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  • maak77
    12-07 03:03 PM
    Does USCIS usually says this. i assume it should say "AP approved " or something similar. Have anyone seen this message on tracking your online case status.

    Thanks for any info.


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  • kriskris
    08-24 11:19 AM
    Even i couldn't view it from Firefox. I saw the video from the same browser for first 2 days and all i see is a blank screen after that.

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  • gc@waiting
    09-24 06:56 PM
    180 days from the labor approval date

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  • TheRealAlan
    10-25 05:45 PM
    Surely you can afford to pay $95 a year at ipowerweb.com for that. There are even cheaper deals than that around. It doesn't cost that much.


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  • scorpion
    09-10 10:05 AM
    If the job description on the Labor allows 3 year degree. And if it is properly filed by the lawyer than there should not be any problem. I know few people who got their I-140 (EB3) approved from NSC with 3 year degree.

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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-16 03:19 PM
    to see you chime in... it's WHAT IV WANTS... :)


    U will get a lot of what you want :)


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  • anilsal
    07-06 10:42 PM
    Why not microsoft? The rest of high tech industry will not survive if they can't move their 60% of operations outside of USA. Bone headed congress will continue to come up with legislation that encourage illegal immigration and discourage legal immigration. Sounds like 19th century for UK, 20th century for USA and 21st century for China and India. Dollar declines and what is the use of GC? I am thinking of going back where the growth is.

    In the last radio show that IV was invited (cannot recall which one), one of the premier companies had in fact opined that they will move the jobs overseas if the doors are not opened here. Most probably the company was Oracle.

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  • pkak
    07-19 10:23 PM

    My U.S. born son is travelling with my friends from India to USA. He had gone to India for summer vacation. Would anybody have any sample letter for addressing to immigration authorities that we authorize his travel along with my friend.




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  • chanduv23
    11-11 10:46 AM
    Good one. Go IV go.

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  • Blog Feeds
    03-08 01:00 PM
    Great tip from AILA for our H1B (http://www.h1b.biz/lawyer-attorney-1137085.html) filers trying to beat the rush. Because you cannot submit an LCA earlier than six months prior to the beginning date of the period of intended employment (20 CFR � 655.730(b)), if you want your LCA in hand before April 1, then set your employment start date on the LCA for a date in September, and set the expiration date for a date no more than three years hence. File the I-129 with a start date of October 1, but with an expiration date that coincides with the expiration date of the LCA. You will lose a couple of days on the back end of the petition by doing this, but you will get the LCA filed and back before April 1.


    LCA start date: 9/1/10

    LCA end date: 8/31/13

    Form I-129 start date: 10/1/10

    Form I-129 end date: 8/31/13

    Due to delays in receiving approved LCAs, take the proper precautions and file your LCA early to avoid any undue delays.

    Although under certain circumstances USCIS has agreed to accept H-1B petitions for processing that include LCAs that have not been certified, attorneys should understand that if the LCA submitted with the H-1B petition is eventually denied, the H-1B (http://www.h1b.biz/lawyer-attorney-1137085.html) will be denied, even if a subsequent certified LCA is submitted. This is even true where the denial is due to DOL error in not being able to verify a petitioner's FEIN. However, USCIS has also indicated that if the sole reason for failing to apply for an Extension of Status or Change of Status is due to DOL delay in the certification process, USCIS may look at the totality of the circumstances in determining whether to accept the late filing.

    Bottom line is that getting an approved LCA before April 1, 2010 is crucial. Pay attention to detail and get the files ready in advance is a must.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2010/03/h1b_visa_lawyer_getting_the_lc.html)


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  • kirupa
    08-04 04:26 PM
    How can I link to a file or the xml in Blend 4?

    Second question, How can I add URL to the texts in Blend 4?

