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  • dilipb
    06-23 04:55 PM
    I DID NOT pay the huge fee.

    I think they had given a waiver till August 21 or so for the July fiasco filers.

    Do you think I still not have to pay or should I pay the fee ?

    Oh ya I remember that.
    I recommend you talk to some lawyer or call USCIS.
    USCIS is helpful.
    My take on it is this : you have to PAY $340.
    A lawyer will always say "DO AS PER INSTRUCTIONS".
    But this case although unique, you still belonged to the pre-aug filers, even though there was a waiver (since u were applying based on PD which was for july month).
    I remember that during that time USCIS has instructed everyone to add some kind of bright color sheet / paper on top of your application to state clearly that you belong to that group of pre-aug filing people and that you are filing using the old fee structure. that way you are clearly telling them "dont reject me directly because of incorrect fees".
    Again although this seems very straightforward to me, that you HAVE TO pay $340, I still recommend you research more/talk to lawyer/USCIS.

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  • meridiani.planum
    06-10 05:23 AM
    Read this article :

    This is story of a 84 year old Nazi from world war II whose citizenship was revoked. So even citizenship can be revoked.

    If you want to own a gun, own a gun and follow proper procedures and laws related to gun ownership. You can be afraid of every little thing before you get your green card.

    If you are going to immigrate, then immigrate and assimilate with pride and dignity and stop being afraid of every little thing that might eventually lead of revocation of any of your immigration statuses.

    Ironically the first Indian to get US citizenship also had it revoked:

    In 1913 Mozumdar became the first Indian-born person to earn U.S. citizenship, having convinced the Spokane district judge that he was in fact Caucasian and thereby met the requirements of naturalization law then restricting citizenship to "free white persons." Ten years later, as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind, stipulating that no person of East Indian origin could become a naturalized American, Mozumdar’s citizenship was revoked.

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  • unitednations
    04-20 12:15 PM
    I did not know unskilled workers can file for greencards in EB3. I think things are getting better and USCIS is now trying to stick to the rules.

    "skilled worker" is where job requires two years of experience. They share same quota as eb3 professional worker (job requiring bachelors degree). Reason for so much retrogression is that there are many occupations which fit into skilled worker

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  • rbkrao
    08-27 09:42 AM
    I am in the same boat my DL will expire on sept 30th. went to Hackensack/Lodi DMV. They extended till Jan 10th 08.

    Best thing is do not depend on one DMV. try different places. in some DMVs the officers are not aware of our situation.

    good luck


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  • sunnyg
    07-16 10:15 AM
    I am from Columbus, Oh. I tried joining the OH chapter but couldn't get any reply. Do you know whom I should give a personal message? Also I am ready to meet or do a conference call to see if we can meet a representative or senator if possible because I see that many people here from Ohio.

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  • indigokiwi
    03-10 09:02 PM
    Contributed $100 towards Advocacy day Transaction # 3T1561722N075700Y

    @indigowiki, You have impressive list of action items in your signature. How about adding one more for becoming donor on IV?

    Lead by example! Let the people know you are serious about your IV efforts.

    Hey ArkBird. I joined recently, and have been an active member since then...I'm ramping up... not a leader by any means. Never said I was :D Just doing my part to help. And thank you for your contribution!


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  • chanduv23
    07-09 12:11 PM
    I am not saying that it is working on the USCIS. We dont know yet coz the flowers start reaching there tommorow. If it is working on USCIS, we would know by the end of the week. Not now.

    But it is working on the media.

    What I am saying is we are getting a good amount of attention from a lot of newspapers - which is important to create more awareness on the plight of half a million law abiding immigrants and the backlogs they are facing.

    Make it as visible as possible in the most peaceful manner. Thats the idea here. I think we must keep the flower campaign going and encourage more members.

    I sent mine out on Saturday and is scheduled tomorrow.

