you have a round face, a long bob is a better option for you (see below). As for hair texture, bobs work best on thin to medium hair. Stay away from short hair if you have curly hair, a bob will only puff out on you. 

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    There are a variety of hairstyles available to choose from but that doesn't necessarily mean they all suit the new hairstyles trends. Hairstyles trends just as fashion trends change from season to season, as the perfect look is obtained through the help of a multitude of matching details, which include hairstyles, makeup as well as a trendy-chic fashion style. Hairstyles play a top role in this matter so they should be given a bit of extra attention.
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