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  • walking_dude
    03-17 05:13 PM
    Bernanke's predecessor Alan Greenspan has written a book (check it on Amazon) where he makes a case for increased high-skilled immigration. He makes a forceful case that its good for the greater economy (and not just limited to housing sector). And yet, we don't see any action on the Capitol (do we?!).

    If Bernanke gives a media statement about the benefits of increased high-skilled immigration to media, it will create a few articles, a few heated discussions. It will peter out after that ( like Bill Gates testimonies to US Congress). Ultimately its the guys sitting in the Capitol and WH who control what becomes the law. And they aren't going to decide on immigration based on what Bernanke states in a brainstorming session.

    Here's the complex process - Someone has to write a bill, work on getting sponsors and co-sponsors, network with other Congressmen to support the bill. Get it through the bureacracy of the Sub-committee on Immigration in the Senate, get a filibuster proof majority of 60 senators to get it passed. Same has to be done in the House. Get it out of House immigration sub-committee. Get a majority vote in the House. In doing all this they shouldn't create a reason for Pres. Bush to veto it. In case he does veto it (for any reason) it will go back to Congress and 2/3rd majority is required to override the veto.

    If it was so easy to get a bill passed [by getting Mr. Bernanke to support it] lobbying business would've been long dead. Companies wouldn't be spending millions of dollars every year to safeguard their interests.

    Point is - getting Bernanke/media support may create a traction for our issue and get it some coverage. I'm not saying the effort is completely useless. It has it's place. But it will not fix the issue by itself. We still need to meet the lawmakers and convince them, we still need to send those letters, make those phone calls, send those faxes and so on. Getting Bernanke/media support will never be an alternative to IV efforts. They will, at best, complement it.

    Bernanke gets called often to talk about the economy and that gets Media attention (so even if he says everything should be done to increase demand and if he mentions immigration ..that would help) ..that is commonsense 101. it is definitely worth trying.

    ofcourse Ben may not read our letters but hopefully someone in his staff would (Approaching Ben or the realtors has more chance of success than sending mails to VP or to Bush) ...and maybe suggest the same during their brainstorming ..ofcourse all of this is hopes ..and with ifs and buts ..but I dont see lot of other options ..

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  • svn
    04-07 06:41 PM
    Your intentions are good - but the approach you took needs to be refined further. None of what I wrote above is personally against you - I appreciate your efforts but feel that we need to approach it differently - probably equating updates with money is not a good approach given that once someone gives money , they may start having a feeling of entitlement and we may not be ready to handle it.

    Thanks for the appreciation. Without a doubt, the poll I have posted is clearly focused on a single dimension i.e. whether receiving more regular updates will help people get more involved and contribute more (whatever be that amount, it would be in addition to current status). While there could be several other ideas to increase participation level, this is what I felt was important to me and was looking to gauge if others felt similalry. However, I clearly don't have a patent on ideas - if you have a different approach or idea I would assume you wouldn't hesitate to pursue that to achieve our goals.

    As far as as the notion that someone who gives money feels entitled to receive information - so, what's wrong with that? After all no one gives without any expectations and based on this poll, there are at least some of us for whom being informed along the process is one of those expectations, especially since none of our goals will be achieved overnight. I do not mean generic updates of the nature you have cited, but more specific status reports of who is/has been doing what and what action, if any, is expected of the rest of us in order to support. If the organization is not prepared to handle that, I think it needs our help to be able to achieve that goal! Being ready to provide these updates will only improve our organization's efficiency and effectiveness.

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  • siddar
    05-13 12:33 PM
    I would strongly suggest, people refrain from using words like injustice, etc., Injustice implies the US govt is doing something wrong, when they are not. Such accusations do not reflect well on us and are unlikely to benefit in any meaningful way.

    Desis are impacted because we are just so many of us. No other reason. Keep in mind that we are still walking away with the bulk of green cards each year, far above the stipulated Quota.

    The Green card system exists for the benefit of America. It will not be tailored to meet the individual needs of overpopulated countries. All we can do is request them to improve the system and make it easier for applicants. Taking the aggressive approach of accusations, demanding for change, asking for more, etc., will not work.

    When there is a overflow, I strongly feel that it should flow to all the categories and that is called equality. Some inefficient people in Decision making authority at USCIS framed a rule on visa overflow and they are following it. If the rule is not much logical/ethical to most of the people, then anyone can voice their rights against it.

