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  • somegchuh
    07-21 12:18 PM
    I know there are a lot of ppl on this forum who have been in the US 6+ years and because of BEC/retrogression are thinking of moving to Canada. I am not suggesting that we should leave but I think its good to have a plan B.

    Feel free to discuss matters like below (related to moving to Canada/Aus/India)
    1. Canadian immigration process.
    2. Finding jobs in canada.
    3. Continuing current education (MS/MBA) in canada.
    4. Operating current business from canada.
    5. Move related issues: Taking household goods/cars etc.
    6. Getting settled in canada.
    7. Letting the GC process continue here.
    8. Financial Matters: What happens to bank a/c's, 401K etc.
    Anything else you can think of :-)

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  • yabadaba
    07-21 01:13 PM
    those who want to go to india...please do so

    jobs in canada website:

    for immigration:

    it looks like they look at every case individually, in fact they recommend writing letters explaining a particular situation of concern (like work history gap, or u are not getting a letter from your current company right now because of blah blah reason)

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  • franklin
    09-12 02:42 AM
    How the hell can all the catagories after EB3 be current yet EB3 be back logged???? By rights they should be unavilable until we are current.

    This is just so unfair.

    i can not put in to words just how anoyed i am right now.

    It really should not have been a surprise to anyone.

    Why not put your money where your mouth is? Come to the rally to help make a big change!

    Donate to the cause!

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  • WithoutGCAmigo
    06-18 11:40 AM
    Do they have a rule that an interim EAD has to be issued in 90 days???

    Looks like USICS wants extra money for EAD and APO also ..They may come out with a Premium Processing route


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  • jsb
    01-15 10:31 AM
    Disagree, the reason you see lot of cases with (older PDs but later RDs) still awaiting approval is because when the PDs were current these cases were still not ripe (e.g: they were waiting name check clearance)....

    My argument was on when your file will be looked at the first time. Of course, to get visa number numerous conditions, such as PD Currency, name-check, various documents, etc., have to be met. What I meant is that your file will be looked at the first time, only after cases physically received at the center reviewing your case (no matter what RD is shown on your receipt) before your case was recieved, have been looked at.

    Thus, even if you name check is cleared, your PD is Current, and you provided all required documents, if there are cases physically received before your case was received (no matter what RD is shown on your receipt) which are still to be looked at (at least once), your file will not be looked at.

    Note that when you call Customer Support, they recognize Receive Date what you see in your online status as "...your case was received on...", which may be quite different than RD on your receipt.

    Processing Dates published in monthly reports for each center are manually entered by their staff, and do not tell whether those dates mean "no case is pending older than this date", or "at least one case has been dealt with past this date", as the truth is something in between.

    Of course, internal processing and handling of physical files could be anything but known to the outside world. For example, it is possible that an officer was given a bundle of cases to look at, but then he/she proceeds on leave for 4 weeks, leaving them on desk to work on his/her return.

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  • sr123
    02-07 01:03 PM
    I have been through this once. My company(a big one) lawyer said my position does not qualify for EB2. His main concern was salary was not enough. I got promoted to "Senior Software Engineer" and got into the required salary range. My labor and 140 were cleared. So my in my opinion salary range is also significant.


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  • americandesi
    08-15 07:08 PM
    Are there any implications of leaving my employer now who sponsored me for GC? I got my GC on the first week of July. I plan to leave on the 1st week of September. Thank you very much.

    Addendum: I applied for AOS for my spouse this July. Will there be a problem with her AOS?

    You might face problems during Naturalization. Min 6 months employment with the GC sponsoring employer after approval is recommended.

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  • garybanz
    11-29 01:49 PM
    Here is what you should do:
    1. Print this memorandum,0913-aytes.pdf
    2. Take it and go for infopass.
    3. Insist that they follow the procedures outlined in the memo. Do not leave until they do what they have to do according to the memo. They have to provide you a receipt that they followed the procedures.
    4. Get your EAD within a week or so after infopass.

    Thank a ton for the help, Can you please tell in more detail what i need to do/say there? I have heard that people are being turned back pretty rudely at local offices. Also do i need to fill any forms before i go there?