    Folks - employers, lawyerss. etc... everyone have backed off. AILF lawsuit is a fragile attempt, we are on our own


    Get as much media attention as possible. Get international media attention. Let Chinese, Indian, Australian media be all over this .....

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  • cygent
    07-17 08:12 PM
    Of course, My bad! They were the next 2 on my list, I have already printed out the letter and am filling it in right now! I have already sent letters to them in a previous campaign.

    Thanks again for your due diligence!!


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  • dummgelauft
    07-01 09:59 AM
    I am not sure about this but one thng can certainly happen with Admin Fix.
    Porting of applicant who have stayed long enough in (EB3 to EB2). EB3 15 years experience and still counting and stuck and uncertain porting rules and AC21 doesn't make sense at all.
    AC21 rules or some other fix giving relief to people stuck in GC unnecessarily.
    USCIs can make these fixes but they dont want to do it. Its simple

    ..and why not EB2 to EB1 and EB1 to EB1-NIW..and so on...

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  • vin13
    01-14 12:48 PM
    If this is true,
    Come to US as a student
    M.S. - 2 years
    PhD - 3 years
    Total 5 yearsGet green card before even using OPT :D


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  • amitjoey
    05-15 10:57 AM
    Please consider contributing now. IV needs the funds.

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  • rongha_2000
    03-18 04:41 PM

    :confused:I am in same situtation. I want to reenter on AP and continue on H1-B. Can I do that? My company says its their policy that once I use AP to enter I will have to switch from H1-B to EAD. I dont want to do that. Can I still continue on H1-B?


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  • rpeter
    10-05 02:08 PM
    I just sent an email to WSJ telling them to correct their misrepresentation.

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  • luckysiri
    04-14 07:20 PM
    Thank you all very much for all your suggestions. Can I take Maternity leave for 3 months before Apr 30th and maintain in the status. Does my employer can terminate me while I am on leave?

    It is very important to maintain my status. I am sure I can find the Job before the maternity leave ends. Is there any options that I can stay in status and delay the termination for 2 or 3 months while I am on maternity leave?


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  • vinodp1978
    06-28 12:57 PM
    does this mean that i cannot get a 3 yr extension based on approved I-140 pp? My labor is not pending for 365 days and so I am solely depending on I-140 approval for a 3 yr extension. I am filing i-140 and i-485 concurrently before July 5...will this give me an EAD option even if 140 takes longer to get approved?

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  • pcs
    04-16 09:42 AM
    Guys... Contribute. What are you waiting for


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  • Jaime
    09-22 08:13 PM
    This is an actual drain stopper....feel familiar???

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  • thomachan72
    07-06 10:42 AM
    Theoratically what you say is correct. Once the revised bulletin came out people are not supposed to file / send out mails in this matter. However, what the AILF is going to fight is the "revised bulletin". They are going to fight that uscis cannot publish a revised bulletin at such a short notice and if they (AILF) wins, this revised bulletin is nullified and July will become open to every one with LC, right??

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  • lskreddy
    05-21 12:53 PM
    I did all that but still show April 15. :(

    Could somebody tell me what's the date for I140 @ NSC?


    I140 -- Varied dates but for Skilled worker -- March 10, NIW -- Feb 27th, Advanced Degree -- July 05

    06-25 04:16 PM
    They hushed up and approved my EAD in 20 days. Why ???? 'cos So they don't hit Jun'30 and give 2 years. They wanted to milk another 680 from me so they hushed up and sent me the 1 year EAD in 20 days.

    08-16 08:21 AM
    Shirish has a very valid point. I think it should be six months after I-485 application as pointed in AC21.

    I think the 6 months period should be counted fron the RD on the RN for you I-485, else AC21 and this " propoganda" contadict each other.

    If you get your GC with in 6months from the RD then stay untill you finish 6 months (this is very unlikely to happen as it takes lot more than 6 months)

    If you get the GC after 6 months i think you are fine.

    AC21 applies only if your GC has not been approved. You cannont invoke AC21 after your GC has been approved.

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