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  • chanduv23
    07-10 09:49 AM
    Do you know if one is better than the murthy is better than rajeev khanna .....Basically who has more experience and success handling AC21 and MTR cases...I spoke to one of the murthy attorneys and they seemed to be good... but again I donot have any personal experience... Is Rajeev khanna better than murthy

    No idea. It is difficult to judge them. All Attorneys are out there to get money and there is only so much to Immigration law.

    Immigration Law is not all about courts and cases and judges, immigration lawyers are just like "consulting agents" - all they do is proper paperwork and are certified to provide immigration services.

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  • rockstart
    08-04 08:53 AM
    I dont think USCIS is thinking that way. They are just picking a stack of application ( mix of all EB1 2 3 for all nationalities) and validating the applications to see if anything is missing or if there are potential reasons to deny it. If they can deny it they will do it promptly and that is one less case to be shown as pending. If they need additional info they will issue RFE and get updates. If they feel satisfied they can pre-adjudicate application and claim that count in their yearly review as acheivement.

    well my view is that it is not that obvious !! say someone is in EB3-I with a priority date of 2004 or EB2-I with a PD of 2006 / 2007 - what would USCIS do ?
    these are not the low hanging cases (as opposed to EB2 with PD of 2004 or EB3 with PD of 2001) ..or in other words - there is less chance that they will become current soon that case, does USCIS close the case and put the file away or will they still pre-adjudicate ??
    (I am not as informed -- since I have not read the article in detail ..and hence my post is more of a question ...)

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  • gc_chahiye
    10-05 01:22 PM
    I don't think they mean to say that High tech workers are illegal. They say that their poll indicates Republican voters who earn more than $75000 would like a candidate who opposes illegal immigration. Atleast, that is the way I read it.

    They have to say they oppose illegal immigration because it is the WSJ. Republicans read it and they like bashing the illegals and it increases circulation.

    no that makes no sense. There is absolutely no need to mention illegals in that paragraph where they are talking about high-skilled immigrants. There is no one (well except Bernie Sanders and Tom Tancredo) who is against high-skilled immigrants. Hard to find a line against our cause, so they lump in a line about illegals? Thats plain stupid.

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  • franklin
    08-22 07:06 PM
    First your PD has to be current for USCIS to look into your RD.

    Not quite, as I understand it, if your PD is not current, your AOS will continue processing and will eventually get to a "approved, pending visa number" state. You can pretty much be in this state for some time, and then when PD does become current (as happened from May through July this year with the significant shift in PDs in the bulletins) there will be a massive approval rate of all those pending applications.

    USCIS doesn't stop the application process just because your PD is no longer current

    This is how USCIS got through 60k unused visas in a staggeringly short time. There were a LOT of applications that were ready to go, they were just waiting for those numbers. USCIS didn't all of a suddenly quadruple their efficiency in processing :)


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  • dilipb
    06-23 01:41 PM
    Current processing for 765 at texas shows April 28th.
    So I guess at this rate I think we should get it in 2 months.

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  • americandesi
    01-15 12:10 PM
    My prayers are with the family members.

    let me quote from the news article:

    It appears that it might have been a robbery. And I feel the hospital did not do much to save his life. Since he was shot in the leg (the bullet might have hit the main artery) its still possible to stop the bleeding. I personally feel he could have been saved, unless we know the full story.

    I feel so sorry for the poor guy and their family. After all the hard work in life, he didn't deserve to die like this.

    Folks, please be extra cautious when you get into in your car.

    1) Always check the rear seat before getting in your car. A crook might be hiding there.

    2) When you get inside a car that is parked in a building ( with insufficient lighting or no people around), immediately lock the door. Thats the first thing you have to do, and then arrange the shopping bag or item that are in your hand.

    3) If some stranger is approaching you, be cautious, no matter how 'friendly' he looks. Think fast and look for exit signs and plan an exit run, should the need arise.

    4) I read long time ago, if in the worst case, say a carjacker who gained access inside your car and hiding in the back seat. And if you have not noticed anything and you just started the vehicle and are about to go, he puts a knife of gun and asks directs you to drive his way, then, JUST SPEED UP STRAIGHT AND HIT THE WALL OR PILAR AS FAST AS YOU CAN. The air bag would protect you after the collision, but the passenger(carjacker) would be thrown out or would have sever body injuries. You would have enough time to escape with minor injuries.

