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  • go_guy123
    04-20 08:07 PM
    But, more seriously thinking, isn't Mexico also one of the backlogged EB countries? I doubt they will mind having a provision for us while they do their campaign. Perhaps we really ought to join hands with them so our objects can get more widespread support .. just an idea

    Mexico is lobbying for all out amnesty. Their backlog is far lesser .

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  • ivofindia
    08-26 06:46 PM
    PennDot Issued 1 year driver's license for both me and my wife. We took H1B 8th year original receipt notice, original employer verification letter and passports. PennDot issued 1 year license based on that. Everything took less than 15 minutes.Please make sure your employer verification letter states your employment duration i.e. how long your company intents to employ you.

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  • sparuthi
    10-08 04:22 PM
    I am a EB2 filer

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  • snathan
    06-03 01:13 PM
    On one side kids at a age they should be enjoying... work hard at something and excel at it,whatever it be.

    On the other side so called highly educated (?) people ...supposedly people who should excel at something find faults with these kids saying they aren't good at all facts of life.

    Are any one of us good in everything ? or for that matter is anyone in this world good ?

    Learn to appreciate achievement, for they have achieved far more than most of us did.

    To all those people who keep saying this is rote learning of words, do you know how many words there are ? and if it is humanely possible to remember the spelling of each of the words ? There is much more logic involved as words of a specific origin (greek,Italian etc) have a specific characteristic and trend it is all about picking out the trend...keeping your cool and spelling it out taking into account all the smaller variances.

    Before any of you go off on how kids work too hard, take a survey of the most successful people in the world most them spent their childhood working extremely hard towards a goal.

    These are kids they can grow up and learn and become more rounded, hopefully that can apply to some posters here.

    This is just a foundation for a bright future....but apparently people are seeing only how they are not more rounded today.


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  • sbabunle
    03-28 04:18 PM
    Dear Coolstonesa
    No I did not forget the pain of that LC. And I'll never forget that in my life either. All that I said was we should prioritize our issues. If everybody says PBEC issue is the once that should get more focus, I've no problem with that

    All that I was trying to say is that now is the time to take care of retrogression. If we miss this chance
    we may have to wait a long time. We will get more time to work on BECs down the lane. And nobody is
    seeing BEC issue a non serious one. Everybody understands it.

    thank you and good luck to all

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  • SGP
    12-31 06:46 AM
    AmitKhare77... apparently, the job title and job responsibilities have to be same as whats on labor until we get GC. otherwise no promotion.
    SGP.... you made my day ! As I did not want to ruin my friends's mood on on new year's eve, I was planning on dropping new year party plans and stay back home.... but your post just put life back into me...
    one more qn - after I change to Company B, what happens if Company A revokes I-140 ?

    No problem my friend. You are welcome. I am glad I was able to help you.
    Company A CANNOT revoke approved I-140. I have checked this with 3 to 4 attorneys & also with Gurus on this forum. Only the USCIS has the authority to cancel the approved I-140, if it detects that it was obtained fraudulently.
    One more suggestion, ask company B to file your H1 with Premium processing. Once you get H1 approval then submit resignation to Company A.

    Enjoy the party Bud. Have a drink on me!:p;). Wishing You and Yours Happy New Year.

    If you will be benefited by �I-485 filing without current priority Date�, please vote YES on the Poll.
    Then please send an email to with subject - "I485 filing without current PD - Impacted Member". Include your 1) IV username 2) Email address 3) Ph#, 4) State of Residence so that grassroot efforts can be coordinated. Please refer to the first post on the thread and use the flier,talk to your friends/colleagues to spread the message.We need all members to get involved.


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  • tooclose
    08-11 10:48 AM
    Hopefully they might be waiting to approve both AP and 485 together. (I am thinking they might have taken the amount on AP already)

    Take an info pass appointment to get more details if it is close to you.

    I am in Mar first week PD and hence dont know whether my PD is current yet (Aug VB). Planning to wait for the first week of September before taking an infopass appointment.