    Thanx :D
    You can use RichTextBox for inlining hyperlinks. It is available in WPF and Silverlight 4 projects. Your hyperlink can even be a path to a file :)

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  • chunky
    08-20 09:21 PM

    Hi All

    Is there a recording available for the last conference call with the lawyer on sunday Aug 19, 2007.

    If someone has the recordsing please post the link here.



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  • RNGC
    04-21 03:12 PM
    I think once you are in AOS pending , I-94 will not come into play.....

    It will be great if IV can collect all these questions and submit to USICS for a complete FAQ on their website.

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  • NANO3
    04-09 08:37 PM
    two bucks for a stamp??? outrageous...:+)

    In about 20 years here in the US that'll be the stamp :nose:

    Digital stamps costing $2


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  • silverneo188
    01-16 01:11 PM
    I found it very easy.

    System.Media.SoundPlayer sound = new System.Media.SoundPlayer(@"c:\path\to\music.wav");

    Thanks :beer:

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  • Waitng4GC
    03-25 09:32 AM
    it is around $27 and I got both H1 and EAD.


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  • looivy
    01-02 09:48 AM

    I have my I-140 approved and have a 2 year EAD. I work as a project manager for a financial firm. I am in EB3 India quota. I currently work on H1B.

    In case of a job loss what are my options? By that I mean what kind of jobs should I look for on AC21. Also, can you switch multiple employers on AC21.

    Pl advise.

    Can I have a hiatus between losing job and getting a new one on AC21 or I need to have an offer in hand before using AC21.

    Only serious feedback please.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Prashanthi
    05-28 03:15 PM
    Yes thats what it means

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  • realizeit
    06-30 11:59 AM
    As the house will go into a recess after around a month, is anyone seeing a possibility for a congressional action regarding the three pending immigration bills in the house? �A realistic possibility?

    As per the calendar, we have time till August 4 and between September 7 & September 26, to get something done in Congress. It might be really difficult to get something done in September as that short time may be used by the congress for many high priority items.

    August 4 to September 7: House August Recess
    August 9 to September 7: Senate August Recess
    September 26: House Target Adjournment Date

    I am wondering, what else I could do to push our bills to fruition.

    [Participated in all call campaigns & providing recurring contribution]

    05-09 07:45 PM
    I'm seeking second opinion for my situation.

    My H1b visa has been extended for another 3yrs and my current stamped visa expires sept 2010. I work for a typical consulting company with a client at end and a vendor in the middle. I've a clean record and have been paid always for last 3yrs, without a single month gap.

    I'm visiting India in June for marriage so I wanted to go for the stamping as well. I've a situation where I'm looking for a second opinion.

    What would you do if you were in my situation:

    1. Go for visa stamping alone immediately after landing in India before marriage. Marriage is about 8-9 days after I land there. And, my spouse can go for H4 visa alone after marriage once marriage certificate is ready.

    2. Go for visa stamping after marriage with spouse as well. But I'll have only 7-8 business days based on the latest dates available after marriage.

    3. Don't go for stamping as I can return with a valid visa and I-797. My spouse can go alone after.

    I'm tending towards #2 just because if I do get stuck for some reason, I doubt they will process my application within 2-3 weeks without needing to alter the travel plan when I go with #1. So, either #1 or #2, if I've a situation in stamping then I doubt anything will get settled just in 2-3 weeks.

    I want to go with my wife just because I'll have one less work to get done and we can plan her transition from existing job.

    What will you do given same situation? Any risk that you see?

    I appreciate the thought. Please feel free to ask more information if appropriate for clarification of the situation.

    July 16th, 2005, 05:46 AM
    Hello and welcome. I have a D70 as well and also shoot a lot of concert type events, here's a link to that section of my gallery: http://www.dphoto.us/forumphotos/showgallery.php/cat/742

    Maybe the EXIF data will be helpful though it's not completely accurate, even though I shoot in manual it will read shutter priority. ISO usually 1600 as Josh stated above.

    Good luck and enjoy your camera, now maybe you can help me get into the photo pits. :) j/k

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