    5) Take precautions and don't loiter in areas that you not familiar with.

    Be safe, folks!!!

    Dude, are you serious about some of your suggestions? Do you watch too many action/scary movies? Most car’s driven by desi’s (Toyota’s/Honda’s) don’t even have enough leg room; leave alone a man hiding in the rear seat of the car.

    When there are so many luxury cars out there, why would anyone even to try to carjack our rundown cars? Even if a thief gains access to your car, why would he hide in the rear seat and wait for you, unless you’re a hot looking babe.

    Why don’t you go further and suggest that we need to check our bathrooms before entering cuz a psycho might be lying-in wait to pounce upon us while taking a shower.

    Your suggestion of hitting the car on a wall or pillar to avoid a carjacker is the last straw to put everyone’s lives in danger.

    Most of these incidents are straight forward. The bad guy asks for money, the good guy refuses or tries to put up a fight and gets shot. When you’re faced with a mugger/carjacker, always comply with their demands and leave quickly. That’s it.

    I agree, we need to be cautious of the surroundings. But not to the paranoid level of checking out every hiding place or hitting the car on a wall/pillar.


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  • InTheMoment
    08-01 07:36 PM

    Order of processing has nothing to do with PD being current. Now this is not an opinion it is a crystal clear CIS pronounced fact. (

    Pre-adjudication where work continues irrespective of visa # availability (where everything else is done except visa # allocation) happens as per the RD of the I-485.

    Now even if gc101's I-485 get's pre-adjudicated sometime next year w/o PD being current his I-485 is not "approved" unless visa # is allocated. Now suppose his PD becomes current after his app. is pre-adj., he has very little time to add the spouse name as there is chance like in June that they may quickly assign the visa # and "approve" the file in days.

    So gc101 would be safe if his PD becomes current before his file is pre-adj or get's stuck (!) in something like FBI namecheck after pre-adj. which might allow him time to add his wife's name.

    My company lawyer addressed this part. The way it works is that they will work on your file only when your PD is current. So even if you apply now, they most likely wont work on it after July as your PD wont be current. Then when next time (say in Jan 2008) when your PD becomes current, they will pick up all the files for that month and start working on it. It might be that they will work on your file on Jan1st or Jan 31st. You can send your wife AOS the moment your PD becomes current. So you want to make sure that it reaches there before they approve your AOS. In case you are extremely unlucky, then they would start working on your file on 1st day of the month and finish it before end of that day, making it impossible for your wife's application to go through. Thats rare though. So if you can make sure that her app reaches on 1st day of the month in which PD is current, then they should most likely add her to your AOS and work on those together and make your life go forward....its a chance which you will be taking...But again life is a chance

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  • Junky
    11-17 11:32 AM
    Look like some blood sucking A$$H0l* desi employer gave me red with the comment "Screw You".
    I am glad my posting did work.

    Parasite/Desi Employer: An organism that lives in or on and takes its nourishment from another organism. A parasite/Desi Employer cannot live independently.


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  • shana04
    02-23 12:59 PM
    I believe this would be an interesting question for IV admins or attorneys who are helping IV and senior IV'ans who have done AC21

    If you are on H1 in your 6th year with EAD (not used) then after 6th year will be applicant be on EAD or does he has to fill I-9 with employer

    If you are on H1 in your at the end of 6th year with EAD (not used) then before the end of 6th year an applicant loosed job. then from that point will he be automatically be on EAD or does he has to do some thing to file till he gets a job (because once he find a job and he might apply for new h1 or join with EAD and he can file I-9)

    If you are on H1 in your at the end of 5th year with EAD (not used) then before the end of 5th year or in 6th year an applicant loosed job. then from that point will he be automatically be on EAD or does he has to do some thing to file till he gets a job (because once he find a job and he might apply for new h1 or join with EAD and he can file I-9)

    Can IV answer these questions with the help of an attorney or any one who has gone through this can shed some light

    This would be useful info for most of us

    Thanks in advance

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  • desidas
    02-01 12:28 PM

    At PortOfEntry, CBP officers are QUESTIONING IF you are working for the sponsoring employer and many folks just switched jobs with AC-21 with no valid H1B anymore.


