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  • rcr_bulk
    10-31 01:50 PM
    I renewed my passport under tatkal this month. I mailed application overnight on Thursday and Monday got a call from Houston that Money Order attached is less 50 than actual. I mailed balance next day overnight, it reached them on Wednesday and got my passport after 4 business days.

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  • willigetgc?
    01-14 12:23 PM
    A lot can be achieved, if all members honestly contact and meet and talk with the staff of the lawmakers in their town.

    The problem with the EB Community/ IV members is that we think that going and talking with our lawmakers is not going to help. Or, we are under the impression that all politicians generally know everything about us and are just unwilling to do anything about it for political reasons.

    The truth is that 90% of lawmakers and their staff have no clue that there are thousands backlogged and stuck in this process for a decade.

    It is our job to educate, bring our issues to light and keep pressure on them to bring/cosponsor or vote for a meaningful bill that will allievate our problems.

    When I visited my local congresswoman's office the first time in 2007- The staff was actually shocked to hear that I have done all the right paperwork and being employed and stuck for 5 years.

    Over the years, I have met them many times and educated them about the issues and build a relationship. And yet, many times the staff wonders if there are really thousands of people like me affected, how is it that there is just me that is visiting them and talking about it.

    Remember there are 435 house representatives and 100 senators. Each one of you are within driving distance (40 minutes) to a office of a rep.

    You are absolutely right!
    Many lawmakers are not aware of the problems with high skilled legal immigrants. It happened with my Rep. To them, fixing immigration means - doing something about illegal immigrants - whether it is to send them back or to give them a path to gc/citizenship.

    They asked me about how many legal high skilled immigrants are stuck in the state, and why is it that they are not voicing their concerns. As I did not have the statistics of how many legal hs immigrants were in the state, I told them that they were in a better position to get the information from the USCIS than I was. They nodded, and I have met with them many more times after that, and I ask if they have the statistic - they are yet to seek it from the USCIS. Its just me and my spouse visiting this office, so there is no urgency, or need for them to push themselves to find or act on it.......

    Unless, there is united messaging throughout the country, our voices will only be feeble and gets drowned out by others who are speaking loud.

    I started a thread about making meeting with lawmakers a priority this year, just a couple posted about meeting. That shows where we are in terms of advocating for the changes that will benefit us........
    Just my thoughts..

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  • ajay
    03-30 06:54 AM
    I am looking for accommodation too.....lemme know if u still have room.

    I see that people are still looking for accommodation....I stay in the NoVA area around 20 miles from DC. I am willing to host people at my home. Please let me know.

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  • voicerj
    05-05 06:59 AM
    Finally, done

    PD: June 7th 2006
    SC: Texas
    I-485 Status: Card Production Ordered
    LUID: 05/04/2011

    Thank you all IV friends.

    One question,

    Yesterday I sent my EAD renewel application. should put stop payment on check or should I call USCIS.



    And ALAS ! MC got it. Congrats dude ! Hope you will still remain on the forum to help others


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  • achiever2001
    01-20 11:16 AM
    From the heading of the topic, i thought it was somebody venting out frustration and so did not visit it, till my wife told me about it today.

    Best of luck

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  • realizeit
    05-15 12:49 PM
    It would be great if IV moderators can setup an automated WebFax to all these Congressmen (in CHC) that all members of IV can utilize. I am waiting for a feature like that.

    We should use a standard template with a standard message which will get appended with the contact information of the IV member who sends that.

    Also, pass whatever cost for this feature to the IV member who is sending the fax. You can count two adults from my family who are ready to pay for such an effort.

    Only if we setup something like that, we could achieve responses in massive numbers. We need to make sure that the effort from an individual IV member remains minimal even if it costs 20-40 dollars. That way, we can increase the number of fax submissions.

    Waiting to see such a facility. Please let me know, how I can help with this effort.

    One time Contribution: 100
    Recurring Contribution: 50


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  • tonyHK12
    02-14 11:36 AM
    Yes members can contact their lawyers and other sites to put this information up.
    To add to what Pappu said, some of them might think we are competing for website hits and advertisement. t.

