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  • shimul99
    10-23 09:16 PM
    What is ur PD ? and ur 140 dates ?

    PD - EB3 from Bangladesh
    i140 got approved on Sep 2007
    Fingerprint Sep 2007

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  • pbojja
    05-21 04:24 PM
    My Wife's I-140 RD is May 9th 2007 and it was filed at Nebraska center.

    Online Case status says that this case was transferred from Nebraska Center to Texas center in end of april 2008. So now this case will be processed using the original Reciept date or it will have a reciept date when this case was transferred? Current processing date is way past then her original RD.

    We have to file for her H-1 B Extension and it is critical to get I-140 so that we can extend it for 3 years instead of one year.

    Please let me know if someone has any info...

    Technically it should be your original receipt date , thats means your wife 140 should be processed now but guess what that happens only if TSC finds your wifes file , not sure where the tranfer cases are stored , If they use computer they will definetly find the case but looks like they find the cases by boxes ... I m in the same boat and waiting for 140 approval after transfer to TSC , hope they find our box one day

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  • delhiguy
    07-06 01:24 PM
    Even if we concentrate only on getting our money back, USCIS will be scr..d big time. The total money will be in Billions.

    They would just increase the fees , and we will paying them that money back.
    State never looses...

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    07-06 10:34 AM
    This will be a class action lawsuit which means that all the people who are in the same class as the plaintiff will get the benefit of the favourable decision. Now on whether to file or not, it is an individual decision but most of us have already prepared for the filling so there is no harm in going ahead with the filling. The worst will be to file again but nothing more than that can happen and as I have heard most of the attorney will not be charging again when people will be refiling their cases. So better to file your case and let USCIS reject rather than feel sorry later on if the judge rules in favour of the lawsuit.

    Disclaimer: ( This is not a legal advise or IV's stand but a personal though process)

    If I file today, how can I be in the same class with a guy that filed on the 2nd before the new bulletin came out ?? This is where I don't understand.

    I think is more for them to get a lot of people affected thus give the lawsuit more weight and also to justify the billing.

    As for whether competing for visa numbers is fair or not, of course is not...


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  • jamesbond007
    09-05 03:18 PM
    You are suggesting how to avoid it rather then try to acknowledge that there is a problem in the wording of AP. By problem, I meant the whole dynamics has changes over the years, so, its time they change to reflect today's reality.

    There may not be everyone who would continue to be on H1 while their AOS is pending.

    In light of the AC21 provision, this is pretty common - people change jobs using EAD and are then on AOS. Looks like the wording on AP was ignored when AC21 was being made into law. This is now biting some of the travelers.

    Could the AP wording be changed using an administrative fix by USCIS/DOS rather than a legislative update?

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  • karl65
    08-25 08:10 PM
    I can't believe how dummy is the DL system in NJ:confused:.

    I live in Illinois and I could get my DL farther than my H1B due date. I have renewed my H1B twice and my DL is due next year.


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  • CADude
    05-22 02:11 PM
    Luck is supreme with USCIS. :)
    If your lucky no date matters it will be approved any time

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  • mpadapa
    10-09 12:35 PM
    Looks like ppl require additional incentives (like free drinks) to attend this event.


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  • dish
    03-27 11:05 AM

    Have listed some immigrants who have made significant contributions

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  • gcdesirer
    08-27 09:02 AM
    Same to you. Do you have any update on your case or do you know the status of your case?

    No movement.... No FP notice (not sure if it is good or bad).. Is there anyone who got GC recently without a second FP notice (After 15 months)....??

    in short, No clue :(


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  • rangeela
    02-07 09:18 AM
    I have master's degree from US and 6 years of experience

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  • gc28262
    01-14 10:04 PM
    Lets get serious NOW.. I just read one post from one of our dear buddies in thread that voting is possible now on
    Please register and vote positively, . Once logged in, search for immigration. AND vote for all the issues that are relevant for us. EB2 and EB3.. Vote for Legal immigrants.

    Done !


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  • roseball
    02-10 12:01 PM
    Any Ball park amount I should expect as attorney fee for the MTR ? I know some one mentioned about a CA attorney who does it for $500 but since I don't have H1 as backup , incase if I need switch back to the 2nd employer it is better to keep the current attorney ( 2nd employer ) . looks like he may not come cheap . they asked whether I want to file for Adv parol and it will cost attorney fee $800 . ( I don't have a clue why asked when my I485 is in denial stage) .

