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  • s416504
    02-11 09:35 AM
    Thanks for prompt reply.
    I mean Did you earned your MS after 3 year degree from India? In short Does ISU offer MS for 30 credits for person having 3 year degree from India?

    I think If any Univercity needs total X credits to finish US MS then that univercity counts How many credits (Y) one has earned from his past education. So X-Y gives how many more need to earned to finish MS.

    ISU - Iowa State University; Not from India. Yes, $15K for a total of 30 credits. Aprx 3 credits per subject => total 10 subjects. One of them must be a project, so total of 9 subjects ( with 3 credits each).

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  • Humhongekamyab
    01-15 02:35 PM
    Here is the news from the Little Rock newpaper. Apparently the criminal shot dead another guy right after this incident

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  • snehaledu
    04-10 01:42 PM
    Did anybody get I-140 receipt or approval notice? I just talked to Immigration officer on phone and he said its employer's property. I cannot use G-639 also.

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  • gauravster
    12-31 04:00 PM
    seems funny that we are suddenly discussing God in this topic. But Any of the arguments presented here definitely do not prove that God does not exist.

    As for praying. If merely praying would result in me getting results why should I even pray to get a GC, I would rather just pray that I never have to work and get all the needs of this life fulfilled without any effort. Why do I even care about a GC. And everyone would have started doing that.

    The idea is never that of praying but of faith. Believers can give you millions of cases when their faith resulted in a favorable result. Almost all religions alo say that the first step towards having faith is to perform your duties as well as you can. Without this, there is no point of praying. Coming to religions, most also have ways of redemption but there is no way to redeem for acts in the future as you are expected to do your best.

    You may or may not have faith in God, but logically it is difficult to argue one way or the other. There is a reason why even the greatest of all philosophers have not been able to come to a conclusion.

    To each his own.

    a 20 year old girl had injuries because of acid attack on her and she was in hospital praying god to save her life.But she died finally(

    If god exists , he/she should listen the prayers and save people.

    This is just one example.There are millions of incidents which proves that GOD doesn't exist.

    It's just out belief that GOD will do some good for us.

    problem is that if we believe in GOD , we'll start living with false hopes.

    No Hope is better than false HOPE


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  • Macaca
    08-12 06:04 PM
    The applicant�s green card application has been pending since early 2005 due to the FBI name check. The applicant is a valued researcher at a U.S. pharmaceutical company. (page 39)
    The applicant�s green card application has been pending with USCIS for approximately four years due to the FBI name check. The applicant is a researcher at a U.S. university and, because of the adjudication delay, the university and the individual have been disadvantaged in seeking grant proposals and funding. Specifically, the individual reports that he is currently working on federal research projects. The applicant�s inability to advance critical work for the project is a serious impediment to the university, its competitiveness, and the applicant�s professional advancement. (page 39)
    In early 2006, the applicant applied for naturalization. USCIS informed the applicant that the application is pending due to the FBI name check. The applicant currently is a contract employee for a federal agency and was security screened prior to beginning that employment. (page 44)
    The applicant�s green card application was filed in early 2004. The application remains pending due to the FBI name check. The applicant previously served as a security officer at a U.S. embassy and was subject to rigorous security screening for the position. (page 44)

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  • looivy
    01-30 10:43 PM

    This is for a broader discussion.

    Is it possible to move from Tech Consulting to Strategy Consulting or from Tech Consulting to Finance (I-Banking, Trading, Coporate Finance) related jobs on AC21. Non-availability of visa numbers should not be a roadblock to somebody's career aspirations.



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  • gc4sk
    08-27 11:42 AM
    Hi rbkrao,
    Did you show them original receipt notice or photo copy? Was there problem in getting the renewal?


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  • Maverick_2008
    05-02 08:13 PM
    For upper middle class, OBC shouldn't matter much since you can afford to enroll your children in private schools and have them work in private sector once they reach an appropriate age. If they are US citizens, they can come back to the US anytime for education and/or employment.

    Talking of reservation and discrimination, what legal immigrants are facing in this country is not much different in my opinion. You can't even get your driver's license easily, let alone permanent residence. Most of us are here by choice even though we face all these issues in our daily life.


    Yes my note was for humor.
    But to answer questions :

    out of all useful land , I guess africa has lots of uninhabited land!, so someone would not mind selling! Its not to offend anyone. I have great respect for africans, being aware that we come from them!
    Me being an indian upper class guy, and this OBC thing going on back home, I dont think I belong to that country that much, where me/my children will be discreminated against!!!
    So dont you guys now think we need our OWN country???


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  • gg_ny
    04-18 04:19 PM
    Enough. Please close this thread.

    No insult meant, but pl don't close this thread: it is indeed a comic relief to read thru some mails. Points like 'what would fix India's problem?' in a
    supposedly-multinational forum, somebody complaining that they could not recurit new donors because of mails pertaining to India and rupees, hi tech programmers asking for exchange rates while they could google it or visit wow, the comedy is getting better ever since people let go the prediction threads. Pl don't stop guys.