    Thanks Again,


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  • annsheila79
    04-19 09:51 AM
    we will see more of this as elections near..

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  • n2b
    08-15 12:18 PM
    It would give some idea I think

    In order to determine whether the alien truthfully represented his or her intent to remain with his or her petitioning U.S. employer after receiving the green card, the USCIS uses the standard created by Seihoon v. Levy. That is, USCIS examines the “rapid course of events” following the alien’s receipt of his or her green card. The Department of State has reduced this rule to a 30-60-90 day formula which USCIS generally follows. If an alien ends employment with the petitioning employer within 30 days of receiving his/her green card, then it is highly likely that USCIS will decide that the alien’s intent at the Consulate interview was not, as he/she stated, to remain with the petitioning employer indefinitely. After 60 days have passed, it is less likely (but still risky) that USCIS will determine that the alien lied about his/her intent at the Consulate interview. And after 90 days, it is highly unlikely that USCIS will have a problem with the alien’s change of employment

    Maybe this 30-60-90 rule applies to people with Consular Processing or someone who enters this country on Employment based GC and who leaves the employer right away after coming here.

    For majority of people here in US, they might have already worked for a given employer for 3-6 years before they filed 485 and got their GC and completed their 6 months after AOS application to kick in AC21. So for such a person who has sustained abuse by working at the petitioning employer for 3-6 years, does he need to show any more intent?


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  • vivekm1309
    03-18 10:18 AM
    USCIS teleconferences for March are as follows:

    �Requests for Evidence (RFEs): How Do They Affect You?�
    Friday, March 28, 2:00-3:00 EST

    �The Green Card Production Process: How Is The Process Working For You?�
    Friday, March 28, 3:30-4:30 EST

    We look forward to hearing your comments, thoughts, and suggestions for improvement as well as any best practices you have noticed.

    To participate in these calls, please RSVP to Please also indicate how you learned about the program as well as the city and state from which you are calling. We will acknowledge your RSVP and provide the call-in information before the calls.

    If you are unable to participate in these calls, stay tuned for similar upcoming programs which will be posted on our website, Also, if you have a topic of interest for a future call, please send it to

    To receive automatic notifications about changes to our website, please sign up on our website at

    We appreciate your participation,

    CIS Ombudsman�s Office

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  • eb3_nepa
    06-28 01:05 PM
    I had anticipated this and actually converted my I-140 which was filed regular in Feb 2007 to Premium a few days after the June Bulletin and the fact that they terminated I-140 premium processing altogether for Labor Substitutions.

    We immediately converted our I-140 (in which we were recapturing our older PD), to premium to avoid any such future USCIS Bolts from the blue.


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  • uslegals
    12-06 04:51 PM
    Here's what i can add - my ead too has been pending for 4 months now.!
    I went in for a second infopass this morning (14 degrees F - 5 block walk from where i parked.! I almost had a facial nerve plasy from the biting cold!). Anyway after looking into her system - the IO told me that the A # on my 485 receipt has not been linked to the 765 & 131 applications.! So she was busy typing so stuf for like 2-3 mins and then said that since my 485 was filed intially and the 765 & 131 were sent in after a month or so - hence this generated a miscommunication between both these sets of applications.
    So since the A# is not tagged to the EAD & AP applications in thier system - i guess it seems like i have not filed for the EAD & AP at all.! Makes sense.?? I guess..!!
    Anyway she was kinda nice....she was like... don't worry...etc..the last thing she said after i said thanks was "good luck - hang in there"..Imagine that coming from USCIS IO..!! Lets wait and see now if at all there is any progress on my case.!

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  • factoryman
    07-02 01:26 AM
    Will appreciate a reply. I have a few more minutes to spare for today.
    US Consulate Mumbai published it's revised interview list for July. Quite a significant number of E3 cases has been scheduled.


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  • getgreensoon1
    05-10 08:06 AM
    Try to respect others and feel sorry about their situation.

    Try to respect people who are trying to 'buy' an MS degree for the purpose of greencard ? Instead of feeling sorry for their situation, you should feel sorry for the legit EB2 applicant who these guys screw up by taking this backdoor approach.