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  • amitjoey
    05-14 12:45 PM
    I joined the forum last month and realized that I should NOT be one who wants a free ride. This is a great effort for all of us. We should support it by all means we can.
    Immediately signed for monthly contributions. Last weekend I heavily sent emails to media persons and contacted the senators too. Everyone and every dollar counts. I am spreading the name amongst all my friends and colleagues at work.
    Go IV !

    AirWaterandGC. I saw your enthusiasm and work on the media thread also, and I know you worked over the weekend sending emails. Here you are a new member and contributing in every way possible. I wish each member joining this forum was like you. I know IV attracts a lot of members because they can get quick answers to their particular situations and answers they do get, but most of them never stay back and strengthen IV. Then there are some, that believe in the cause but are involved in endless discussions about things that do not resolve or attempt to act on IV's goals and agenda. And a few like you, who get active, who understand what is important and what can help us achieve the result we are so much seeking.
    Thanks to each and every member like you, who make IV work.


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  • chanduv23
    02-23 01:08 PM
    My lawyer advised against filing AC21 proactively. His opinion is that it may trigger a big RFE requiring financial details of the new employer. How true is this? I have a feeling my previous employer might withdraw my approved I-140 on the advice of their corporate lawyers (Fragomen, who I believe recommend I-140 withdrawal as past of their standard procedure when an employee leaves). I would like to preempt that and file AC21 documentation.

    Yes, most Attorneys advise against proactive filing primarily because AC21 has no formal process associated like form, fee, reciepting or standard. It is based on guidance, most times the AC21 docs may or may not reach your file.

    Some Attorneys advise the HR to proactively file for AC21. There is one company (huge) where when you are being offered a job on EAD after AC21 - the HR dept makes a big fuss - asks for all documents like copy if Labor, 140, 485 reciept any any other documents and then makes you sign G 28 and then file for a G28 change in Attorney and associate AC21 docs with those. I guess, the Attorneys charge money so it is a business. If RFE or denial - then more money.

    My recomendation is to hire a ethical and realistic lawyer and not a greedy one

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  • priderock
    04-11 11:29 AM
    This is exactly what I'm trying to point out. As a non-Indian, what the hell this subject got to do with immigration in America and getting a green card. This is about politics in India.

    But then why do you care to monitor this thread so often? I guess there are hundred other threads that talk about immigration.


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  • kumar_rk21
    09-11 07:36 PM
    Two years before you would have got a different reply because selling a house was easier than now. My priority date is Jan 06, EB3-I, but we bought a house because of our personal choice. We wanted to give our daughter a nice environment to grow with friends. Why should she suffer because of the delays in GC?

    Not buying a house doesn't hold you up to a location, especially if you are in consulting but again if you want to settle down and travel less, with EAD, it is still OK to buy a house. As long as you have some saving to take you through just in case you have to go out of the country and come again, you should be OK. If you don't want to risk it and space is not a concern, renting is not bad at all. House in the US according to me is not an investment purely on dollar value but the quality of life is way better than renting. If you will lose sleep just because you made a major investment, then hold on for few more years.

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  • kopguy
    03-04 01:13 PM
    NK2006 thanks for the post my family and I recently entered US using AP and fortunately we were not questioned at POE. I am in similar situation waiting for 485 and filed AC21 when I changed jobs after six months.

    That is not to say that we will not have problem in future. You mention your wife showed them a copy of rules pertaining to AC21. Can you post a link or post them here.

    My lawyer never advised me to carry any such documents.

    Thanks for taking this up IV.


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  • logiclife
    05-29 11:14 AM
    Kavya Shivshankar won the spelling bee 2009

    I watched the entire fiinal. Apart from kavya my favorites were Kyle Mou and Tim ruiter. This was Kyle's last chance, but I hope Tim wins next year.

    Just thinking aloud : Out of 11 finalist 8 were kids of immigrant parents (7 of them indian). is it just co-incidence ?

    I hope after watching this, americans should now have no doubts that imiigrants are here not because they work for less but because they are good at what they do and they are hard working people.

    This whole spelling bee thing is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. By any standards, it is pure and simple torture to subject the kids to memorizing thousands of words and their stupid spellings. And what use is that? Have they never heard of something called SPELL-CHECK in Microsoft Word and other email services ?