    1. What are the Consequences at Port of Entry on travelling with AP and NOT working for the ORIGINAL GC sponsor?

    2. Can anyone share thier experience what was the outcome at Port of Entry when the answer is "NO - I am not working with sponsoring employer anymore" Were they held at Portof Entry indefinitely ?

    3. What Steps can anyone take when at CBP office/Immigration Official is NOT allowing you to re-enter US on Valid AP (I-485 pending) and you are NOT working for sponsoring employer and no valid H1B?


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  • NKR
    05-02 06:54 PM
    Ok , it may not be right thread to discuss everything here... but
    What I am saying is, instead of spending N years waiting for GC, I guess we lead better life elsewhere!
    Where else, in our home country... but that reminds me of descremenation again!!
    So I thought of place which is not in high demand yet... africa...!

    I always believe in making things happen, in stead of waiting for someone doing it for me!!

    Dude, you need to be street smart to succeed anywhere. You brag about being from upper middle class but what has that given you here?.. Don't bring up the topic of reservation again, but concentrate on immigration issues.

    People here are waiting for years. your's is a recent case, I think it is better for you to start packing. If you are down south, I personally will come to see you off...

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  • sdrblr
    08-27 11:30 AM
    I say my chance is 88.25% of getting approved :). Don't ask me how I got this number. All that I know is optimism is free

    I checked with some folks who have got GCs in the past and they mentioned that FP (2nd time ) is not needed.....unlike the minds of USCIS one's FP doesn't change over his lifetime...that said..if you apply renew EAD u can get FP notice....

    But if 15 month rule of FP is correct then very few will get approved as very few have received 2nd FP I am not sure what is good or bad...we need to know if the folks who had got FP notice had recently renewed their EADs or not.

    I am current next month but I rate my odds as 2/98 meaning 2% chance of getting clear.....taking into account RD/ND/transfer/FP all vagaries into account....even Indian monsoon is more predictable.



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  • eagerr2i
    07-15 02:14 PM

    I personally am not questioning Robinder's achievements/accomplishments. I am glad that the media mishap is ironed out and it ends there as one of our member said. No one has personal grudges here. You have been a member of IV from 2006 and know Robinder to an extent where you can go on a limb, how come you havent pushed him hard to support this, if not along with IV, but on his own. I have been visting a lot of immigration related internet forums for a while and I never saw any efforts towards this from any American Indian Citizen community. It could just be a coincidence that I might have not noticed any such efforts. I am more than happy to end this discussion here and stop retrospecting. The media mishap has been clarified. Lets leave it there, unless the American Citizen Indian community wants to do their part in achieving our common goal.

    What say?

    Lets put an end to this debate. I am not quoting this statement to mean anything to any individual or organization in this debate we had on the thread concerning USINPAC.

    I get reminded of an old qoute. Here it goes- " Sucess has a hundred fathers and failure is an orphan"- Quoted by unknown.

    You will see this happening over and again if you look around you in your daily lives, at work and in the community. There is nothing unususal about it, just the way we human beings are...!

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  • mack
    02-28 10:51 PM
    Here is the first cut at story on 'Issues with GC + Retrogression 101' for media & public. Here goes:

    Why there is no green light on green cards?
    - By Vijay Reddiar

    There have been lots of discussion and spotlights on H1-B issues in the past. One of the least heard, but the most pressing issue that continues to plague day-to-day lives of thousands of high-skilled legal immigrant workers in the US is Retrogression causing deep anxiety, frustration and considerable delay in processing and approving of permanent residency, also called Green Card.

    For employment-based green cards, every country has a fixed number of immigrant visas or quota on a per-year basis. When I-485 adjudication or adjustment of status from non-immigrant to immigrant status (example H1-B to Permanent Resident) successfully concludes, it leads to approval of green card. This approval requires a visa number to be available. But, if the visa quota for a country has been used up, visa numbers become unavailable for that country. This unavailability of visa number is the effect of retrogression, wherein, the US Department of State, based on the current demand for the visas decides allocation of how many visa numbers can be released to meet the demand and be in conformance with the pre-set quota.

