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  • nc14
    09-22 06:25 PM
    I still see

    By Direction of the Chairman


    Full Committee
    1:00 P.M. in 2141 Rayburn House Office Building

    Continued Committee Markup of: H.R. 6598, H.R. 5882, H.R. 5924, H.R. 5950, and
    To consider: a resolution and report recommending to the Hous of Representatives that Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey be cited for contempt of Congress

    I am not sure why someone said that it is scheduled for 24th.

    I've started calling and made first call to the chairman's office. I told the man that I'd called to express my grattitude and thank the chairman. Then I requested the chairman to take a yes/no vote on this bill and to take the bill to its logical conclusion, at least in the Jud Committee.
    Please remember, "thank you" packs awesome power and all members should convery their thanks to the chairman and request a vote on the bill for logical conclusion.
    I have not finished calling yet and I iwll update the poll only after I have made all the calls. From this thread it looks like the hearing is on 24th. If that is the case I will make the calls tomorrow so that I could actually talk to someone.

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  • sunny1000
    10-05 03:05 PM
    "AMPLIFICATION: The above Washington Wire item on the letter from House Republicans to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of an immigration bill to "help and retain" high-skilled workers refers to legislation that would increase the number of H-1B visas and green cards for high-tech and other skilled workers. The question in the WSJ poll referred to a separate effort, pushed by President Bush, to revamp the immigration system and provide a path to citizenship for those in the U.S. illegally. The item wasn't intended to imply high-skilled workers are illegal immigrants"

    They just updated with the above correction....:cool:

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  • Leo07
    09-23 08:02 PM
    We Can Blame All We Want After We Are Sure That We Have Done Everything We Possible Could....


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  • Desi Unlucky
    09-11 10:09 PM
    Vote at the below thread as well to compare this poll vs the poll at the below URL to get a gauge on the no of approvals in the month of september.

    Assuming that all those whose 485s were pending at the start of this poll voted on the poll at the above URL as well (if their 485 is still pending), it indicates that USCIS has issued quite a few approvals in the last 11 days based on below calculation.

    No of 485s pending with a PD < Jan 2005 per this poll : 112
    No of 485s pending with a PD < Jan 2005 per poll at above URL: 29
    Net reduction in cases due to approvals since 8/23/09 : 112 - 29 = 83

    Note: The above assumption could be far fetched as I see that the poll at the above URL is just started today (9/11). As more members especially those voted in this poll and still have pening 485s (where PD < 2005), it gives an idea of how well USCIS cleared the backlog.


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  • knnmbd
    04-03 12:58 PM
    I agree with abhishek101, going by his personal experiences and his knowledge of �people� and not to mention his rude and dictatorship like attitude on the forum, we should kick him out first. All in favor say �yeah�, all against say �nah�

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  • nc14
    05-06 04:12 PM
    Anyone from Cincinnati, Dayton, Indianapolis area who wants to plan the trip together. Flights from Dayton to BWI is for $157 roundtrip.


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  • bestia
    08-16 08:50 PM
    Talk to a lawyer and get the answers.

    I do, but I don't get all the answers.

    But if you're on travel and questioned by immigration upon entrance if you're still working for sponsoring employer, depending on the circumstances, they can take your GC away. So that's another scenario separate from an audit or citrizenship interview that GC jeopardy may arise.

    Didn't think about that. but... why would officer ask "do you work for the sponsoring employer"? Isn't your GC same as family based, asylum, etc. green cards? Does officer even have that information right away? What do they ask usually?

    If circumstances change, like you getting laid off or fired, that's a different story. If the sponsor's intent changes, and that does happen, then obviously, you're free to move on. But you should be able to prove that, with say a termination letter, for example.

    I don't see the difference between being laid off and leaving yourself. In case of being laid off, your employer has to show intent of employing you forever. If any document will surface, that he had plans to lay you off before applying for I-140 or without you invoking AC21 at moment of AOS, then you are in the same trouble.

    All the way one keeps thinking that you are free to start a business, look for more exciting opportunities, go work in starbacuks...( yeah all that )...once you get a GC..

    But, now everyone is talking about again sticking to the sponsoring employer, a green card being revoked while entry...and umpteen scenarios...

    So, where does it end..when can one really feel you can flex yourself and do something without worrying about my employment history...

    These issues are raised not to start freaking out, but just to know them and not to do some silly things.

    In general... take this philosophically - it never ends. If not immigration, then something else will always be. Just know the law, keep your paperwork in order, don't talk to government employees without a lawyer, flex your mind, and do your thing.