    I looked at the I290B form and looks not so complicated.

    But in this situation I do not want to take the risk of filing myself .


    I-290B is pretty straightforward and I helped my friend with his filing and we were successful in getting his I-140 approval. Having said that, whether to self file or hire a lawyer will depend on the complexity of the case and the reason for denial. If its a straightforward case/denial (wrongful) and you have all the documents to prove it otherwise, you can go ahead and file I-290B yourself. Otherwise, hire a lawyer. Did you get the I-485 denial notice yet and whats the reason for denial?

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  • walking_dude
    08-15 10:49 AM
    There is nothing in the USCIS memos to suggest that USCIS has implemented any such policy. CR you talked to may be ignorant and giving wrong info. Or it may be deliberate to reduce the number of (repeat) calls.

    I would suggest recording the conversation with CRs so that we have proof of this conversation. Don't forget to ask his/her name and id number while doing this.


    The customer service representative told me to take an info appointment further to get the Interim EAD. I have explained him that local offices are not giving Interim EADs and surprisingly he told me the following thing.

    "You can continue the work with I765 receipt notice provided your employer is OK to continue and told me to provide the receipt notice to the employer as a proof of your application is in pending. As I am surely aware of the fact that in order to continue the work we must have an approved physical EAD. I was totally surprised and asked him "Are you sure?? can we continue the work with the receipt??", he replied "Yes and only if your employer agrees for that!"

    I have no clue???? What to do, friends please share your thoughts on this.


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  • bkr
    08-30 11:01 PM
    GO to Trenton DMV (theoritically every DMV), they will give you a DL till 6/20/2008. Due to these delays in H1b Extensions, NJ DMV's extending the DL another 90 days expecting that will suffice

    Thank you Pappu and Teachmeamerica07. Luckily my H1 got approved after responding to the RFE in the first week. Hoping to get the papers by next week.

    Wish you all the best for those who are experiencing this problem.

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  • JunRN
    09-22 06:59 PM
    called last week and today....

    I hope and pray that Smith and King will not attend.


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  • McLuvin
    03-26 02:47 PM
    this is the highlight thread of the month... every month... this is the exciting, nail biting, end of the stick excitement that keeps me on this site forever... really...

    The best way to put it is...

    This thread is like the last ball chetan Sharma bowled to javid Maindad, and india lost....

    I mean we know that the dates are not going to move by miles... still we keep the lights on... :D

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  • beautifulMind
    02-15 01:30 PM
    The real problem has been the l1 visa..and ignorant americans do not know the difference and they think everything is h1b but it is the L1 which has caused wages to drop....

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  • jsb
    08-03 04:19 PM
    Justaju jiski thi, usko to na paya humne..
    Is bahane magar dekh li duniya humne.

    (Song from Umrao Jaan)

    After wandering through 12 US states in past 12 years, thats what accurately sums up my quest for GC. :)

    This is not an Indian site. Kindly understands sensitivities of other users of this site.

    05-14 01:48 PM
    Quote by user somegchuh: "I think this is a very interesting topic. Neelima's story is about an American citizen of Indian origin. Since, she is an american she can choose to go to courts whereas we are non-immigrants with very few rights. If you are facing abuse at workplace the only solution for an H1B worker is to change jobs."

    Even if you are an immigrant but as long as you are subject to the law of UnitedStates you have every right to fight discrimination and other actions that you percieve are illegal. Even Illegal immigrants can do that. It is there in one of the ammendments.

    01-15 05:21 PM
    Dont go for gun even after you get green card. You can think about it after your citizenship. Green is just another type of visa which can be taken away. You right are fully protected only after you become a citizen. Even there also there is a catch in case of Naturalised of teh govt wants to go after you you cant dig you history and find a violation and base don that void te GC you got and teh citizenship.

    Read this article :

    This is story of a 84 year old Nazi from world war II whose citizenship was revoked. So even citizenship can be revoked.

    If you want to own a gun, own a gun and follow proper procedures and laws related to gun ownership. You can be afraid of every little thing before you get your green card.

    If you are going to immigrate, then immigrate and assimilate with pride and dignity and stop being afraid of every little thing that might eventually lead of revocation of any of your immigration statuses.

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