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  • bayarea07
    08-19 03:47 PM
    Looks like there is not much focus on this thread now, we should really Bump this Thread up so as to get Maximun Visability on the home page.

    This is our last chance to get the new bill approved so i would suggest to go full steam.

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  • psethi
    07-01 02:37 PM
    I am trying to efile AP and there is a question regarding date of intended departure and expected length of the trip. I am applying AP for emergency travel and don't have any fixed plans for travel now. Please let me know what to fill if any one is in the same situation who have e-filed.


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  • EkAurAaya
    05-15 09:15 AM
    PD is March 2003, I'm also leaning towards AOS

    As APNAIR2002 pointed out it could take 45 days to 3 months and luck has not been on my side in this matter :D up until yesturday

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  • Cheran
    01-13 04:08 PM


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  • crystal
    02-23 02:09 PM
    I know a term called "spitting the venom". It is on full display in your post.

    my dear.. pretentious pseudo middle class desi...
    i know ppl like you...
    you wear an armani to office but still carrying curd rice and pickel for lunch...
    you rejoice the success of slumDOG..with your liberal friends...with a martini glass filled with water..in hand..because ur amma told u not to drink alcohaal..;)

    according to u ...we are losers because we dont like being called a DOG in 21st century...

    if you want to wag ur skinny brown ass ..eveytime SlumDOG is uttered..thats ur problem..

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  • gc28262
    01-14 08:27 PM
    .................................................. ...........................................
    .................................................. ...........................................
    Lets see how much of this bill actually makes it out. As far as I can see, I am prefectly fine with refiling my application under this new category. The hell with EB based green cards.
    .................................................. ..........................................

    If we reapply under this section, we will be competing with the massive illegal-to-AOS guys based on our Receipt date for adjudication.

    If we get recapture provision in this bill ( most likely ), that would be our best bet.


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  • dhesha
    01-13 04:12 PM
    It appears that you are cracking a joke, but I cannot stop from replying to your post. Why are you asking God to save IV? For the things we cannot do or for the things we dcon't understand, why do we always have to bring in 'God' in the picture? Can't we even crack a joke without brining in God?

    I am just trying to prevent world war III on these forums. Thats why my request for not referring "God'. We will all be much more happier funnier and peaceful if we try not to bring in 'God' in the mix.

    Next thing you will see, someone will post - "God, when will the VB dates move for my category".


    Oh God, when my day will come.... :D

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  • cnachu2
    02-23 08:08 AM
    Thank you to both of you for responding. I entered in to US 5 years ago and i am here since then.


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  • raysaikat
    05-21 03:19 PM
    * NSC I-140:
    EB-1A = 01/19/07, EB-1B=04/27/07, EB-1C=02/21/07, Schedule A=02/15/07, EB-21 = 06/05/07, EB-2B=02/27/07,
    EB-3 = 03/10/07,
    EW = 03/01/07

    * TSC I-140:
    EB-1A = 08/26/07, EB-1B=08/26/07, EB-1C=08/26/07, Schedule A=08/26/07, EB-21 = 08/26/07, EB-2B=08/26/07,
    EB-3 = 08/26/07,
    EW = 08/26/07

    Website now shows April 15th dates.
    Looks like they are changing the dates again...

    Interesting ritual one has to follow :)

    1. Copy the link on your clip-board (highlight and Ctrl+C). E.g., the following is the link for TSC


    2. Close *all* your browser windows. Perhaps you might want to open the task manager and kill the "process tree". But simply closing *all* the browser windows was sufficient in my system.

    3. Open your browser. Paste the link (Ctrl+v) on the browser and voila!

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  • kittu1991
    08-27 05:22 PM
    I got a 2nd FP notice for 485. I will be current next month. I also applied for AP last month, which got approved yesterday. Not sure if AP application triggerred the FP notice or if there is a chance I can get approved next month??

    I got a FP notice for next month. It is certainly not related to AP or EAD renewal, since I don't have any pending AP or EAD renewal. I got my EAD renewed last March and AP in May. So hoping that I got the FP notice since they started looking at my 485 application and something positive will be end result.

    Good luck.


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  • thamizhan
    07-20 10:29 PM
    Guys...please spread the word to members (if you know) to kindly vote here if they have files in Nebraska Service center....this will help up to estimate the count (approx).

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  • vinodmp
    02-07 08:50 AM
    I would also check if your original GC sponsoring employer (Company A) is not involved in any fraud investigations by USCIS. In which case, USCIS can revoke an approved I-140 without any notice on the basis of fraud, which would automatically lead to your I-485 denial. I-140 online status may or may not change in such cases. Your case being in extended review is raising some flags. Do you know anything about the kind of extended review that was going on. Your lawyer on file, as well as you should get a copy of the notice. Make sure no communication was sent to the lawyer from Company A. Sometimes USCIS does not update the lawyer information even though a new G-28 is submitted. You will have to just wait for the denial notice. Send an email to info at immigrationvoice dot com so IV can get in touch with you to help.

    I do not believe original employer was involved in any Fraud but he did have financial trouble ( paying salary after 2 months , check bounce etc - that is the main reason I left) .
    That company is MSU software based in Iowa ( just in case if anyone knows about it ) .

