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  • mrane1
    11-04 06:03 PM
    There is nothing to discuss on this. Just take the cash to any national bank SBI or ICICI or UTI and ask them i want to wire trasfer to US bank account. They ask you to fill up wire trasnfer form by giving US bank accout and routing numbers. They just do it by taking some fee for wire transfer. Thats it. You will get into your US bank account in a day. Thats for sure. I did this number of times. I don't know, you guys make it complex everything, by saying NRE/NRO/RBI etc. It just damn simple, do wire transfer.

    Rupee is not yet fully convertible! So if its a big amount (dont remember the upper limit) you cannot wire... The only way you can do get it is for education or medical reasons. Lookig at the way the dollar is tanking I wouldnt be surprised if the rupee becomes fully convertible sooner that initially planned!

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  • bugsbunny
    04-21 02:29 PM
    Either the OP is posting for time pass or need to read the Immigration for Dummies...

    ahhh i assume you have read Immigration for Dummies...good for you. Unfortunately we are not all as knowledgeable. If you feel its time pass there is no need to reply. But laughing and mocking is not needed

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  • 21stIcon
    07-14 12:33 PM
    Few things to add:
    3) To protect your familiy, think of the 3 areas: Death, disability and illness. Dying is the easy part...you die, your family gets a lump sum. The worst is that you DON'T die, but have a terminal illness (e.g. cancer), have no job and then incur substantial medical bills. Remember to cover all areas.



    Do you know any best long term disability insurance for reasonable price to cover income?

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  • floridasun
    12-31 12:45 PM
    I think you are wrong... Company A can revoke approved I-140, if employee leaves them..

    So does this mean I am stuck with Company A till I get Garbage Can I mean GC ?


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  • bkarnik
    11-06 01:14 PM

    What I have done below is present a couple of races that are interesting to follow tomorrow from the immigration perspective. This list is not all inclusive and only includes the House races that have been listed on the Cook Political Report (www.cookpolitical.com) as competitive. I went through the list and compared that with the representatives on the "House Immigration Reform Caucus" as chaired by Rep. Tom Tancredo. Here are the results:

    The 10 following races are considered as toss-ups.
    J.D.Hayworth AZ-05 LOST
    Marilyn Musgrave CO-04 WON
    Geoff Davis KY-04 WON
    Gil Gutknecht MN-01 [/B]LOST[/B]
    Charlie Bass NH-02 LOST
    John Sweeney NY-20 LOST
    Charles Taylor NC-11 LOST
    Jean Scmidt OH-02 POSS.WIN
    Thelma Drake VA-02 WON
    Barbara Cubin WY-AL TOO CLOSE TO CALL, leads by 822 votes

    The following 6 races are considered lean republican
    Rick Renzi AZ-01 WON
    John Doolittle CA-04 WON
    Brian Bilbray CA-50 WON
    Hefley (OPEN SEAT) CO-05 (WON by another GOP (Lamborn))
    Otter ID-01 (WON by another GOP (Sali))
    Randy Kuhl NY-29 WON

    The following 5 races are considered likely republican
    Ric Keller FL-08 WON
    Bilirakis (OPEN SEAT) FL-09 (WON by the son, another GOP Bilirakis)
    Jeb Bradley NH-01 LOST
    Robin Hayes NC-08 (TOO CLOSE TO CALL, Hayes leads bu 468 votes)
    Pat Tiberi OH-12 WON

    The following one race is considered lean democratic
    Bob Beauprez (OPEN SEAT) CO-07 WON by DEMOCRAT

    Bottom line: The current house immigration caucus boasts 104 members. Of which, 4 will be gone come January 2007. From the remaining, IF all the tossups were to go democratic, the list would come down to 90 members.

    I will update the thread with the final results Nov. 7th.

    Nov. 7th update: As seen above, from the original 104, the list is now down to 95 members. With the House majority in the Democratic hands, this loss in the caucus is likely to be magnified since they are now the minority in the minority.

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  • potatoeater
    08-10 07:03 PM
    One more sher in the name of my beloved GC....

    Dil diya aitbaar ki hadd thi
    jaan di tere pyaar ki had thi
    mar gaye hum khuli rahi aankhe
    yeh tere intezaar ki had thi..............


    Btw, if the visa bulletin is not out yet, its a good omen. Over the years it has been observed that whenever visa bulletin comes out a bit late, like between 13-15 of a month, it moves the dates quite a bit forward. The bulletins that come out early in the month, like before 10th day of the month, truly sucks.