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  • pappu
    03-04 09:21 AM
    msp1976 Thank you for the article. We will try to get it published in US media. Thanks


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  • 24fps
    02-15 11:37 PM
    first of all with that Matloff paper u proved a point that i was trying to make and that is the fraud cases are way more than 20%

    and secondly Matloff is only one person in the anti immi committee (if u can call it that) that opinion is his and doesn't necessarily dictate the whole bandwagon of anti-immis , the brand equity hit takes place at the grass-root level

    check out that punk aka itgrunt

    these turds brand every indian immigrant as being fraudulent beacuse of the fraud that takes place , all these organizations , numberusa , washtech etc thrive only because of the large number of grass-root supporters who call in the senators and tip them over

    Matloff making the fraud issue i statement is hypocritical because it doesnt fit in *his* larger scheme of things at which are very easliy balanced out between the pro and anti immigrants in the *larger* aspect of things

    but the "brand euquity" distrubance that is so tangible makes it a public issue

    you need to use your own common sense and think for yourself instead of just quoting/cut pasting random people all the time .

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  • ags123
    04-07 08:23 PM
    Till 2007 that was how it was being interpretted and then suddenly DOS realised it should be by category and not by country of chargebility.
    The earlier Eb1 ROW>Eb2 ROW>Eb3 ROW spillover is called vertical spillover
    The current since 2008 spillover Eb1>Eb2>Eb3 regardless of country is called horizontal spillover.

    However see in Horizontal spill over Eb2 India backlog takes of the numbers (14k in 2008)
    In vertical spill over Eb3 India backlog takes the numbers(17k in 2007)
    This is because Eb2 India or Eb3 India have older cases and spillover is given seemingly according to PD order.
    So either method wont help Eb3 ROW. Its a double whammy.


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  • dealsnet
    07-01 02:02 PM

    Barack Obama pledges to fix the broken immigration system - US - World - The Times of India (
    WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama on Thursday pledged to fix the "broken" immigration system of America to make it easier for the best and the brightest of the people to enter the country, that has nearly 11 million illegal immigrants.

    In his first major policy speech on immigration, Obama revealed the broad contours of his vision of reform, which if implemented would be helpful to hundreds and thousands of people from countries like India, who are professionals and law abiding and add value to the American society.

    "We should make it easier for the best and the brightest to come to start businesses and develop products and create jobs. Our laws should respect families following the rules, instead of splitting them apart," Obama said.

    "We need to provide farms a legal way to hire the workers they rely on, and a path for those workers to earn legal status," he said.

    The president said the system should stop penalising innocent young people for the actions of their parents, by denying them the chance to stay and contribute to build the country.

    He said the presence of about 11 million illegal immigrants makes a mockery of all those who are going through the process of immigrating legally.

    "Indeed, after years of patchwork fixes and ill-conceived revisions, the legal immigration system is as broken as the borders. Backlogs and bureaucracy means the process can take years," he observed.

    He was quick to add that immigration reform has been held hostage to political posturing and special interest wrangling and to the pervasive sentiment in Washington that tackling such a thorny and emotional issue is inherently bad politics.

    The president said besides addressing the issue of illegal immigrants, a reformed system also needs to address the need for talented people to stay and contribute to the country.

    "While an applicant waits for approval, he or she is often forbidden from visiting the US, which means even husbands and wives may be forced to spend many years apart... High fees and need for lawyers may exclude worthy applicants.

    "While we provide students from around the world visas to get engineering and computer science degrees at our top universities, our laws discourage them from using those skills to start a business or power a new industry right here in the United States," Obama said.

    He said instead of training entrepreneurs to create jobs, "we train our competition", adding: "In sum, the system is broken, and everybody knows it".

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  • bkarnik
    06-13 03:22 PM
    FBI Namecheck status (not good news) (pg. 37 of the report)

    As of May 2007, USCIS reported a staggering 329,160 FBI name check cases pending, with approximately 64 percent (211,341) of those cases pending more than 90 days and approximately 32 percent (106,738) pending more than one year.40 While the percentages of long-pending cases compared to last year are similar, the absolute numbers have increased. There are now 93,358 more cases pending the name check than last year. Perhaps most disturbing, there are 31,144 FBI name check cases pending more than 33 months as compared to 21,570 last year � over a 44 percent increase in the number of cases pending more than 33 months.4


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  • chanduv23
    11-08 11:35 AM
    good point. let's start doing it then...
    just my opinion..but festive occasions bind us as a community and yes that includes Eid and Christmas and the Chinese new year.
    Diwali celebrates the victory of good over evil, let's hope we can all bask soon in a festival of lights by getting some relief from retrogression....

    actually...and this is just me nitpicking now...Diwali is technically a Hindu festival not an Indian festival (since 20% of Indians are not Hindu), so the complaint may be more accurate if you point to the religious aspect...
    Of course it is widely celebrated in India...and the UK and going by the White house greetings and the huge melas the US :-)

    Chinese new year is a optional holiday and is celebrated with pomp in Las Vegas in honor of the huge gambling community that visits Las vegas from China

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  • lahiribaba
    07-02 02:48 AM
    last time i posted this idea everyone ridiculed.

