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  • alkg
    08-03 01:54 PM
    I agree with you. Next week we will see the bulletin and then some people will be elated if their predictions come right and some will be disapointed. Again in 20 days we will start a new thread for Oct bulletin and FY 2010. I guess it is just that we are keeping alive our hopes.

    Very true!

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  • pcs
    04-16 09:42 AM
    Guys... Contribute. What are you waiting for

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  • ganguteli
    04-01 10:55 PM
    Why are trying to wake up folks who are pretending that they are sleeping?

    Let them pretend.

    This was the same guy who said FOIA can be hung on wall like an art frame because he does not need the data. He does not care a rat's ass if you care about the data or not. When I mentioned that FOIA can also be used for making a presentation to the lawmakers on how deep the retrogression is, FOIA is ok and good. Because, it will possibly benefit him

    Me! Me! Me! Me! Alllll ME!

    Give me my GC IV! I will give you 25-50$ depending on my mood. What ever!

    In his latest post he said he owns 8 houses in USA.
    .... and cannot even contribute $25!! But wants everyone to hear his whines on the forum. Dude if you are serious then show it in your deeds.

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  • sidchhikara
    05-14 06:18 PM
    Wow you have REALLY stretched ur freedom of speech to the MAX here havent u ;)?
    Haha!! I hope you are not offended - I apologize if you are.

    Anyway - like I was saying freedom of speech and expression is very important for people belonging to any culture / country. Some people might think business / technology alone will ensure properity for the people involved - but the important thing to remember is that - business / technology is also a by product of these freedoms. When your mind is unrestricted by limitations and regulations - you get more innovative ideas - and you can also spread them easily.
    Donot let your cultural / religious commitments hold you back - most of them are unfounded and lack evidence anyways. This is one of the reasons West is more progressive than East - because they lean more toward reason instead of tradition etc., - and they say it out loud also which we don't do. This enables them to get the bullS*it out of the way first and concentrate on constructive things - innovate, do business blah blah blah!!

    Did'nt want to preach - but this is something that I value a lot.


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  • belmontboy
    03-15 09:39 PM
    If your case is older than 12 months from the date of judgement you can have your case expunged from public records. As of today your's is a public record and is on every entry point in the country. As per immigration laws the IO has the authority to turn you back if you have been found guilty. The best for you is to have the expungement of your case and no one will have the access to your case except FBI.. This may take anywhere 2-3 months from the date you file for expungement..

    Avoid travelling till your expungement is done..to be considered for expungement there should not be any other sace pending against you.

    Good Luck.. talk to your attorney and file for it even if you are not travelling it will be good for you for future employment etc. also..


    Getting expungement wouldnot help in his case.
    For immigration purposes, his conviction stands.
    Everytime when he visits consulate for a visa or enters USA at POE, he needs to indicate this on documents and provide explanation (if asked ) with relevant documents.

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  • Ramba
    09-05 02:46 PM
    I hope you are wrong about this. I do not see anything on the Approved AP that it should has been used for "humanitarian" purpose. It just mentions that the intention of AP is to allow the AOS applicant to return after temporary travel outside US. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    You are absolutly incorrect. Unfortunatly most lawyer or their web sites do not explain the limitation of "parole". Because most of the CBP at POE are flexible; that does not mean that the law is flexible. This is what the instruction for AP in the form.

    "Advance parole is an extraordinary measure used sparingly to bring an otherwise inadmissible alien to the United States for a temporary period of time due to a compelling emergency. Advance parole cannot be used to circumvent the normal visa issuing procedures and is not a means to bypass delays in visa issuance."

    Read more about AP at



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  • snathan
    04-21 02:23 PM
    Dear Friends,

    Please stay together....we will get this permission.

    If our parents stay in US, US economy will improved. We will be buying health insurance and food for them.
    We will stop sending money to our native country. All money we earned will be spend here. We will be travelling more. Shopping more. etc.
    This will help to improve US economy. I want to see US become super country like how it was when Bill Clinton was president.

    We have a great present now. I was impressed by his speech about family value and raising kids together as family. I am sure, we will get help from him.

    You know, How J2 visa holder got permission to work in US. A person fight for it and got it for many.

    Don't bother about a negative persons comments here.

    If we stay together, we will get this permission. Anyway, after you become citizen you got that permission. We can request gov to give permission to GC holders too.

    Please call the White house and talk to President directly...May be we should be able to get this done by May 1st. Keep us updated.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    09-23 11:51 AM
    Finished calling all except those who are not in favor.
    Updated poll.

    You must call to poeple not in favor first. Thats what you need to earn.


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  • javadeveloper
    01-15 11:29 AM
    Could you please edit your post so that it does not take up 10 pages space of may be 10 -15 lines of information?

    Thanks for rating.Realized & Edited at 12.20(while you are writing your post)

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  • karthkc
    09-05 05:13 PM
    The hard part about a consulting position in your scenario is the ability to keep your project pipeline flowing.

    If you are in a field like say SAP where the demand is always there, its easier to market yourself without too much effort.