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  • n2b
    09-05 05:18 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    I am back again. This forum is outstanding when it comes to reliable information....

    I work for a reputed US Consulting firm. They under-pay you and make you over work. They market fake resumes in a polished way. YES... IT is TRUE. Don't just blame the desi consultants.

    I am on a EAD. I wanted to switch to hourly basis and wanted to see if there are any direct vendors who would be ready to pay better rates. Desi Consulting Co. is out of question. From my experience, Robert Half is bad too. Is there a better way to market the employer?

    Any help will be appreciated. !!

    It would make more sense to compare and brainstorm if you can post the skillset you have in mind and the rate you wish for?

    I agree that being on EAD or having a GC puts a person in a better situation compared to H1B but the bottom line is the skillset in context, demand for that skillset and expertise that one has in that skillset.


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  • uniqueuser
    05-02 01:01 PM
    I'm sorry for posting my question here. I know its not a right thread for my posting but I don't find any link for new thread.

    I'm a July 2007, I-485 filer with PD dec 2004 EB3. I have been working as sr.project engineer for the past 4 years with an MI based company. At present my company is not doing good business started downsizing. i don't know when I'll be victimized. So, I have started searching for new jobs vigorously and got an offer for Designer position ( Permanent position with all benefits) with slight increase of pay. I don't have to use my EAD as employer is willing to transfer my H1B which is valid till 2010. Friends my question is -

    There is a degrade in position, Does it effect my Gc process? I know, no one will be in this type of situation. my heart bleeds to accept the lower level position but, the fear of going out of job with wife and two kids is forcing me to accept the offer... If it doesn't effect my GC process..

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  • kiran_k02
    08-03 01:53 PM
    Let us say USCIS has unused visas, which they want to allocate and they have moved cutoff dates to Jun, 2006 for EB2, similarly Sep 03 for EB3.

    My question is, will the visa issuance would be in the order of Priority Dates? or Notification Dates? Recently there has been lot of pressure on USCIS to issue processing results based on Priority Dates, will this force USCIS to correct its ways and issue visas based on Priority Dates.

    I might have digressed a little bit on the topic of predicting cutoff dates but this question is lingering among all the IV folks who would be current or already current.

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  • kartikiran
    01-22 10:26 AM

    Thanks for the response.

    Not to offend anybody. but if you take a look at the sample of this thread as you can see the topic of discussion has moved from an action item to statistics estimate.

    I admire IV and all its administrators, because grassroots efforts are never easy. IV along with its admins, has definitely had done a lot of hard work to reach to this stage.

    At the same time, I would appreciate all senior members, and whoever reading this to keep the discussions more as a follow-up on action items.

    Irrespective of statistics and the decision-makings of USCIS, it is very evident that some form of law changes must occur to clean-up this GC process.

    As step 1 is bring an awareness among senators/congressmen and including the president that there is a problem that exists. I think this must be the only focus now to bring the problem in front with all the other problems that exist right now in front of the american politicians.

    Again my 2 cents.

    03-25 10:54 AM
    Dear friends

    For every one of us getting GC is a nightmare. Though USCIS follows a system, I feel it is not correctly followed. Also I noticed that people who have filed before the PERM process are really suffering. There are people who are in EB3, waiting for more than 9-10 years, keeping hope and anxiously waiting.

    I feel that we should write to USCIS to clear all the pending GC�s (EB2, EB3) filed before PERM (March 31, 2005) need to be processed before they take up any cases filed in PERM.

    This will certainly make the process rational.

    04-03 10:50 AM
    I am suprprised if IV is working towards abiltiy to file 485 and hard country limit...Just want to know how IV is working towards these 2 items...
    If any of these two wont show out in coming bill,..then I would say goodbye to IV..because all other items in bill were there without IV;s interaction....

    Can somebody calrify if these options will anyway include in this means of ammendements...

    We have been fighting very hard to introduce a number of amendments including the ability to file I-485 and also to remove the country limit. We have spoken to a number of senators in this regard.

    While we have no guarantees that they will be introduced, one thing I can guarantee, we will fight as hard as we possibly could.

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