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  • yebo123
    05-11 12:56 PM
    Guys, why don't we open a page "Bets" ? There we can place bets if a bill will pass, if our ammendments will be included, if something at all will happen... This will make our life more interesting and we will be in a better mood. To wait for another 5-6 years for the GC :-)

    Long Live USCIS "Las Vegas" establishment :-)

    "Good morning, Rhodene & Stockton. How may i help you?"
    "Yes sir, we do trade in the futures market"
    "Certainly sir, what would you like to put up?"
    "So you would like to bet your family's future? No problem"
    "Non-resident alien, 5yrs H1B... ok"
    "EB-3? Oh, well, yeah ummm. That complicates things a little. Let me check with my supervisor"
    "Hello sir? You see, the problem is your official odds are sitting at 1:12000. We are not authorized to trade at those levels. However, if you will include your pets' future in the deal we can offer you 1:3 odds."
    "Don't get upset it is a very reasonable offer. How about if I include a jam donut?"
    "Great. I will have the paperwork out for your signature in the morning. Have a nice day"

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  • Project_A
    02-15 08:24 AM
    Project_A - Were you able to file eb2 and got approval after completing online MS ? Also how does uscis treat online MS compared to full time MS for eb2 approval ?

    I also have 3 year degree+1 year PG+ 20 years progressive experience. how can i get approval under eb2 ? I heard that uscis is now stricly looking for 4 year degree for all eb2 approvals.

    No, we do not have any suitable open positions to file under EB2. There is no difference between online /fulltime; in fact even fulltime students are allowed to take online lectures (for example if they are sick and could not attend). It is actually recorded live and posted to the university website. I have a 4 year BS degree so I can�t comment on 3 yr deg.


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  • at0474
    12-17 11:36 AM
    Hello there,

    I have been wanting to make an IV contribution for a long time and here is my problem..I probably can be labeled a miseror a magpie! ..Whenever I go to the IV link to contribute and see the $50 or $100 option I panic and get out..yes I do!
    I have some desi colleagues and was discussing this issue with them at work..and they had the exact same experience..wow..I am not the only magpie..

    But hey is'nt IV the one which is at the receiving end not getting our contributions..

    I speak from my own experience and call me a mapie or a miser..or whatever..I cant make myself make a $50 or more contribution .. thats the way I am..But I can sure make a smaller contribution (like a monthly recurring $10 contribution which really is easier to make) and I am quite sure IV will benefit from my small contributions as well as i think a lot more people will not hesitate making contributions in smaller denominations than a whopper $50+

    And really this is not related to IV effort but more to do with my own way of thinking about parting with my money..I love my money..:)...

    My history - Made $0 contributions so far..and have been wanting to contribute for a long time now..but keep backing away..

    --Understand your situation very well. For a new comer, unless he/she is fully aware of what IV is about, what it has done, doing and going to do, it is very difficult to be convinced of 50 dollar monthly contributions.

    I see one problem in allowing contribution with lesser denomination provision though; majority would sign up for the lesser amounts. I am not talking about casual onlookers. I am talking about serious potential contributors who are convinced of IV cause and ready to contribute. They could easily go for $50, but rather, a lesser contribution option would tempt them down! In essence, it would seem like the bar was set down.

    All in all, we have to remember. IV is not supported by any 'no-nonimmigrant-left-behind' federal program.

    If you cannot do recurring contributions, you can do it in one time payments.

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  • pappu
    02-10 04:53 PM

    Target 1000


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  • poorslumdog
    03-17 10:43 PM
    I am glad that some EB2 guys can empathise with us....EB3(I) is completely hopeless....but I doubt if IV will take this up...even a small admin fix like applying the spillover to EB3 this year...that will take away some stress on the EB3(I) pipeline....

    No matter whether you are in EB2 or EB3, if you lose job then you are going back to stone age. So we are all in the same boat. The only hope is to fix the leak.

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  • miththoo
    11-05 08:06 PM
    Can the wire transfer be requested online using ICICI's(or HDFC's) website ? Or do you need personnally do it from India ?


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  • gc28262
    07-02 01:08 PM
    That's why we couldn't solve all the admin related issues then. If we had significant volume, we could have had visa re-stamping done in USA and the list goes on.. Any ways, I don't mean to give numbers.. But as long as we are on the same page that volume speaks and we don't have enough at this point of time, I am good.

    We need a mass movement to make an impact. They need to get frustrated with the letters and will have to give a press statement that they are reviewing the matter. As long as we can do that. I think we can get DOJ attention. If 5K members send letters 10 times in 2 months, I have no issue, as long as we can annoy them with letters for justice..

    When we are dealing with DOJ, why do we need significant volume ?
    When dealing with representatives ( lawmakers ) we need large volume to make any impact.

    Here we are talking about DOJ, who would make a decision based on the legal validity of our request.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

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  • sphotani
    05-24 07:19 PM
    PD - Sep 2002
    Labour Certification approved - May 2005
    I-140 - Not filed yet

    I am about to file I-140 (PP) and I-485 concurrently beginning of June.
    But looks like the the May 21st cut-off screws it up completely.

    I have heard someone say that I might escape the new law if I get a Green Card before the law is enenforced on (10/1/2008). Does this assumption even hold any ground? Doesn't the proposed bill say that anyone who has filed I-140 after May 21st 2007 has to reapply regardless of where he is in the process.

    Gurus please advice.