    My personal opinion, note your skillsets, see if they are hot in the market and if so, keep your options flexible and try to market directly. If you are not comfortable networking or being in constant touch with resources that can help you with an opportunity, then consult under a firm...


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  • royus77
    07-23 05:22 PM
    Will CIS generate the Receipt notice first before transfering the application to the appropriate service center. ( like transfering the application from NSC -> TSC when the I-140 was approved at TSC but filed at NSC) .

    Any idea ? Any sign of Cheque cashing for the 2 july filers ????

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  • bitzbytz
    06-24 11:31 PM
    DO you have or aware of a format we can request the employer for unpaid leave? Appreciate if you can pass this along


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  • rheoretro
    11-08 06:02 AM
    I disagree with logiclife. The Dems had already been in line (even before the elections) with Bush's view of comprehensive immigration reform...they were ready for amnesty for the illegals, whereas Bush's own party wasn't. And this was why CIR was derailed in the House. Please remember that CIR is the only avenue by which legal immigration reform will be acceptable to the Senate, esp. Senators like Specter who is currently Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Of course, at this point in time, it remains to be determined as to who will control the Senate, as VA and MT have not been decided yet.

    My personal view, from Washington, DC, is that immigration will come up in the new 110th Congress. Our work will be done, but IV will need its members support and attention for a while.

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  • Norristown
    09-23 10:23 AM
    :confused:Looks like IV is proactive!!. NumberUSA is weeping that they came to know this mark up yesterday late night.
    *****'From NumberUSA website...
    House Judiciary Com. to Vote Today on Foreign-Worker Bills
    Updated Tuesday, September 23, 2008, 10:00 AM

    Public Notice for Markup Given in Dead of Night Yesterday


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  • newuser
    08-13 08:47 PM
    Found this article while digging the New Article Thread -2


    1.A new report finds that U.S. demand for IT professionals in 2006 reached levels not seen since before the dot-com bust
    2.The U.S. technology industry added almost 150,000 jobs in 2006
    3.Unemployment for engineers, computer programmers, software developers, and other IT professionals is at the lowest rate in years. Less than 3% of computer systems designers are out of work and less than 2% of engineers are sitting at home searching the classifieds, according to the AeA study
    4.There would have been a lot more than 147,000 jobs created here, but our companies are having difficulty finding Americans with the background," says William Archey, president and chief executive of the AeA.
    5.One culprit is the dearth of U.S. engineering and computer science college graduates. Second, immigration caps have made it difficult for highly skilled foreign-born employees to obtain work visas. Congress has been debating whether to increase the numbers of foreign skilled workers allowed into the country under the H-1B visa program

    Also the following article talks about the taxes conrtibuted by the legal coummunity to New York.


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    02-23 04:20 PM
    Hi sertha1,
    I have a similar situation. Can you please tell me how you resolved this problem?

    If you knew you wanted to convert back, you should have filed a 539 along with your husband's petition. Not too late, you can still do it but to revert back, they may come back asking for last 3 paystubs to prove you were still in status ona H-1.



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  • lost_in_migration
    09-20 12:32 PM
    Thanks to all those 'rescuers' from me too :)

    yup, with a *** for the comment (atleast in my case). Did not even have the decency to explain what part of the post he disagreed with, or discuss it on the forum... hide like a coward and shoot in the back...

    Anyway thanks to all who 'rescued' my reputation :)

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  • sledge_hammer
    05-13 02:15 PM
    Here's a suggestion - instead of whining about the "unjust" treatment being meted out to you, go get yourself a PhD, publish some research papers, get a couple of patents under your belt, then go qualify for EB1.


    I and many folks in this forum have seen very few approvals for this category. How come USCIS says that this category is over subscribing the visa quota. Why they are moving un used visas to EB2 (no offense) why not for EB3?

    We need IV help in this area.

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  • s416504
    02-11 09:35 AM
    Thanks for prompt reply.
    I mean Did you earned your MS after 3 year degree from India? In short Does ISU offer MS for 30 credits for person having 3 year degree from India?

    I think If any Univercity needs total X credits to finish US MS then that univercity counts How many credits (Y) one has earned from his past education. So X-Y gives how many more need to earned to finish MS.

    ISU - Iowa State University; Not from India. Yes, $15K for a total of 30 credits. Aprx 3 credits per subject => total 10 subjects. One of them must be a project, so total of 9 subjects ( with 3 credits each).

    02-23 08:25 AM
    We are looking for several articles that we can publish in various newspapers and websites as the immigration debate heats up in the media.

    Opportunity (1)

    We have an opportunity to write an article for a big Indian newspaper on our issues.

    This article will also be published online and thus read by Indians in India, and NRI indians online.

    The article should talk about the EB greencard problems and how it affect the lives of people who come to this country on H1B visas. Indian media it seems is confused on H1b visas and greencard process. They have on various occasions reported incorrect news on immigration legislation. Getting an H1B visa seems to be the be all and end all solution to come as a permananent resident of this country. While H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa, Greencard is the immigrant visa.