    I tried several times approaching USCIS as well as Congressman's office to find the details of delay / extended review status etc but all I got was we need to wait until the review is complete.

    I had switched attorney as soon as I joined company B and they AC21 and I have copy of the all the docs including the letter requesting to remove the old company A attorney . Also last my company B changed the attorney firm to a different one and they did sent a new G28 for that .

    I am kind of stressed until I see the letter which is going to be delayed because of the snow Storm :( .

    I have sent the email to info@immigrationvoice.com just now.

    Thanks folks for all your support. it really helps that some is there to here the concerns and provide suggestions .



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  • svgupta
    05-22 05:58 PM
    Guys, this is the time ....
    ..I give all of the ones that have not set up a monthly recurring contribution benefit of doubt. May be you were not aware that this organisation and the lobby money has come out of pockets of ordinary hard working people like you. But this is our last chance. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?.

    Comeon! why are folks waiting to contribute? Go ahead... make a contribution to your better being (and have a signature as well to show others your spirit for IV)!:cool:

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  • Omm
    11-14 08:50 PM
    I read in murthy.com that asking money for H1 b is illigal. below is the link for more info


    Fraud vs. Technical Violations

    For purposes of the BFCA, fraud is defined as a willful misrepresentation, falsification, or omission of a material fact. Technical violations, essentially, are errors, omissions, and failures to comply that are not within the fraud definition.
    Examples of items that were categorized as technical violations include instances of employers requiring H1B workers to pay filing fees that are designated by regulation to be the obligation of the employer, as well as the deduction of other H1B-related fees from employees' wages, and, thereby, reducing the wages of these H1B workers to levels below the LCA wage requirement. Other technical violations included general failure by employers to pay beneficiaries at least the prevailing wage for the occupations within their particular geographic locations as listed on the LCAs, employment of H1B workers in geographic locations not covered by valid LCAs, and the benching of H1B employees. The fact that these were characterized as technical violations does not mean that, if found to be intentional, they could not fall under the definition of fraud.


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  • saileshdude
    02-06 02:30 PM

    Few days ago, the IV team was looking for genuine people who got their I-485 denied because of AC21 issues. You should try to contact them. They will be able to help you out.
    Also try to write to Ombudsman of the wrongful denial. This is all if indeed your AOS was denied because of I-140 revocation and pending AOS after 180 days.

    Can I ask you something? Is your case a labor substitution ? If it is,I know that if the company tries subsitute a labor for a person whose moved using AC21 for another person that is not allowed.

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  • rajmirk
    04-27 10:02 PM
    Unfortunately that report just shows that we are now on the radar of FAIR, a a very aggressive anti-immigrant group. Google to learn more about FAIR.

    Did you read the title and the comment?

    Of course, this is not surprising, that anti-immigrants are furious to discover that we have anything to do with Congress.

    Looks like someone is finally posting from our side too there !


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  • gsc999
    09-22 11:04 PM
    Apparently someone flagged me.. thats fine.. if people here cannot have a proper discussion without having to flag each other I dont see any point in calling ourselves "smart" "highly skilled".. looks like we need to grow up first. Personally, I dont care about these green/red blocks. I have the right to express my opinion whether someone likes it or not. If someone does not have "words" to argue back thats their problem..


    please check your PM


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  • snathan
    04-21 02:26 PM
    wow and the mocking continues...

    Either the OP is posting for time pass or need to read the Immigration for Dummies...

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  • gc_chahiye
    09-20 02:00 AM
    i just read on another forum, that about 70,000 visa's come up for the new fiscal year which starts 1st october, so it might take a couple of months to see any movement, but it will happen, as they have got to wait and see and get a better feel for how many filers there were for july/augest, as they havent processed them all yet, then we will see something happen. so lets wait and see what the Nov bullitin says, and if the rally had any kind of effect.

    140K visas come up for the new fiscal, not 70k. Those 140k are somewhat evenly split (20-30% each) across teh four quarters (its not an exact science, but thats the order in which USCIS requests visas from Dept of state). So the number of visa numbers used up in october is going to be much lesser than 70K, probably around 10-12k.

    The backlogs are right now way too extensive to result in any major movement of PD with current quotas. If dates move in November, they are only expected to creep along... I hope I am wrong, but thats what it looks like

    The effect of the Rally is not going to be on the visa bulletin; it is on legislators who need to now come up with some way to ease these huge waits (either recapture visa numbers or bump up the annual cap or both). unless congress wakes up to this and does something, we are in for a long wait.

    EDIT: Whoever gave me a -ve rep for this post, care to explain why?

    10-07 02:34 PM
    What do you mean by priority dates were added?

    Until Dec.2004, all EB categories were 'Current', but in Jan.2005 the EB3(IN/CH/PH) dates retrogressed to 1st Jan.2002. I believe this is what Coopheal is trying to convey. Not 'Addition', not 'Introduction', but just 'Retrogression' :-)

    09-20 09:38 AM
    o.k.. just to divert the topic ..2 questions
    1) when do you think EB3 india will reach mar 2004
    2) how to apply for ssn after getting EAD ...my wife was on h-4 before ..Thanks

    show the Ead & passport in ssn office :)

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