    Well we desis can only follow the lead of firingis.. so firingis say that who the f*** asked you to come here in the first place and we understand their logic and tell ourselves who the f*** asked us to be here in the first place .. so we are to blame ourselves for everything and take the crap anyway..

    But that is not the point.

    The point is that me and my company and you and your organisation have paid a service fee with a reasonable expectation of service. reasonable expectation of service is subject to interpretetion based on common sense and no f**king common sense says that waiting 10 years for GC is reasonable .. unless your common sense has been replaced by self disrepecting logic ....


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  • u.misc
    08-11 01:09 AM
    I don't believe that this is for real but i am really impressed with the hacker.
    He did one heck of the job and made people run on their heels and

    thanks to people on this forum he succeed 100%.

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  • sbabunle
    04-09 05:58 PM
    Best post so far on this thread :D
    I will never go back. I'll stay legal as long as I could.
    And then I'll stay illegal and make mone :D :D :D


    You can't get more than 10K people to sign up to IV.
    And you can't get more than 300 people to sign up for $20 per month.

    What makes you think you can convince 20-30K people to move with you?


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  • diptam
    05-31 11:11 AM
    Guys -
    Dont lose "Hope". Its the most audacious word. I left the country in May 2009 with frustration , anger and the fact that whenever I was finding a contract in that tough times peoples were even NOT interviewing me the moment they heard that I'm a "H". They dont want to hear if I have EAD or my GC is going on - PERIOD. The vendors and contacts who loved me ( because they ripped high billing from me in 2000-2009) even started ignoring me.

    I felt harassed that i'm fighting on a "non-level" playing field. Eventually I got something at CA (I live at MA) for 55/hour and on the other hand I got a top notch salary offer from a US born Hardware company's Offshore office at Bangalore, India. They SHIPPED all jobs from US to India. I took that offer because I have my Old parents there at India and missed their company for 9+ yrs ( apart from regular vacations).

    However I could not adjust with several things there and ran back here after 10 months and found a truly EB2 job and ported my EB3 Mar 2005 Priority Date to EB2 in less than 1 year - I'm CURRENT ( YAAAYY !!) and Waiting for GC to come any day....

    By the way - I'm not M.S from US or any kind of masters degree holder from anywhere. I have a strong B.E degree from one of the Top 10 engineering colleges of India (not I.I.T though) and 11+ yrs US experience and 12+ yrs total IT experience in my kitty.

    Nothing is impossible - Wish Best of Luck to all EB3 India guys , you have the ability to turn the game , just play it truthfully and play it smart.

    Let me know if anyone needs any help - Email me or PM me.


    EB3 is not working, because we have no hope, not because we all went back or have ported.

    08-23 05:43 PM
    I didn't think my answers were making fun or teasing anyone - sorry if you felt that way, I didn't mean them to be interpreted like that.

    The main problem is that no one really knows for sure whether these steps are taken in sequence. There is little to no transparency. There are procedures, but we can not guarantee that they are followed.

    To answer your second part. No, I don't believe there are any standard updates that indicate this, but I could be wrong. I think that there is an update if you clear it, but not if you are stuck in it. Make sense? Pappu has an excellent post that details the name check process

    To answer nlssubbu with the query about the "pre-approval" - I don't think it is a 1 time thing. Its a fairly standard USCIS practice. I have a link somewhere to the IO AOS processing manual. If I can find it I'll post it here.

    Do I think they have enough resources to process them all? Absolutely not, but I doubt there will be a rush considering PDs won't be current for a while (esp eb3)

    For the past so many years of observing various forums and information, I did not come across the situation of pre-approval process except this time. I am sure that they will be doing various background checks to make the application ready for approval. It is not mentioned any where that how the pre-approval process is different from background checks? Are they the same or different? What processes are done during approval? I do not have any idea and hence I would like to keep the various checks and approval process separate.

    If you say 'pre-approval' is to complete all the checks required the case of approval, then why they issue a notification regarding a 'pre-approval' in visa bulletine?

    I hope someone will provide some information regarding these clarifications.


    06-15 07:50 PM
    FBI Namecheck status (not good news) (pg. 37 of the report)

    As of May 2007, USCIS reported a staggering 329,160 FBI name check cases pending, with approximately 64 percent (211,341) of those cases pending more than 90 days and approximately 32 percent (106,738) pending more than one year.40 While the percentages of long-pending cases compared to last year are similar, the absolute numbers have increased. There are now 93,358 more cases pending the name check than last year. Perhaps most disturbing, there are 31,144 FBI name check cases pending more than 33 months as compared to 21,570 last year � over a 44 percent increase in the number of cases pending more than 33 months.4

    And it is only 1 year of filing I-485 ( can i take comfort that many others have been stuck 2 year, 3 year etc ). ANother reason why visa numbers got wasted is that many fellas got stuck in namecheck ( Ask many of the Indian/Chinese/Russian folks ).

    I don't what crappy way they use to separate good from bad.

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