    We want this article to solely focus on Greencards. The title can be like --"In Search of the Green Card". The article can be such that general public in India is educated and made aware of the struggles to achieve the coveted GC.

    Make sure to write it as if you are a representative (member) of Immigration Voice and mention ImmigrationVoice name a few times in the article. Write aboout what immigration voice is doing to solve this problem and how this grassroots movement has grown nationwide and will enable a change in the broken immigrationsystem for high-skilled immigrants.

    The deadline for writing this article in wednesday , Feb 28. Pls write the article and post it on this thread so that we can store these articles and others can read it too to comment.

    Opportunity (2)

    We have few other opportunities to get it published by a media company and the articles are picked up by various ethinic media newspapers and websites for publication. Any interested IV member can write articles for this.

    The article can be more focussed on the greencard problem and how it affects the lives of people here and american competitiveness. Why the system needs to be fixed and how a grassroots movement like IV can help this. You can include your personal story in this article too if you like. The target readers are american public and potential IV members.

    Opportunity (3)

    We keep getting requests for articles so lets keep writing articles and store on this thread. Iv will try to get them published for you.

    A new thread is created so that everyone can notice it. I will be merging this thread with 'calling IV members with good writing skills in a few days'.

    we want more people to write these articles and store on this thread.

    09-23 01:36 AM
    I think we should call and tell them that highly skilled legal immigrants are working for long time and the jobs are granted because there is a shortage of highly skilled immigrants in US. We are waiting just because of the inefficiency of USCIS.

    This is from numberusa website on sept 18th with link on the home page.

    H.R. 5882 � "Recapturing Unused Employer-Sponsored Visas"

    This legislation is similar to the measure that Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) used before Summer recess to hijack debate on E-Verify reauthorization. The bill�s sponsor, Immigration Subcommittee Chairman Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif), claims it would �recapture unused employer-sponsored visas� from as far back as 1991 and then add them to the current numerical cap of 140,000 employer-sponsored visas that are available each year. Current law, however, clearly states that any employer-sponsored visas not used in one year are allocated to the family-preference categories in the following year. That means that there are no �unused� visas from past years to �recapture.�

    Moreover, these extra green cards would be for foreign workers to take engineering jobs, health care jobs, construction jobs, manufacturing jobs and just about every other job that Americans have been losing in this economy. In order to qualify, a foreign worker doesn't need more than 2 years of on-the-job training � and they aren't even required to have a high school diploma. Our country doesn't need these workers - our workers need these jobs!

    Another problem i see here....

    this ROY BECK is CEO & Founder of NumbersUSA is doing a backdoor calls directly to Harry Reid to kill this and other bills ....

    Check his Today's Blog

    Link (http://www.numbersusa.com/content/nusablog/beckr/september-22-2008/e-verify-will-die-if-congress-doesnt-act.html)

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has two honorable choices:

    * No. 1: Go around Sen.Menendez who has a "hold" on H.R. 6633, the "clean" E-Verify re-authorization bill passed by the House. Sen. Reid can bring this back-room filibuster to the Senate floor for a vote. If he does this, there easily will be the 60 votes necessary to stop Menendez and allow an overwhelming majority vote to pass H.R. 6633. (Reid reportedly doesn't want to do this because he doesn't want to force some of his Democrats to have to go on record just before the election.)
    * No. 2: Avoid a vote altogether by talking to Menendez privately, persuading him that what he is doing is threatening the reputation of the Democratic Party just before elections and get him to withdraw his "hold" on H.R. 6633. (This way, Reid could then bring H.R. 6633 to the floor in the "hot-wire" fashion which will pass by voice vote.)

    Either way, the American worker and public wins. It is all about Reid doing one of those two things.

    This is why we want you to put particular pressure on Democratic Senators to put an end to Menendez' shameful grandstanding. Fortunately, Senate Republicans are standing firm against Menendez.

    The weakest and most vulnerable American workers -- and non-workers -- will benefit the most from your willingness to step forward and take action this week.


    After we told you that some Republican Senate staffers were working with Sen. Menendez (D-N.J.) for massive increases in foreign workers, you hammered Republican offices for not holding the line for a "clean" E-Verify bill.

    Your efforts really worked. By the end of this last week, Republican Senate staffs were going into negotiations with Democrats and making it clear they were united in oppositiion to a foreign-worker surge at this time of 5-year-high unemployment and financial industry collapse.

    Sen. Menendez apparently is not bothered by the 5-year-high official unemployment rate -- or even by the 292,000 additional American workers who went on unemployment in August alone. He is insisting that if we keep E-Verify, then we have to add another 550,000 foreign workers next year to the 1.1 million immigrants already scheduled to come.

    (AS A REMINDER: E-Verify is the central tool for taking away the job magnet from illegal immigration. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants to kill it so outlaw businesses will have more freedom to hire illegal workers. E-Verify is the on-line system that businesses can type into for each new hire and find out if they are an illegal alien.

    (If you live in Arizona, Oklahoma, Georgia -- or any other of the places that have started mandating that businesses use E-Verify -- your efforts to combat illegal immigration will be halted. )

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