    Just for example, a team consists of one project manager(EB1), two tech leads(EB2) and 6 Developers(EB3). The demand is based on no. of vacancies exists on the market, that means a lot of EB3, less EB2 and few EB1.
    As per this rule, USCIS is not actually feeding the hungry.
    Regarding the country quota, US is not favoring/helping the foreign countries by giving GC to those people from them. So, it makes no sense at all when it comes to immigrants but I can understand the bureaucracy behind it.
    If they are implementing the country limit then it should be like 0.00001% of that country's population, I feel.

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  • belmontboy
    03-15 09:31 PM
    Need your valuable advice on this serious issue. Involved in shoplifting case, got arrested and plead guilty. Served the community service, and paid fine. Got the �Court Disposition Document� which states that I am all clear. My status is I-485 pending and have EAD, AP documents.
    1. Is it safe to travel to India and come back on AP?
    2. What are the possible chances that visa officer may not let me into the USA?
    3. Do I need to carry any letters from my criminal attorney explaining the situation?
    4. Any one in similar situation, please update me on this?
    5. Please list of documents I need to carry during my travel

    Please reply and post your valuable opinions/suggestions/advices.

    Appreciate all your inputs.

    Have a nice day!!!

    Thank you,

    There are few things you need to findout first:
    1.) what section did u get conviction? does this section constitute a CMT in your state?
    2.) if its a CMT, then what was the maximum sentence for this crime in your state?

    Do research on "inadmissibility" w.r.t CMT's. There are waivers for first time offenders. See if you qualify for any.

    Since these vary state to state, I am not sure if any on this forum could help you. Also not to mention, only an expert could give you correct advise on this.

    I suggest the best person to get this addressed is criminal immigration attorneys. If you are from state of CA, you could research on Norton Tooby.

    Good luck and god bless


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  • spicy_guy
    04-19 12:29 PM
    change - that is all that is left in my pocket


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  • pappu
    01-21 08:19 PM

    With me having a pd even prior to of Mar 2002-EB3I, I thought I will join hands with IV to make something happen. To the extent I went and joined the IV chapter too.

    Unfortunately, starting with the forum to most of the news that is being discussed seems to be not related to immigration at all. Example, accidents, investments, real estate. I feel the admin should be able to control and strictly adhere to what ImmigrationVoice stands for and delete any other unrelated threads.

    Anyway, long story short, I feel IV has lost its focus and feels like for people who are looking at a proper approach to resolving problems, the web site does not give any reason or confidence, to follow or join hands for IV activities.

    Just my opinion. Feel free to agree to disagree whoever would like to.

    Not trying to blame anybody here, but sharing a viewpoint. In my opinion IV was great sometime back, but feel now there is a lack of direction.

    I understand there could be lot of negative & positive comments about my reply here or me joining activities etc or not joining IV initiatives etc. I will explain my stance on those later.


    We totally understand your point of view.
    We feel we have more experience now than before and more members to take part in action items.
    However we have felt that it has not been enough to bring the relief we need. For that we need more active members and more resources. I disagree that IV has lost focus. Few unrelated threads do not mean that is the opinion of IV. We would rather spend time doing IV work in this important year than policing the forums and banning people.

    Infact through new features and upgrade of the site we are trying to provide what our members need on this site so that there is more participation on the effort when it is time. Our past experiences have told us that we need more numbers when it comes to letter writing, calling or rally. This is the reason we are trying to add new features on the site and look into the needs of the community. This is going to be our strategy this year and we seek member's help to get everyone outside of IV on IV platform. If someone wants to seek answers on immigration questions, they can join IV forums, if someone wants to track they can use IV tracker, If someone wants to blog, we have blogs etc etc

    We really need critical mass of people this important year for us. Please try to help in any way possible to spread the word about IV at this time.

    If you would like this to become an action item, some members can take the lead and help send chain emails, posters or any other innovative means to spread the word about IV. I think that is the need of the hour in order to launch a big campaign this year.

    IV is you and me and we need to shoulder the responsibility to make something happen this year.


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  • oldschool
    08-15 09:28 AM
    Are there any implications of leaving my employer now who sponsored me for GC? I got my GC on the first week of July. I plan to leave on the 1st week of September. Thank you very much.

