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  • nat23
    02-01 09:28 PM
    Thats it for tonight ...see you again soon. Till then goodnight from all of us here....


    PS dont mean to offend anyone....just having some fun...

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  • GC08
    04-07 07:09 PM
    I cannot agree with you more.

    Until H1B and GC are based on individual's credentials, there will be no protection on foreign workers, American workers and salary stability.

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  • Edison99
    05-12 02:35 PM
    Congrats and have fun!
    Got greened, I received my cards. The status still shows"Decision".
    In this happy moment i have donated some amount to IV, I have been following IV regularly.
    Thanks alot all the gurus. Good luck to everyone.

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  • snathan
    05-24 09:48 AM
    Hi All,

    please work with hellomms for the signature as already he has all the details and user names.


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  • Kapils573
    05-10 02:48 PM
    I 485 approved.

    PD May 16th 2006
    Approved May 4 th 2011 - No SR, no infopass, no phone calls, no contacting senators

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  • pray
    08-28 05:54 PM
    waiting_4_gc wrote:

    I didn�t want to go to DC rally due to my surgery appointment (September 6th) because I can not fly for three weeks after the surgery.

    Guess what?, I have postponed my surgery appointment date, booked tickets and going to DC rally on Monday evening and flying back on Tuesday night.

    I also urge people to take a day off and attend the rally.

    I think you should probably have your surgery instead.


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  • greyhair
    03-27 12:52 PM
    imh1b and snathan....i respectfuly request that you'll refrain from calling anyone names....there is no need to call people fool/drunk/moron. I am quite sure youll are educated professionals that can think of better ways to make your argument.

    Wait a minute. I did not say that the person is a fool. I said the "idea" was foolish and gave reasons for why it is unworkable. The guy wanted to debate, so I provided my input and views. What's wrong with that?

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  • gcisadawg
    01-22 07:00 PM

    I believe you have poured your heart out there! Wonderful job! I believe most of the sane members here totally respect your decision to buy a home without GC.

    Having said that, although your description of half-a-day's work gave me goosebumps, I'm not too carried away. If it happens, it happens! I'd go back to my home country with the fond memory of 10 years of life here! As you said, we wont go back empty handed. Came to US with just $200 in the pocket!

    Relax and enjoy your home,


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  • chingchang
    05-04 07:38 AM
    1) Applied Date - OCT 07
    2) Audit Date - Jan 3th, 08
    3) Audit Reply Date - Jan 15th, 08
    4) Category - EB2

    5) Center - Atlanta

    i am working directly to the client, it's very big company and my immigration people told me it's randomly pickup one no need to worry.

    i asked them is there any time frame and they mentioned no set of time frame for audit cases

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  • Dhundhun
    04-19 12:45 PM
    I paper filed EAD to AZ drop box on Mar 27th. I have not received receipt. Also check is not cashed.

    I agree, it is taking too much time, compared to previous applications.

    I am still waiting for check to be cashed or receipt.

    I think, I made a mistake of paper filing. I should have done e-filing.


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  • needhelp!
    04-16 02:45 PM
    and I completed 10 rounds probably 1.5 miles.. So you know I was going rrreeeaaaally slow. (but it was good enough for me)

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  • pmat
    05-15 12:23 PM
    I have applied for birth certificate at Indian Consulate, SFO and received from them. They simply attested the information on my Passport on their letter head..will that be sufficient or I should get it from MRO/etc from India?

    The birth certificate you get from the Consulate is not sufficient for I-485. If you don't have a birth certificate from the Municipal corporation of the city where you were born: then you need a Non-Availability certificate from that Municipal Corporation + 2 affidavits from close relatives.

    Check with your lawyer for more information.


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  • gsc999
    09-20 01:55 AM
    There are just too many fond memories to share in one post... but I do want to specially thank leo2606 who drove 70 miles to pick up myself, venkygct, vsraja and punjabi at the Dulles airport and then took us out for breakfast, then to the rally venue, then for lunch, finally to a hotel room we had booked for a quick shower, basically... like a shadow he was with us wherever we wanted to go! And... whenever we thanked him (and gdhiren who co-ordinated pickups/dropoffs for many others like the 4 of us) these guys, instead of saying something like "You are welcome", would profusely thank us for flying in!

    Its people... like leo2606 and gdhiren.. and many others are the true strength of IV!
    Abhijit, great idea you brought your guitar along. It was good to hear some nice music at the rally. Thanks to you and Arun for driving & coordinating the sponsorships. Some good volunteers came out of that effort.

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  • kurtz_wolfgang
    09-01 11:02 PM
    Got approval for 485 for me and my wife.........
    Still can't believe it.

    EB2 - India
    PD: 12/2004
    RD: 08/15/07
    ND: 09/27/09
    NSC ....

    Didn't get any RFE, no interviews, didn't renew EAD.:D


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  • GC_Optimist
    01-18 08:57 AM
    Good Luck to all of us.

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  • GCNeophyte
    07-16 11:24 AM
    Sanhari, I am with you on this.
    Please let me know the best way to contact our local congressmen and I am willing to support this effort.
    I think it's fair that people waiting from 2002 get their GC's first. I mean they have been waiting for an unreasonable amount of time. At the same time all EB's should wake up and do this.
    What should we do to spread this message ?

    you can go to following website to contact .. hope this helps


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  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-03 04:47 PM
    I got the "card production ordered" email today which probably means that the gc application has been approved.

    Here's the info for immigration voice team/users' tracking approvals

    my PD is nov 2005.
    Receipt date: 7/31/2007
    center: nebraska

    I got married last year and the lawyers were about to file the follow-to-join application for my wife in the next couple of days. But my application seems to have got approved first. Has anyone been in this situation before?


    If what I have heard is true, your lawyers made it late.

    The Visa bulletin came out almost 4 weeks back. You should have hurried the application in. Check with your lawyer to see is there any special ways to get your app in.

    What i will say is hurry it now at least.

    Good luck buddy

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  • BharatPremi
    10-12 02:46 PM
    "Year 2003 - EB2 faced little retrogression briefly for 4-5 months and
    second trend of RIR denials and second trend of forcing EB3- NON RIR
    filing. EB3 faced brief retrogression for 2 months. "

    Bharat Premi please clarify

    It is difficult for me to produce all "Proofs" at this point of time, perhaps if I dig my some of past CDs I may be able to bring some articles but it will be a hell of time. Anyway still trying to put some explanation. First of all you need to understand the difference between today's bulletin system and bulletin system prevalent around 1999-2003. I vaguely remember, mostly till 2002 mid only Mexico and Philipines and India were "oversubscribed" countries.INS played a very smart game with bulletins then as well but somehow there was no public cry like what we experienced during this july. I do not remember exactly but probably during almost whole 2003 and perhaps for some months during 2002 India was out from "Oversubscribed" category. Before that India was used to be "Current" almost all the time. Now during the time India compeltely disapperared from bulletins, we needed to solely depend upon the internal news about retrogression and most of the information I was used to get from and articles and many articles were talking about this EB2 and Eb3 retrogression.

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  • 11785181
    10-18 04:06 PM
    Hello this message is for yvjoshi100

    I have an age out daughter and would be interested in talking or knowing more on this issue if you can help. Can I pls hve your phone number. You can email me privately

    05-16 09:34 PM
    Pls post this information on other websites and forums as well so that people can start calling
    We do not enough people calling as per the poll above

    called and left messages. when is the vote on this bill is going to be casted? anyone knows? thanks

    02-02 07:53 AM
    I don't see post any more. retracted?

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