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  • iv_only_hope
    08-15 04:58 PM
    Friends I need an opinion regarding my wifes situation. She is currently on H4. She was on H1B before some time back which she had stamped in India itself. That H1B expired. She moved back to India. After 5 years now she applied for new H1B and got it in the quota. When the dates advanced we applied for her EAD. We were hoping to get it in 60-70 days. Now its been 75 days at TSC and no signs of approval. She had job offer based on EAD since we thought might as well use that. Now we are thinking she should get her H1B stamped because we dont know when her EAD will get approved. For that do you think going to Canada for stamping is safe. She has a Bachelors degree from India. Or do you think going to India only is thesafe option. Mainly I asked was I did some search and found out that its safest in Canada if you have US/Canadian Degree. Is that true or I am wrong and its safe for everyone. Thanks.


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  • alterego
    12-17 05:28 PM
    With all due respect, the probelem I have with volunteers is that I don't think amtures can pull a job this big, you've got to have profesionals, somethng like a compain maneger.

    I admire the courage of your guys, and think the goal is fantastic. But the way it goes, I don't see how it can be achieved.

    I've learned a great deal about immigration from the forum here. I very much appreciate it. I try to give back by answering questions others may have. I think IV has been doing a great job serving as that capacity.

    But you guys want do something bigger. Well, you have faith in it, I don't, at least not now, neither many others. Maybe that is why you are still asking for money and volunteers.

    Why the negativity?
    What many people fail to see is that it is not IV core, or a manager or something that will get us out of this, it is OUR COLLECTIVE actions. The results will be directly proportional to what we put in.
    Whether you help this effort in any way is about individual responsibility. If you are unwilling to do anything, and there are many ways to contribute and all and any of these are welcome, then frankly, your interest in this advocacy has to be questioned.

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  • Caliber
    04-01 03:12 PM
    Thanks a lot Praveen and Amit. Hope your action will motivate others too.

    God bless you.


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  • hebbar77
    05-01 09:25 PM
    If all members of this community pay 100 grand , we can buy a country in africa and build our own country!!
    This could be good substitute for buying houses here worth 500-1000k$

    What do u think!?:D

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  • Pineapple
    10-05 12:19 PM
    The immediate reference to illegal immigrants right after mentioning high tech workers does convey a link between the two, no matter how you slice and dice the semantics.

    This is what I wrote to the editor, in response:
    Hello, Susan,

    This is apropos of an article by John Harwood on the Washington Wire (October 5, 2007; Page A4), section High Tech Employers.
    (See link here: )

    In the article, John wrote, (I quote)

    �HIGH-TECH EMPLOYERS get lift from House Republican letter to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of immigration bill to help "attract and retain" high-skilled workers. But in the poll, 56% of Republicans earning more than $75,000 annually would "strongly" or "partially" agree with candidate who would bar illegal immigrants from path to citizenship.�

    The article strongly suggests a link between high tech employees and illegal immigrants. That is very far from the truth!! Almost all high skilled employees are employed legally, and there are stringent and complex rules and procedures for gaining employment legally for a high skilled person.

    The woes of high skilled workers � delays of 7 to 10 years to get permanent residence in spite of following all the rules and contributing to society and taxes - are ignored by the media as well as politicians on left and right, allowing ill informed demagogues to set the agenda.

    Sloppy journalism by the likes of Mr. Harwood does not help matters either. It would do him well to research the subject well before writing in a story just to beat an editorial deadline.

    See ( to see more on the issues faced by legal immigrants.


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  • gunabcd
    06-28 03:57 PM
    This is not good. My PERM labor is stuck in Atlanta, I was hoping to apply I-140 pp since my 6th year H1 is expiring Dec, 07. If I can get my I-140 approved then I'll have to leave.

    1. If your labor was filed in Nov 06 or earlier then you can file for 7th year extension (based on rule that labor pending for more than 365 days)
    2. I'm not 100% sure but i think when your labor is approved if PDs are current, you can file i-140, 485, EAD together and get EAD by before your visa expires and you would be fine.
    3. Labor substitution will not be allowed after July 17th, and there are a lot approved labors whose beneficiaries have left the company. Employers are willing to use these labors for whatever they get (excuse me!). If you really want to stay in US, find an approved labor with PD older than Nov 06 and then file I140/485/EAD, if you don't get EAD by Dec 07 then file 7th year ext based on the GC pending more than 365 days. Hurry up for labor..

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  • belmontboy
    03-15 09:56 PM
    Thank you for all quick replies.

    It's been about an year the case has been closed. I can't expunge it for 4 more years. The attorney said it may not be under CMT. I think even though we expunge it, in future where ever we go, if asked that ever got arrested, we need to say YES right?

    My attorney says it should be OK.. I am not sure what to be done as you said it all depends on the VO

    I am praying god for the silly thing have done and help me in this..

    Never repeat a mistake again...

    Guys, please help me if any one knew any info...

    Thank you very very much!!!

    When the VO asks, you would be pretty much justifying why you are "not inadmissible"

    Just write down the facts that support your case, and have documents ready (like court disposition, may be a written statement from immigration criminal attorney that your conviction doesnot render you inadmissible).

    While i don't know whether you did intentionally, but certain silly things like this can change somebody's life forever. I hope other wouldbe immigrants learn lesson without actually having to go through this personally.

