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  • needhelp!
    05-15 02:13 PM
    Please call all of them. They asked me whether I was from district or particular organization, and I said I am not from the district but I am a member of Immigration Voice and they have taken down my message.

    the person who took the phone asked where are you calling from? I think they care for calls only from the rep's distrcit? Also would verbal messages to any staff be sufficent? no fax?

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  • sathweb
    07-11 05:55 PM
    Lets do that. Regular letters.
    Print, sign, stamp and mail letters.
    I am all for it.

    Before we ask Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren for any further help/support, don't you guys think it will be appropriate to first thank her in some kind of noble way? Any ideas?

    I personally think (at least to begin with) a letter expressing gratitude for and our faith in her efforts would be a nice gesture.:)

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  • pal351
    05-11 07:14 PM
    Hi abhisam - I did the same. What happened to your EAD renewal application.?

    Hi guys,
    I live in LA and sent my renewal application to NSC on April 1st and reached on April 2nd, but they forwarded my application to PHX. Arizona, then check cashed and recieved reciept in mail on April 21st. it took 21 days for me.


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  • leoindiano
    01-23 10:08 AM
    Lot of these posts are generalized.....Only common case is "House with No GC".

    The place where i live, rent is 200$ less than a mortgagepayment for a single family 2500 sq ft, 0.25 acre home. If one can live in a house for same payment why would they live in 1000 sq. ft apartment by obeying stupid rules put up by apartments managements, Like Lease Clauses, No Dish Antennas etc.,. Where i live, the prices didnt go down heavily...The places hit hard are where vacation homes built heavily. Or big cities with uncontrolled crime and prices.

    May be you should also look into how many houses owned by legal immigrants were foreclosed? Please write responsibly, thank you


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  • mdumar
    03-20 12:07 PM
    Thank you, Totoro for leading this effort. My suggestions are same as gc_dream07, but I would like to reword the suggestion
    2) Remove the country cap for employment based immigration (the argument we should put forward is that when it comes to employment based immigration the deciding criteria should be individual�s skills now where the individual was born).
    3) Capture the unused Visa (Green Cards)

    Exactly, it is okay to have country cap for those who are coming in through lottery or for those who come in through family based GCs. But for employment based GCs, it should be the skill that matters, not from which country he comes from.

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  • CrazyWorld
    08-05 06:56 AM
    This has been the regular way... CPO e-mail first and then an e-mail saying "... we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status."

    I got my Card Production ordered email yesterday at 9:00 PM and now at 7:20 AM I get mail saying I have been registered at permenent resident. So looks like the department that registers GC is slower than the guys who print the actual card. Has any one else seen this kind of reverse order of mails?


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  • paskal
    01-18 10:08 PM
    i signed up
    sorry for the delay
    thanks guys for keeping this up.

    mjdup, anurakt, amitjoey please check your pm, thanks!

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  • andycool
    06-02 02:39 PM
    Anyone else experienced this? Primary applicant not getting fingerprint notice after EAD e-file?

    Did anyone get efiled EAD approval without fingerprints?

    I E filed EAD for my wife on April 1@TSC ... Never received FP.. On may 12 Received Ref for
    not sending Photos :( , I sent photos now waiting ...

    I E filed my EAD on April 26 , got FP on May 12 and Approval on 26 :confused:

    I think lot of people didnt get FP's and you may get a REF for pics .



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  • nat23
    02-01 09:24 PM
    Pappu just mentioned that an update is on the way...

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  • snathan
    05-07 04:22 PM

    Do we have any action plan and what are we going to do next.



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  • snathan
    05-14 05:27 PM
    Today I have contacted Ron Gotcher and here is his response.

    1. Begin by contacting the office of the Inspector General of the Department of Labor. That office is supposed to ferret out mismanagement and misconduct within the agency. With cases pending as long as they have been pending, something is clearly wrong.

    2. If you get no response from the IG's office, next prepare a formal letter to the Secretary of Labor, asking for assistance.

    3. If that doesn't work (though it should), next contact the chairs of the House and Senate immigration sub-committees and file formal complaints, requesting their help. If you include a large number of victims, this should impress them enough to contact the agency to find out what's going on and get it resolved.

    And also Ron Gotcher ready to help us.

    So please guys post your inputs and what can be done futher. Its a collective effort and have to help outselves. Here is the action plan.

    1. Rather than every one sending separate letter, let us send only one letter and every one signed that.

    2. Let us create one yahoo group, send all your infomation, Name and adress.

    3. Draft a letter to OIG, attach all our information.

    4. Based on the response let us decide our next move.

    Your comments and inputs are more than welcome..

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  • validIV
    04-08 02:44 PM
    As a result, these annual limits have been reached and both categories have become �Unavailable.�

    Visa availability in these categories will resume in October, the first month of the new fiscal year

    See you guys in October!