    Employers file for green cards for skilled professionals to obtain a legal immigrant status for future employment. Skilled professionals who have green card processing pending typically wait for their green cards to be approved for an average period of 5 years. During this period, they have very limited, if any, freedom to exercise choice with changing jobs, or getting a raise or promotions, being with the same job, title, position and employer with no way out until it gets approved. The only way out would be to risk losing your green card or having to start all over again. Family members of such skilled professionals share the pain as well. Spouses who would like to obtain jobs and attain financial freedom do not have the legal rights to work until they at the least have an employment authorization. Children of such professionals who apply for college cannot benefit from federal government loans, but instead need their parents to seek private loans. Becoming a legal immigrant has become an increasingly challenging and frustrating experience as has been noted by the experiences of each individual of this community. Unless a legislative reform is made, green cards are not only going to be tough, but also seemingly impossible to materialize.

    Immigration Voice, a non-profit organization in the US, founded in Nov 2005 has begun grassroots level effort to alleviate the untold sufferings of high skilled professionals and has been working actively through volunteer members of the organization, that has grown to 9,000+ members in just more than a year. Immigration Voice recently hired Patton Boggs, a top public affairs firm for lobbying efforts towards the immigration goals of the high skilled worker community. Immigration Voice is now heavily engaged pursuing CIR or the Comprehensive Immigration Reform which will be introduced in the Senate in early March 2007 and then proceed to the House before it will be signed by the President to be enacted. This may very well be the ray of hope for the thousands of immigrants stranded on the not-so-green-now land of green cards.

    For more information on Immigration Voice, please visit –


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  • funny
    09-22 04:03 PM
    All the Calling Threads need to be on Top today..

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  • nixstor
    10-12 03:53 PM
    The more complex patients they deal with, the more they pay on mal practice insurance and other stuff. But I feel that on avg, they make more money than IT people on avg easily. AFAIK, A physician with good experience easily can make 150K-200K. C mon Docs in Residency take home 3K after taxes per month.


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  • rameshvaid
    03-15 10:23 PM
    [QUOTE=belmontboy;326916]sure prove me wrong.

    If you are telling me that VO or IO has access to all criminal records from all 51 states, i can't stop laughing here.

    If they have access, why do they even have a section for declaring voluntarily?? to test honesty of the applicant??[/QUOTe..

    I do not want to argue with you but can prove you wrong .. Give me your info and I will let u know if u have any records or not. Afet 9/11 all immigration systems are interconnected with the state and federal court records and minute one is arrested his name is there.. 100%...Talk to an attorney in the morning and pm me.. I will explain you how it works..

    Let us not shift the focus from the original question and if we do not have any answer let's sit back and let the guy face the consequences and make it an argument to prove who is wrong and right between us..

    I pray for you and hope you learn from your mistakes(not you belmont).. May God Bless you..


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  • tiinap
    09-25 06:54 PM
    I support this idea of a Silicon Valley rally. I also think that for our next rally we first need need some new concept or central idea that will make us heard loud and clear and get even more national attention. I guess we all agree that the next rally shouldn't be simply a repeat of DC in a different location, but in some way take things to the next level.

    Our ranks are much smaller than the 12 million illegal immigrants, so we cannot get noticed based on sheer numbers alone. To get attention we need original & effective ideas. Like the flower campaign.

    One idea that we could use in our next rally is to ask each participant to come with a sign that reads "Waiting since (year)" where the date is when you first came to the US as a student or H1 or J1. In my case that's 1999 and I'm not even able to get in line for a green card.

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  • ilikekilo
    05-13 01:41 PM
    chandu, would u mind sharing what the company u are working or worked for? so that we wont be facing hte same in the future

    05-27 05:58 PM
    There is so much momentum - I think, IV should join this bandwagon.

    If groups supporting employment based immigration like IV are not there to explicitly support this bill, during the mark-up of this bill, our recapture clause could get eliminated under pressure.

    The following two links show the amount of support from other family based groups:

    Conference call audio (including Senator Menendez):

    Group Website (Asian American Justice Center):

    09-23 10:12 PM
    The notice doesn't say that I-485 was denied. for I-140, it says notice of Automatic revocation. For I-485 it says Acknowledgement of withdrawl. It looks to me that my previous desi employer actually withdrawn the I-485 application and thats the reason it says the I-140 is automatically revoked.. But how can they withdraw my I-485 application ?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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