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  • venram
    02-10 01:49 AM
    My passport is expiring in March. I live in NY metro . Does anyone knows the procedure to renew the passport while in the USA. Please share your experience.

    Its very easy and simple. Go to NY Indian Embassy web site and follow the procedure/process to renew passport. It takes about 1-2 weeks, after you mail the old passport along with other documents, for Indian Embassy to process and mail you back the new passport. Good Luck!

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  • amsgc
    01-14 12:08 PM
    Friend of your's needs to carefully look at that page of the passport again.

    One of the following would be corssed out (or marked deleted)

    (1) ECR: Emigration Check Required (for all countries except Bangladesh, Pak, North America and Europe)

    (2) Emigration Check NOT Required.

    If ECNR is not deleted, then there is no problem. If it is delted, there is still no problem in coming to the US (In my passport, ECNR was deleted, and I had no problem in leaving India for the US).

    If ECR is not deleted, then emigration check is required only if you are travelling to countries that are not in the list of exceptions in (1).


    Friend of mine has got H1B1 visa stamped now. But we just found out that on his passport ECNR is not deleted. ECNR is still required there.

    Can you guys help us to understand what this is? Do we need to remove ECNR before he travel to UR? He has BE (Mech).

    When I came to US my ECNR was deleted and I am also graduate.

    Your help appreciated.


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  • yabadaba
    06-30 03:05 PM
    250 words in the body of the thread. It can't be one liners.

    That will explain why and what A thread is for. Otherwise, members will be scatching their heads and will show no further interest.
    factory man i tried to be as detailed as possible. please give me ur suggestion and i ll change it accordingly

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  • flyingmonkey456
    06-30 02:46 AM
    i'll pay you 10 bucks to eat it :P


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  • kirupa
    10-27 10:37 PM
    Did anyone else try converting this to plaintext before realizing it was random?
    I was about to try to decipher it before you just mentioned that haha.

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  • immidude
    06-08 05:07 PM
    I dont know that until i got RFE (and the attachment of RFE has details)


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  • gc28262
    07-28 11:10 PM
    The author of that article is a Piece of S**T. Google about that guy - then you would know. He is an anti-immigrant

    Computerworld is an anti-immigrant publication.

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    06-03 09:10 PM
    should I get a white cat or black cat
    I want to avoid me being racist on cats.

    No wait, it can be better..
    My friend wants to buy a cat which one should he get black or white.

    Get a zebra.

    No wait. Tell your friend to get a Zebra.


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  • bbhargava
    10-16 08:10 PM
    Here's the situation
    EAD valid till sept. 2009,
    797 valid till Dec. 2010
    MBA program finishes end 2011
    Has anyone been in the same situation where applying for a private student loan has been denied since the 797/EAD expires before the course is complete.
    Working full time right now. What are the options?

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  • willgetgc2005
    05-06 03:56 PM
    OK. Thanks. Doyou know hwomuch this will delay the approval. I mean the fact that orginal is not sent and we have only a copy.

    I think you can apply for I-140 with a copy. As far as I know, you cannot use premium processing though.


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  • sushilup
    10-23 08:35 AM
    Hello Guys,

    I never received FP notice and got EAD/AP almost three weeks back. Is there a need to worry? or just wait..

    My application reached to texas..they transfered to issued the EAD/AP and senta transfer notice for 485 to nebraska..didn't hear anything from nebraska..

    thank you

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  • mmcmichael
    01-24 05:40 PM
    Yes, It seams to be executing the code and inserting the variables correctly. I also ran ran the microsoft net monitor. I see the first instance of each button pushed but subsequent pushes are not sending the http requests.


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  • arsh007
    06-18 05:41 PM

    I am going to apply for i-485,
    i have birth certificate which is taken in 2005 but I was born in 1974
    some of my friends are you are born in 1974 and as your
    birth certificate was taken in yr 2005, it might cause problems (ins poseses query)
    to get the green card.
    Is it right?
    They are saying me to get Affidivits + non availability certificate now.
    will it be a problem if I put my birth certificate....while applying for 485


    Your friends are correct. U can avoid RFE in I-485 by using affidavits.

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  • kirupa
    02-17 02:57 AM
    Hey psychman,
    You need to assign your rotatetransform to your object's transformgroup. It's a bit convulted and I wish it were easier, but here is how you can accomplish this for an element called blueSquare:

    private int currentAngle = 0;
    private void RotateSquare(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    RotateTransform rotateTransform = new RotateTransform();
    currentAngle += 45;

    rotateTransform.Angle = currentAngle;

    TransformGroup transformGroup = new TransformGroup();

    blueSquare.RenderTransform = transformGroup;



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  • maneris
    04-07 03:20 PM
    What abt Medical RFEs ? Are they sent only when your dates are current ?

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  • GCBy3000
    08-01 08:50 PM
    What is interesting in this? This is not interesting, this is published guideline from USCIS. But the outcome is not guaranteed to get an EAD.


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  • mallikonnet
    07-07 09:22 PM
    My H1-B is expiring in December 2007. I have approved I-140 now and am hoping to get 3 year H1-B extension based on my approved I-140. Do you think I can get 3 year extension even if the visa numbers for filing AOS is current? Does AC21 apply to this case? Please suggest.

    yes you can extend h1b with out any problems

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  • martinvisalaw
    07-13 03:09 PM
    It's hard to answer your question without more details, such as your current status. Company B can definitely file a new H-1B for you. Your current status will dictate whether you "need" to tell them about the earlier filing. However, having a prior petition filed might not have any negative impact, so you probably don't need to be nervous about telling Co. B.

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  • FredG
    April 3rd, 2004, 03:10 AM
    Looks like you're honing your PS skills on the b/w-color combo. Nice work.

    Extremely Easy Rectangle Tool Question [Archive] - kirupaForum

    View Full Version : Extremely Easy Rectangle Tool Question

    10-13 12:28 AM
    How do I get a black border around a box I make using the rectangle tool in Photoshop 6.0? I know there is an easy way to do so, since I see it so often. Did I accidently turn that off, as in, it originally is there, or do I have to toggle something? :q:

    09-18 10:02 PM
    Disclaimer: I'm not an immigration attroney, so consult one for your situations as laws and filing procedures are changing constantly.

    most companies do the same (stop paying for H4) after initial yrs of working with them. i think they have to pay for H1 but i dont think for H4. it is easier to file the extension for H4 visa along with H1, i think it will be like 3-4 pages. i think it is somewhere around 200 for H4 (but fees changes often. check USCIS website).

    send the I-539 filled and signed application to the company (with payment/reqd documents) and ask them to file both at the same time so that H4 will be approved when H1 is approved. goodluck:)

    My company has just changed the rules. From now they are unwilling to pay the costs incurred in the visa extensions for the spouse.
    Is this legal? Does anyone have any links etc that I can pass on to HR if this is illegal. Thanks.

    03-01 06:16 PM
    I would return home to Canada. I am not sure of the immigration policies in India :)

    Could you point me to chapter and verse from some official DOL or USCIS website?


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