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  • logiclife
    01-15 04:51 PM
    I have purchased 4 firearms during my nonimmigrant status, including a handgun. Nonimmigrants can generally not own firearms in the US. Though, there is an exception to the law if you possess a valid hunting license and have resided in the US for more than 90 days. I took a hunting class, which was a prerequisite for the hunting license and also had very good firearm safety information.

    For long-guns, you will need some paperwork before you go to the gunshop (utility bills from at least last 90 days, hunting license, Driver's license, your I-94 number). The background check will probably be delayed a day or two while FBI checks your immigration status. Your gun seller will call you when they get the ok.

    For handguns, there may be additional paperwork. I had to apply for handgun permits with the local sheriff's office. The person you first deal with will probably be unaware of the exception for individuals with hunting licenses. You will probably need to take a copy of the law (ICE has a pamphlet on firearm laws for nonimmigrants, take a copy with you) and talk to a supervisor. Once you get the permit you take the permit and your DL to the gun seller plus all the paperwork I listed for long gun purchase. Let me know if you have additional questions. Good luck.

    I have lived in Nevada before. I think in that state and many other western states (where guns laws are more liberal) you have to have passport, I-94 and utility bills proving you have lived in NV for 6 months. That's it. You don't need hunting license to get a gun license.

    Here is the biggest irony:

    IN order to own a gun, FBI needs only 2 days to check your background.

    IN order to get 485 approved, FBI takes months or years to do a background check.

    I guess green-card is a more lethal weapon than a handgun.

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    07-06 10:34 AM
    This will be a class action lawsuit which means that all the people who are in the same class as the plaintiff will get the benefit of the favourable decision. Now on whether to file or not, it is an individual decision but most of us have already prepared for the filling so there is no harm in going ahead with the filling. The worst will be to file again but nothing more than that can happen and as I have heard most of the attorney will not be charging again when people will be refiling their cases. So better to file your case and let USCIS reject rather than feel sorry later on if the judge rules in favour of the lawsuit.

    Disclaimer: ( This is not a legal advise or IV's stand but a personal though process)

    If I file today, how can I be in the same class with a guy that filed on the 2nd before the new bulletin came out ?? This is where I don't understand.

    I think is more for them to get a lot of people affected thus give the lawsuit more weight and also to justify the billing.

    As for whether competing for visa numbers is fair or not, of course is not...


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  • pappu
    07-06 02:52 PM
    Lawsuit update:

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  • shana04
    02-23 04:09 PM
    As far as I know, if you filed for 485 and crossed 180 days after that with the same employer

    Chandu, this is what I want to get answer from IV or Attorneys who are helping IV or IV can get clarifications from USCIS. how many are with same employers. We have many who lost jobs in between changed employer using h1 or EAD. changed jobs with EAD (so not a problem becuase they have used EAD)

    problem is only for those who were on h1 and lost job, in between they are on bench for 1 or more than 1month.

    If you manage to find a job pretty quick, then you can go for h1b transfer and it should not be an issue, but if it is taking time, then you may have issues
    Then what?

    If you manage to find a job pretty quick, then you can go for h1b transfer and it should not be an issue, but if it is taking time, then you may have issues with transfer because you may not have paystubs, but technically, you are legally allowed to stay because a decision on your 485 has not yet been made and before a decision is made look for a new job in same or similar criteria.
    when you said technically, but you did not say one is OK and there is no supporting documentation or link

    I guess you can understand from where I am coming.

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  • genscn
    06-25 09:38 AM
    I have a same question regarding travel on existing AP when AP renewal is pending. According to the statement on the form, we can't travel.


    We have several sprinkled threads on AP Renewals so this is an effort to create a thread which can capture all AP Renewal Questions & Concerns.

    To begin with, i have posted the following question in one of the other AP-threads but did not get much response. So lets beging with clarifying this issue - Gurus please give your 2 cents on this aspect.

    Previoud Post begins here:

    I just read this in the I-131 instructions, so if i hold a valid AP now and apply for renewal and go to India and enter back using the existing AP, does it mean my pending I-131 renewal will be abondoned? :eek:

    http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/I-131instr.pdf (page 4)

    If you travel before the advance parole document is issued, your application will be deemed abandoned if:

    A) You depart from the United States; or
    B) The person seeking advance parole attempts to enter the United States before a decision is made on the application.


    08-11 10:45 AM
    Hopefully they might be waiting to approve both AP and 485 together. (I am thinking they might have taken the amount on AP already)

    Take an info pass appointment to get more details if it is close to you.

    Well I jumped a little too early :) and opened a SR in July. The following is the response I received:

    ================================================== ========
    The status of this service request is:

    The Service is waiting for VISA availability. Once a VISA becomes available allow additional time for your application to be reviewed by an Officer and you will be notified as soon as a decision is made
    ================================================== ========

    It is less than 60 days old status now and hence cant open a SR for 1.5 months :)

    BTW, it has been over 2.5 months now and my AP hasnt been approved yet :mad:

    08-27 12:03 PM

    If you go for reneval you should have atleast one year validity in your I-94. Other wise they may not extend.


    You can get 90 days extn by explaining the situation

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