    While i have no vested interests, but money to immigration attorney is worth for such things.

    Good luck


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  • gc_waiter56
    07-06 12:03 PM

    IV supports AILF efforts to file the lawsuit and feels that if the lawsuit has a favourable judgement then, it will provide respite to lot of people in the Community IV represents. IV is not an organization which works with one motive and that is to get people out of the greencard mess and IV will support whoever helps its member community.

    We feel that revision of Visa bulletin was not correct and AILF is absolutely correct to file a lawsuit against this directive and hence we support AILF in their bid to sue USCIS & DOS

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  • qasleuth
    05-02 02:37 PM
    Ok , it may not be right thread to discuss everything here... but
    What I am saying is, instead of spending N years waiting for GC, I guess we lead better life elsewhere!
    Where else, in our home country... but that reminds me of descremenation again!!
    So I thought of place which is not in high demand yet... africa...!

    I always believe in making things happen, in stead of waiting for someone doing it for me!!

    Firstly, you are making an assumption that everybody here is from India. Secondly, justifying your statement by giving simplified explanation would not suffice. You suggested buying a country in Africa alluding that countries are up for sale which is quite insulting as suggested by an earlier poster.


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  • skd
    12-31 04:09 PM
    answers my questions if you can

    Other things we are blessed with are because nature.Don't say who created nature -- nature created nature which is created by nature and so on...

    You are absolutely right, It�s nature and as you said and I quote �nature created nature which is created by nature and so on...�

    And for some people to which you call �nature� they call it �God�

    Just different terminology, they do the prayer of nature (for some its God) and they never judge the acts of nature (God).

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  • pappu
    05-06 08:10 AM
    Frequently Asked Questions/Notes:

    - Arrival and Departure details for the advocacy days:
    Sunday June 6th, Training will start from 10:30 am at Hyatt Regency near Capitol Hill. ( ecific_wasrw_hyattregencycapitolhill&k_clickid=5a3402af-3df6-af68-63e2-000060fa8023)
    Monday June 7th, meeting with the legislative offices
    Tuesday June 8th, Press conference in the morning; meeting with legislative offices and a congressional reception that will run to around 10/11 pm. So please book your flights back home on red eye flights Tuesday night or early morning flights on Wednesday.

    - Dress Code: Business Formals for lawmaker meetings and Congressional reception.

    - We encourage members to purchase IV merchandise at Immigration Voice : Immigration Voice Merchandise ( IV gets a small commission from the sales.

    - Deals for hotels and Airline tickets: Immigration Voice : Immigration Voice Merchandise ( IV gets a small percentage if you book via the links on this page.

    - Please contribute generously for this event. - Questions on Contributions? (

    - A situation room will be set up walking distance to all lawmaker offices. This would help us coordination of this event. We will be posting the information soon.

    FAQs for Dc advocacy days

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  • meridiani.planum
    02-15 11:49 AM
    Some American citizens/anti-immigrant will tell you you are taking their jobs with your H1.

    For them, this is their country. All jobs should go to them rather than a foreigner like you.

    What is your response for that ?

    they are not capable of doing those jobs. ANyone who has gone through a labor certification has documented, government verifiable/auditable proof of this.

    07-02 06:44 AM
    Obama is probably the worst President we have had in history OR may be his advisors are to be blamed. All they want to do is stop and punish business and then get votes by giving illegals free stuff. Legal residents spend at least $10-20K to remain legal and these freaking democrats want illegals to pay $500 and get citizenship (not even just GC).
    Vote out all democrates in the coming elections. GOP is the only party that cares about America - not just for short term votes.

    When you complain about latino or hispanics - everyone says this is not only about hispanics....many other nationalities are illegally here....but then only hispanic cacacus gets a meeting with Obama to push their illegal agenda forward.

    NO AMNESTY - yes, we can!

    What is this crap about immigration laws splitting families - how are the laws splitting families? Why can't the illegal resident in the US go back home to their family and the issue is solved. We don't need JPL labs or NASA to get involved (not rocket science).

    We can deport 11 million illegals by enforcing CURRENT immigration law and arresting and heavily ($50000 or extra jail time) for employers that employ illegals - knowingly or unknowingly. The burden should be on the employer to find out. Slowly, without jobs latinos (yes, the majority of illegals) will start leaving...going back - self deportation.
    While we may have our personal views on the efficacy or effectiveness of the US political system and the politicians, we should refrain from using this forum to cast aspersions on individual actors and parties in the system or painting them with a broad brush. No system is perfect, and the US politics and the political system is no different. On the whole, it does seem to work better and in a more civilized way than in other countries most of the times.

    We are an advocacy forum and need the support of everyone in the political system for our cause. Bad mouthing people certainly does not win friends who can help us.

    10-15 04:36 PM
    I am trying to submit my FOIA request to get copies of I140 and PERM.
    I have not applied for my I485
    Where and how do I get my A#?

    Source URL:
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