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  • akhilmahajan
    08-05 09:50 AM
    Any updates on anyone's case.
    Please share the information.

    GO IV GO.

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  • msyedy
    02-02 11:39 AM
    SA 187.

    Kennedy's staff picked up something from their old the original McCain-Kennedy bill of 2005 (the CIR before it hit the judiciary committee last year) that had the hard country cap and slapped it on Thomas against Session's amendment.

    If you look at the text, its remarkably similar to the original McCain-Kennedy text (140K to 290K, hard country cap, recapture...all that. Even the description of the title).

    They copy-pasted the text for skilled immigration from original McCain-Kennedy that was their brainchild, instead of copy-pasting it from S 2611 ES what had all the amendments from last year's senate CIR. But then again, copy-paste is very common on the Hill. Last year, Bill Frist copied the entire Judiciary Committee version and introduced it after deleting 2 titles related to Amnesty and guest-worker bill.

    If this amendment had really passed, and if it had not been modified in the conference between house and senate and if hard cap had become a law, then this amendment would have done more harm than good.

    Could you elaborate on the harm that would cause us please...
    I would like to understand this system.....


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  • swadeshi
    05-20 03:07 PM
    I think they should open the poll as people are still calling..I voted on the poll but by then I only called a few senators, now yesterday I called all of the senators, I would like to change my vote. If we open the poll we can track how many people called, can someone from the core do this??

    Thanks in advance

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  • PresidentO
    03-31 05:11 PM
    Do you mind sharing with us which office is this?

    Did you meet the DC staff or your local office staff?


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  • GCneeded
    05-16 12:59 PM
    Thanks sravani,

    So will the doctor still give me a report even if I don't complete all medical exams?

    Also on a side note, Do you know how long does it take to get the report once the tests are done?


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  • usirit
    05-27 04:07 PM
    Let's leave the inclusion of the Case # up to the Case Holder. I'll include it, just for your records.
    So, what will be the e-mail address or fax #? And what format are you specifically waiting to receive the data so a uniform document it's compiled.
    ;) Let's close this issue so we can move forward to another one....

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  • InTheMoment
    07-12 01:25 AM
    Good timeline.

    Point 4.: USCIS has no need to inform DoS that all visa numbers are used. As DoS is the visa control authority it very well knows the status; in fact is the only one who knows the latest tally. USCIS can only ask DoS "how many remaining" to finish their game!

    So is it possible that the following was USCIS' plan all along in a bid to (1) force applicants to pay the higher fees and (2) reduce the number of applications they would receive. So let's try and see where USCIS or DOS acually broke the law. BTW, the following is pure speculation on my part.

    1. DOS makes all categories current in the visa bulletin dated June 12.
    2. This screws up USCIS's plans. So they have to force the DOS to issue a revision before July 1st.
    3. USCIS frantically starts requesting visa numbers. Even for 485s with pending FBI checks.
    4. Come July 2nd, USCIS still hasn't used up all the 60,000 or so numbers, but still informs DOS that all visa numbers have been exhausted.
    5. DOS publishes a revised visa bulletin dated July 02 where everthing becomes unavailable.
    6. USCIS acts on DOS revised visa bulletin and decides to reject all I-485s filed on July 02 and beyond.
    7. July 05 onwards, USCIS starts returning the numbers to DOS. This could be for applications that have pending FBI checks.
    8. DOS now decides to use some caution before issuing August bulletin. They will probably not make all categories current, but will probably shift them by a few months based on June bulletin.
    9. USCIS now gets all new applications with higher fees and a reduced number of applications.

    Please add to this sequence of events if you think I missed anything.

    IMHO, USCIS broke the law in #4. And DOS broke the law in #5 if it was aware that visa numbers were still being issued as of July 02.


    08-21 08:17 AM
    I saw response from one of the moderator.
    I think that we need to point out to law makers that employment based petitioners are being differentiated from citizens . Whlie in their case the date of child is frozen on the date of the I-130 application, why not same treatment should be given for I-140.
    I again hope our Core Team members will take up this issue.

    This would still eliminate many of the children who have already aged out. Their dilemma was due to labor backlogs. Since labor certification is an integral stage in the employment based green card process the initial priority date should be the point at which their age is frozen. The I130 is the initial step for family based green cards, the labor cert is the initial step for employment based, NOT the I140.

    06-14 02:16 PM
    Oh Yeah??

    So why didn't we accept the current retrogression as "injustice and screwed up process of USCIS" and just sat tight? Why did IV get started? Why threadful of messages moaning in agony over the retrogression? What warranted those threads, and for that matter, IV then?

    There are no 2 ways to this.. it is injustice and screwed up process of DOL and USCIS.....but the situation (DOL) is no different than 1 day ago. it should not warrant you to start this thread.

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