    Addendum: I applied for AOS for my spouse this July. Will there be a problem with her AOS?

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  • freshprince
    01-14 12:00 PM

    My wife got her h1 approval in Oct 2007. She hasnt been on any project, nor has she received any stubs. i want her to convert to h4 again as she is pregnant. If she goes to India to get her H4 stamped what docs does she need? will there be any problems?


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  • gcphul
    08-25 02:22 PM
    Hey Guys,

    I had same suitation 2 years back. I have been to Regional DMV in Trenton they refused and then I went to Edison DMV my DL renewd for 3 months with receipt #. The Lady at desk shown me the copy of some Rule has a provison that DL can be renew based on Receipt# with employer letter.Once we get the approval we have to go DMV and renew again based on new i94date.

    here are the step to follow.

    1) Go to Edison DMV near Pathmark Complex( i think its middlesex complex).

    2) Get a letter from Employer saying that ur been with so and so years and filed h1 extension with receipt#. ( Orginal Letter from Employer not Xerox copy). They will take the letter.

    3)Orginal Recepit showing proof of H1 extension and take a couple of Xerox copies they may take one of them.

    4) Passport (Orginal just in case if they ask u)
    5) SSN( Orginal Just in case if they ask u).

    Good Luck guys

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  • bigboy007
    07-21 12:06 AM
    eb3 FedEx delivered on July 2 9:01 AM EST signed by E.Mickels


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  • jonty_11
    10-12 02:35 PM
    This posting is not to dishearten anyone but to make everyone aware of the obstacles on the path. I followed up on Science article and talked to Jim Austin, the
    lead for ScienceCareer efforts of Science journal group. The baseline of my conversation goes as: there is limited funding, limited opportunities even for US born scientists, then is it wise to "import on permanent basis" scientists from abroad?Yes, it is good to have the best here, but what we (USA) require is education and training of US-born first ...

    Take home message for us guys is this: These are the people the congress hears out first when they want to make policy changes. These are the people who were able to convince NIH to double its funding in 5 years time a couple of years back. These are the people who are now saying that there is no job and money for US-born, so first get more fundingand training for us citizens, before you get foreigners to carry out research ...

    It is obvious that the issue is becoming more and more acrimonious, entangled with a lot of other issues - both political and economic. Unless the retrogressed are willing to take this to heart and put up an intense effort, in coming years the matter is going to get worse. Next few months could be the only ***healthy*** window of time to achieve a remedy for retrogression. Not only the economy is driving anti-highskillimmigration groups more vocal, we are slowly finding the pro-immigrant support base thinning out because of very bad fiscal situations.
    It may be true that people would want their own to be trained and educated rather than getting highly skilled people from outside the borders. However, the question we raise is not abt getting more people from outside, but is it wise to deny PR to thousands highly educated folks who are already here and stand to loose them for a vision of educating US born people which may take several years to reap fruition, while those immigrants may decide to go elsewhere for a stabler life.

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  • somegchuh
    11-18 10:32 PM
    Just out of curiosity how many of those 60% were citizens? I know a lot of friends who have put in extra 5 years to get the citizenship.

    I think aging parents is probably the biggest and valid concern a lot of ppl have.
    I think there are plenty of people who always planned to go back .. the GC /USC was just a career advancement tool for these people. In fact, a survey of US returnees to India after 2000 shows that the majority (around 60%) were USCs/ GC holders, which is clearly an indication that the relocation was by choice rather than any immigration issues.

    And finally, many of us have family issues like taking care of aged parents which either makes the re-location inevitable or in some cases may coincide with career goals.

    I have seen that most ppl who have been here for over 5 years have almost fallen in love with the possibilities. They talk about going back to take advantage of the booming growth but very few actually do go back.

    Or maybe some of us came here precisely for the reasons you mention, seeking greener pastures but fell in love with the openness, informality and the possibilities here .


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  • a1b2c3
    10-02 11:19 AM
    Think they revamp their systems before starting off with the new year.

    Dec Bulletin will see EB categories being opened up. Don't think there will be any change in Nov Visa bulletin.

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  • karthkc
    03-18 05:03 PM

    As long as you dont use your EAD, you can continue working on H1B.

    In fact, if it is the same employer as your GC sponsor, you dont have to do anything.

    The thing to remember is to extend your H1B if you do a H1B transfer so you dont have any issues at the time of transfer.

