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  • lalithkx
    08-14 12:07 PM
    My Above mentioned EAD is approved today. I got the Card ordered mail from CRIS today at 7 pm...

    My Wife's EAD e-filed same date as mine on May 28th is approved today. I got a Card Production ordered mail just now. MIne was approved yesterday.
    There was just 12 numbers difference in Receipt nos.

    Looks like they picked up speed as they reach the 90 day mark....

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  • chanduv23
    04-26 09:04 AM
    Point based system!!!! Is this is joke???? Tell me this is not true and this is just a bad dream, please!!!!

    Let�s see what a point based system has done to people..... Whom do we have here, a doctor, an engineer and one MBA. OK!!! Lets see what Point based system did to these guys -




    No offense to anybody from Canada. I am simply trying to illustrate the rationale about the GREATEST IDEA OF THE CENTURY, THE SILVER BULLET, THE FINAL FRONTIER TO ALL IMMIGRATION PROBLEMS - "point based system"!!!!! Oh really???

    As such, Canada does not really have as many jobs as in US. Offcourse it is a fact that PhD and Doctors drive cabs in Canada because they can't find jobs, but someone who is not a US citizen finds a good job in USA because it is simply the land of opportunities.

    I am not saying points system is the best, but opportunities play an important role and thats why US has so many jobs compared to other countries, though so many jobs are outsourced. There is always growing demand and the economy is huge and accomodative.

    Canada on the other hand is still slow to add jobs it the pace America does because of the lack of infrastructure (As I have not been in Canada, I don't have much information on how things work, but I know for sure that getting jobs is very difficult)

    We must have a seperate thread on merits and demerits of points based system over the existing system and the issues being faced in countries like Canada etc..

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  • funny
    09-22 01:59 PM

    Lets start posting the messages "I Called.." (of course you have to call first..:D)

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  • s416504
    02-11 09:35 AM
    Thanks for prompt reply.
    I mean Did you earned your MS after 3 year degree from India? In short Does ISU offer MS for 30 credits for person having 3 year degree from India?

    I think If any Univercity needs total X credits to finish US MS then that univercity counts How many credits (Y) one has earned from his past education. So X-Y gives how many more need to earned to finish MS.

    ISU - Iowa State University; Not from India. Yes, $15K for a total of 30 credits. Aprx 3 credits per subject => total 10 subjects. One of them must be a project, so total of 9 subjects ( with 3 credits each).


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  • 24fps
    02-15 07:28 PM
    Look, the H1 quota was not sufficient even when it was set at 115,000 pre-2000. It was only when it was set to 195,000 in 2001 that the quota exceeded demand. Now thanks to the report by USCIS last year, we know that about 20% of the H applications had fraud or technical violations. Even if you assume that the USCIS does a perfect job and catches this 20%, the quota that will be freed up won't be enough for the rest of the applicants.

    The issues we face have less to do with fraud and more to do with the anti-immigration forces who dislike the 1965 immigration law. Claiming fraud, cheap labor, harm to the environment from increased population are just convenient means to couch opposition to permanent immigration in.

    actually pre 2000 the visa's were available all year long , then there was a crunch due to the y2K and then when the bubble burst it shrank again.

    when USCIS said 20% were fraudulent , they meant complete fraud like , people paid $$ bought in here as programmers and then worked in gas stations , driving cabs etc

    and again 20% was just taken from a sample space of about 260 or so

    if USCIS were to count every case where a body-shopper has a guy on bench with no pay , h1b procured when no project available that 20% will double up atleast.

    the Anti-immigrant lobby will always be present whatever year/century it is , its human nature , so that fight will always be there , in boom time or recession or whatever

    but this country is smarter in terms of dealing with anti-immigrants unlike UK and parts of europe where they completely cave in.

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  • EkAurAaya
    10-10 03:16 PM
    Bring them along :D:D:D:D

    Only if you bring yours along... :D


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  • JulyFiler
    09-22 05:43 PM
    Stoppers idea is brilliant and should be done on a big scale. It will convey a strong message and will be in news.

    Yeah.. what next? shower caps? then groceries? C'mon man. Overdose of anything can be detrimental.

    Just conveying a message is not sufficent. It should be the RIGHT message in a proper way. Flowers was good, because it was the first time something like that happened and it was unique.

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  • EkAurAaya
    05-14 08:06 PM
    What do you mean by upgrade to premium? I dont think you can change the option by simply upgrading. You need to file I-864 to change to consular processing.

    There are a few options:

    1. If you have chosen consular processing, ( I am guessing you have not), you can file I-485 and amended I-140 at any time PD becomes current.

    2. If you chose AOS on I-140 and the I-140 is approved, some consulates accept attorney certified I-140 provided you pay the fees usually payable to NVC. Expect 3 months of delay in getting an appointment though.

    Pros & Cons:

    You get your GC as against EADs endless loop.
    You have to be with the same employer for atleast 180 days since the time you get your GC and you enter US using your GC.

    You and your spouse both get EAD. NO need to travel to foreign country.
    You need to wait 180 days from filing 485 to change jobs (assuming 140 is approved, if not the case is more complicated).
    More time consuming and longer duration.