    Or are they afraid that their kid will go to a job interview and someone might ask them to spell the word that no one on the planet ever uses and is only present in the Oxford Dictionary.

    Those who subject their kids to such a regimented, rigorous, scripted childhood are preparing a next generation of work-force that would only know how to follow the orders and accept directions.

    85 % of the fortune 500 CEOs are not MBAs. And the other 15% that have an MBA, only 3 of the 15 have done MBA from an IVY LEAGUE school.

    What that tells you is that too much education and scholarly childhood increases your job security, in that sense that you will never be unemployed, but it decreases the chances that you will be on the top or you will be a billionaire.

    The biggest prize goes NOT TO people who can follow directions and know everything, but who can GIVE directions and get things done.

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  • rick_rajvanshi
    08-13 06:41 PM
    According to June 12 2008 memo from USCIS FAQ :

    If you filed Form I-765 more than 90 days ago and have not received a decision, who should you contact?

    If you have not received a decision within 90 days of the USCIS receipt date and you have properly filed your EAD application, you may apply to obtain an interim EAD by appearing in person at your local USCIS District Office. You must bring proof of identity and any notices that you have received from USCIS in connection with your application for employment authorization.

    PM if you want a pdf copy


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  • virald
    09-05 02:09 PM
    Most people has very misconception about "parole". It is not a free/flexible travel document like visa. As a AOS applicant, one should not leave US till it is approved/denied. One MUST present in US during AOS. The parole is only for any emergency purpose; which is similar to prisioners. As USCIS is flexible, in approving the AP, the people don't realize the travel limitation of AP. They are travelling on AP for vatation/fun etc.. As per law, the AP is not intended for it. The CBP officer was right in asking the legitimacy of the travel. The AP document clearly says it is based on "humanitation" admission to retrun after an emergency travel.

    That's correct, but what is one suppose to do when it takes years to get a green card. As someone mentioned earlier, the reality does not match the intent for the law.

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  • ivofindia
    08-26 09:29 PM
    River Front Harrisburg branch


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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    10-22 12:45 PM
    While this question may sound redundant, I want to make an honest attempt to understand it. How does creating media awareness translate into making politicians understand the complicated issues suffered by legal immigrants? Further do they give any weightage to the fact that the stories are in the media and therefore they need attention?

    I am biased towards the opinion that we might have already run enough media stories. I believe that the real fight now is to convince the politicians to do something about it. Propaganda and lobbying is the only thing that works with politicians in this country. And you have to choose a medium that politicians directly refer to. Meeting politicians and their representatives in person is most effective I believe. With due respect to your views, Pappu, can we discuss some of these questions?

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  • learning01
    04-26 04:45 PM
    but saw 10 postings about IV in Indian (desi) sites., like, one from Detroit, one on Sulekha and a few other Chinese sites. I guess these are blog posts. If it is useful, I will post each or all of these. Even, some Canadian sites have picked up issues listed in IV home page ( and probalbly spinning them to their advantage)
    Can we do something in Indian regional news papers? I know or two most popular online Telugu newspaper for skilled immigrants in US. Also has popular enough which might help different group of people to know about what IV is doing.

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  • helix
    06-13 04:32 PM
    We need more folks to voice their opinion and let the MSNBC readers know about the situation. Go ahead and post here:MSNBC Forum (

    05-28 06:02 PM
    My humble disagreement here...

    Even though the hearing has been scheduled for the bill S 424, the hearings are not tightly linked to a specific bill. Hearings are a means to collect the data related to the issue at hand. The hearing results can be used to a wide range of related bills. S 1085 is a very similar bill and the emphasis of this bill is also reuniting families. During markup of whichever bill they pickup, they can amend the new pieces of the other bill.

    If it is a markup, then, it is tightly linked to the bill.

    So, definitely the party remains in good standing :)

    Thanks for the positive view dude..Cheers!!!:)

    05-29 07:46 AM
    Each application could generate fines and fees of $1,000 to $5,000, a windfall of $10 billion to $15 billion over eight years, Homeland Security officials said. The money would dwarf revenue from a previously announced agency plan to increase fees on immigration and employment applications by 50 percent as early as next week, to raise $1 billion a year.
    What are you saying it is a SCAM.....

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