    All this is assuming that your company policy can handle exceptions to the policy :)



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  • byeusa
    07-14 12:53 AM
    [QUOTE=girishvar]I know Robinder Personally for a long time. He is Championing the cause of Ind0-US affairs with his headquarters in India. He is also the very senior columnist and well respected media person in Delhi. Being a Bachelor and previous personal assistant of Rajiv Gandhi, when he was a PM, he has never entered politics and very honest altruistic man. Calling him a fraud should be incorrect.

    I smell that you are a paid poster of USINPAC. I am asking the adminstrator of the IV site to track your I.P address to see if this post is coming from some one at USINPAC.

    I think IV would like to work with USINPAC provided that they truely believe in the cause of immigration reform. Seeing the P.R that comes out of them and the content of their site, they seem to be good at issuing PR's like USINPAC applauds xz, USINPAC supports xyz,USINPAC Photo gallery etc.. I mean grand standing from the side lines and then taking credit for (as some one mentioned here,) for the sun rising tomorrow morning. Don't take it personally but the content on their site is cheesy and points to cheap publicity. I am told that much of the lawmaker community and the media has come to realize this image of USINPAC in DC.

    I do sincerely hope that they find direction regarding what issues they want to work for and where they want to take their organization. All the best.

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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    10-11 09:15 AM
    I personally don't think any dramatic change will occur by december. You should probably follow your lawyer. This is a reasonable guess based on warnings issued in the November bulletin and assuming that even if any positive legislation is passed there will not be any movement in December bulletin - such movement would occur only later.


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  • himu73
    07-06 11:45 AM
    I believe any efforts to make USICIS accept all applications can be couter productive. You can have some people getting stuck for sure for many years before they get their green cards. also since new fees kick in on July 30th, you will have to pay for the EAD,AP.
    The law-suit can benefit only a few of us, so why is IV behind this.
    Can the core members comment on this.
    I tihnk all these efforts do not define a common cause right now.
    How do you define "All effected"?

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  • bobzibub
    04-09 11:10 AM
    ...About bribe and corruption if you study the history it was created out of bad politics and system as things are changing with better system it will be reversed, you will never have political system with out corruption atleast there none exist on face of the earth, I am positive about India and itz growth,

    If bribery and corruption are major issues, why not start the "anti-corruption" political party? It will likely be small, but it may become the "king maker" one day and have a real influence on policy. An example is the "Action Democratique" party in Quebec. They are mainly Gen-Xers which means they are almost all under 40. After decades of seperatists and Liberals dominating Quebec, they had had enough and now they are the official opposition after ten years.

    For political change in the US, we have a handicap which is that we are not citizens. (Desipite this IV seems to do well.) But as an Indian, you have much more clout in India if you organize. Use the 'net as IV does. And corruption is never popular with the people who do not benefit (most of us).

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  • preddy2k
    07-25 12:22 PM
    EB3/Jan 2004 - TSC
    Mailed on July 1st and reached USCIS on July 2nd around 9am.

    Did not hear anything yet

    04-01 07:38 PM
    Zen, the point is very simple. If you believe in this organization and what it does then you will donate knowing that IV needs the money to lobby for you, me and everyone else who is part of the community.

    Lobbying is a very sensitive issue and it is not always possible for the persons involved to give you daily updates. Rather disclosing too much before time can have the opposite effect with people interested in lobbying against our interest mobilizing more aggressively.

    Also bills are introduced all the time and there is not always enough time to hold funding drives to lobby for and against those bills. Moreover lobbying with the congress and senate is an on going effort and will require resources anyways.

    However if you feel you want to be in the thick of things and know everything that is going on, then I guess joining your state chapter and being an active member can help you get some additional info. I believe volunteering your time is a lot more useful for the community than only money and if you can do that, all the power to you. I for one try and make my contributions to help those guys who are taking the pains to do all the work which benefits all of us.

    07-04 12:31 PM
    As long as you had an I-140 approved earlier and 180 days crossed after the RD of I-485, you are safe to move on to a new job using AC21 portability. Even if your ex-employer withdraws the support for the approved I-140, your I-485 would not denied and it would be considered on its own merits.

    I know. But looking at some horror stories where USCIS issued NOIDs and even direct denials inspite of sending the AC21 letter - I am just trying to understand if the desi employers will find this way to retaliate against employees who leave their companies?

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