    The lawyers here will vouch for I-485 as it means more revenue for them. If you have a stable job where you are doing good and you are counting to get a promotion, etc go for consular processing instead of getting stuck with 485 process.

    Thanks for your response.

    I've a pending i-140 and I had opted for CP at that time (the lawyer adviced this as its easier to switch from CP to AOS)

    I can upgrade i-140 premium to get an approval asap and then proceed with CP, but I'm not sure how long it will take for the CP process (any ideas?), I'm concerned the PD will retro again and I'll be stuck again with nothing in hand.

    From your response CP looks like a better option but its too risky in my case correct?


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  • theoneit
    03-12 03:07 PM
    ".. Kismet pe rone ka nai,
    Calendar badalte rehne ka... "

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  • waitnwatch
    04-03 12:58 PM
    As this issue has been going on for some time I decided to add my two cents for whatever it is worth.

    It is important not just to note the content of a posting but also its tone. People in this forum are smart enought to determine whether a posting contain constructive criticism or is just accusatory. I think it is better to leave the accusatory ones to die a natural death while replying to constructive posts even when they are heavily critical.

    Another thing to note is that everyone has their own peculiar situation. It may quite work out that only some issues may be solved by the legislation and it may not work to a person's advantage. Even then the people who are actively involved should make the call about what to pursue and what not to. The subtle nuances of the behind the scene politics is not visible to us sitting on the outside and I personally wouldn't like insider details aired on this public forum as this would provide the opposition with ammunition. I may be a bit conceited in thinking that discussions in this forum are being watched by the opposition but I am sure that that is happening.

    Meanwhile good luck to everybody and my sincere appreciation to the core IV volunteers who it appears have significant understanding of how the political game is being played.


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  • PavanV
    10-10 12:15 AM
    I respectfully disagree, he is the president of USA and to its citizens, you might morally/personally declare him to be your president, but as long as your passport is not from USA you my friend are an alien (not extraterrestrial) living in the US of A :), please dont take this personally I am in the US too, and I got my passport recently renewed, and I had to pledge my allegiance in order to get my passport. It's just a law point. And I wish you all the best in your endeavor. Bharat mata ki Jai.

    Dear Friend, I am totally correct to congratulate and call Mr. Obama as our President. He is definitely our President, since we live in US soil. As I aspire to become a US citizen ( I know a long way ahead) I should love US more than any other country in the world.

    I dont believe in staying at one place and think of another place. US is very special in my heart that is why I want to become an US citizen eventually. I want to blend in the melting pot of US.

    I hope most of us immigrants feel the same way for the country we want to permanently live in. We did not select our country of birth but we have selceted US as our country to live in. So I feel I should love US more as I have selected this country as my country to be.

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  • gcnirvana
    09-22 03:27 PM
    Called first 10 in NeedHelp's list. Will call the rest shortly.
    People...please call...its NOW or NEVER!!


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  • garybanz
    11-29 05:18 PM
    What is your wife's situation, is it simple H4 to EAD? I have seen dependent EADs delayed if they are coming from F1.

    She is a straight H4 --> EAD


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  • sanojkumar
    04-26 09:35 AM
    I have been a passive visitor to this site for sometime. now I can't resist sending my contribution for this great cause for all of us. It is on the way. Thanks again!


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  • reddy77
    04-15 03:06 PM
    Sorry to hear your situation, hope everything will be alright pretty soon.


    I am from Massachusetts.

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  • eb3_nepa
    05-12 01:10 PM
    Common guys we can survive one month if worse comes to worst. The ONLY point is will it affect our status if the employer lays us off.


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  • belmontboy
    01-15 02:51 PM
    I wonder whether proper first aid was given to the person.

    People do normally survive gunshots to leg!!

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  • gcwait2007
    07-04 12:11 PM
    As long as you had an I-140 approved earlier and 180 days crossed after the RD of I-485, you are safe to move on to a new job using AC21 portability. Even if your ex-employer withdraws the support for the approved I-140, your I-485 would not denied and it would be considered on its own merits.

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  • imh1b
    05-07 02:37 PM
    I will try my best to come. I also pledge $151 for this event.

    Good Job IV. Happy to know that we are doing something so big.

    07-27 11:56 AM
    This might be helpful


    05-14 07:33 AM
    Recently, I stopped taking all these racial comments in a serious way, 2 days back my co worker made comments on how my "curry smells" when eat at my desk. My wife wakes up early in the morning and cooks the food with so much love and affection and I eat that, whereas he eats burgers and fries from cafeteria - look at who is commenting??????

    I can understand the love your wife has for you. But I think you should enjoy that lovely lunch at a cafeteria. Smells can be very offensive. I love Indian food, but if I had to smell the Indian food in my cube everyday I would be pissed too. There is nothing racist here. I would be pissed if your coworker eats a burger with raw onions and then talks to me with that smell.

    This is one of the first things new Indian students are told: Smell (or lack of it) is very important in America. Don't reuse socks, Use deodorant and enjoy the curry at home.

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