    Thought I'll add to this - There are many immigration and lawyer sites out there.
    Most free forums would like to increase hits, by spreading misleading information and having a paid member incite arguments, spread rumors - the popular porting one, or India, China, ROW one, to generate more hits. thats how they make money.
    Its time for people to look beyond all that and do the only real thing that works - That is meeting law makers.
    One of the best ways to do this is Direclty in Washington DC.

    This is our only real chance until 2013.

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  • k_usa
    08-05 06:28 PM
    I am just wondering do they assign it to officer when dates are not current ?

    It seems yes, because if you look at , the approvals started from July 21st.

    What matters is if it is assigned to an IO, at what position is your file...


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  • srmeka
    08-06 09:19 AM
    Congratulations to all those are getting greened and good luck to those waiting.

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  • priderock
    06-14 05:37 PM
    This whole process has never been fair and I don't think it ever will be (at least in near future). Just have to suck it up and move on !!! I have seen it long enough to say this.


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  • pappu
    01-13 09:19 PM
    well red and green u dont have to be so harsh.. a desi is willing to tell and share his success lets listen.. i know its pretty difficult to outsmart the people who have invested thousand of hours .
    last 4 yr of study tells me there is money to make , fastest way to make money..you have to make sure its safe..
    so i will like the idea of a yahoo group... i have spend almost 4yr * 2 to 3 hrs daily.. didnt make much money at all... but i can honestly tell you there is lot of oppurtunity here.. as long as you can spend time and be patient.. read stockbee blog its a good start.

    i like to hear trading strategy from anyone who is doing good..as long as they dont start selling snake oil..

    We can create a small area within IV forums for people to share knowledge on various non immigration subjects. What do you think?

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  • Caliber
    07-14 11:43 AM
    Show your commitment by contributing to IV. Meet law makers.

    This is what I said in an earlier post. Whatever you do, the help is being swept towards EB2. The more you put efforts, the more EB2I gets help. To help others, I also need some oxygen.

    I sent you a PM the day before yesterday.


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  • hello
    02-03 02:20 PM

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  • pappu
    01-06 01:42 AM
    Thank you everyone for all the hardwork and support. The membership drive is going great!


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  • punjabi
    05-06 11:08 AM

    Opened on May 3rd, it was an email ... whats intersting about the mail is time stamp on mail is 12:56 PM (may 5th), but got the mail around 10 PM (may 5th)

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  • a_yaja
    05-04 10:27 PM
    Got CPO email for both my spouse and myself. Details:
    I Labor: June 2004
    Quit company in 2005 Sept
    II Labor: May 2006
    I-485: July 2007
    Got current twice after that but no luck with GC

    Finally greened on 5/4/2011

    Did not get any RFE. Last SLUD was Sept. 2010. No activity after that. And today got the CPO emails and SMS messages.


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  • Macaca
    01-19 04:07 PM
    I'll do the best as I can to spread the message.

    Please stay in touch regularly and let us know if something needs to be done.

    We really don't have that much time. The issues should start coming up next month. We have to work on contributions now.


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  • BharatPremi
    10-15 03:36 PM
    Thanks for your prompt reply! I think CP filers would be around 5%. Atleast in my organization, in July, 70 people filed 485 and I am the only CP applicant!

    So you will be on H1 till conclusion. Best Luck.

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  • subba
    12-13 04:30 PM
    It would be good to see a count of # of members on the homepage.
    This way people can get a feel for how much progress we are making against
    Dec 31 goal.

    05-09 03:42 PM
    what is that package about?

    08-05 11:37 AM
    Naa.. Lots of people including me never received CPO email. For such instances, CPO email will take a while (may be an issue with expired Biometrics..etc). The wait continues for some more time to see the actual cards in the mail. There is a dedicated thread on this issue on .

    There is no consistency with USCIS' process (or at least none that we can infer). For me and my wife, we only received the CPO emails. We haven't received any emails or updates that they have sent us a notice about registering us an Perm Residents...

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