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  • CrazyWorld
    08-05 07:35 AM
    Thanks Crazy world. I was not sure about it. Does any one know how many days to get the card in hand?

    I've seen my friends get as quick as a week from the CPO e-mail. looks like we are in the queue.

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  • gc_on_demand
    04-08 02:50 PM
    With Limited visa numbers and now USCIS has improve efficiency they will process more and mroe Eb2 ROW and Eb1 application and less spill over to Eb2 India / China.

    May be Eb2 india and China will clear 6 months in a given year.
    Eb2 india by
    2010 It may reach 2005
    2011 It may reach Mid 2005
    2011 It may reach 2006
    2011 It may reach Mid 2006 and this continues....

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  • rustum
    03-11 01:41 PM
    Since you dont have visa stamped on passport, H1B approval copy notarized would help. You should be fine entering both addresses and I have seen both addresses on my Passport on renewal.
    Thanks for the info. I am planning to add my wife name by providing marriage certificate. Can i add my child name with his birth certificate. By not providing other address , can i avoid having US address on my passport.

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  • delhirocks
    04-14 06:49 AM
    Efiled for EAD on Mar 29th
    Receipts received on April 6th
    EAD expires July 15th.


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  • buddyinsd
    08-04 01:24 PM
    I'm 06 and I know exactly what u r saying...Many 06 guyz got approved in 2008 but all those cases were from TSC where the processing times had reached 06. Freakin NSC was behind in processing and hence our cases were stuck. I'm assuming ur case is at NSC....

    But come to the present day, everything is in place for our approvals. I'm confident v all will get it this time. Just a matter of time and its frustrating rt now...YES.

    I went through the same frustration in 2008 when many 2006 got approved even when my date was current.
    Looks like the same thing is going to happen again -- most of the approvals are from 2006 and I am still stuck forever..what the *&%^ing going on....

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  • Michael chertoff
    05-04 07:04 PM
    Please share some steps people are taking to get approval. like contacting senator or anything.

    It will help people like me who are current and pending.



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  • eb3retro
    07-15 09:21 AM
    so, you are saying dates in eb2 moved because, few of the eb2 folks showed up in DC. I think its time for you to up your medication...

    This has become a ranting thread of EB3 folks. One simple question:

    How many of you EB3 India folks who are complaining actually went to Washingtno DC last month for IV Advocacy event?

    I hear it was not even 250 people. If you take out all EB2 people, so few EB3 people. This means EB3 people do not really want to do anything but after every visa bulletin come to the site and rant.

    We in EB2 do not have much to worry. Our dates will move fast. But you EB3 had a chance last month and you blew it by not doing anything. So stop complaining.

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  • Ram_C
    11-13 07:48 PM
    How about SFO ??


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  • gc_chahiye
    06-29 05:28 PM
    Also one unusual acitivity of USCIS has been to suspend premium processing of I-140 for the month of July. That to me suggests that they are preparing for the deluge of I-485s.

    they could be planning to agressively process all old cases. May not want to touch new ones.

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  • flthere
    07-13 12:13 PM
    I read that there are 2800 EB3-I visas a year, or about 233 visas per month. Assuming there are about 700 numbers available for the rest of the year 2010, using the data in the latest May-2010 I485 inventory, the calculation is pretty straight n easy with no spillover calculations involved ... here is a possible progress of the PD:

    Sep-2010 : 10-Dec-2001

    Sep-2011 : 31-May-2002

    Sep-2012 : 15-Sep-2002

    Sep-2013 : 01-Jan-2003

    Sep-2014 : 01-Apr-2003

    From there on the numbers are huge per month - about thousand pending 485 per month ... it'll continue at less than snail pace :D


    USCIS proved my progress prediction as wrong ... Per Aug-10 visa bulletin, the dates already moved to 01-JAN-02 whereas I was guessing that by Sep-10 it'll move to 10-Dec-2001.

    Guess they'll just move it forward just to attempt to use up all available numbers. Neverthless it's positive for many who have been waiting. But it just makes the future predictions tougher. Lets wait for Sep-10 visa bulletin and then do another round of predictions after the I485 inventory is released.


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  • pappusheth
    07-22 06:29 PM
    soft LUD aka LUD are one and the same, only the last updated date changes and nothing else
    hard LUD is one where the date changes along with the status message

    Thanks. That means there was a soft LUD on 6/6 in my case.

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  • lonedesi
    04-07 08:33 PM
    Can anyone tell me how long does it take on an average to prepare an application (advertising, waiting for responses etc) for PERM? Also, the 30 days waiting time for response....does it include weekends or is it 30 business days?


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  • msyedy
    02-02 02:08 PM
    I am one of those guys who beleives everything happens for a purpose. I think voting on these ammendments took place for a purpose. Since the ammendments are already agreed to they can be attached easily to any other bill now. Like appropriations or even AgJobs bill.....

    Hope for the best...

    If the current bill that was agreed gets attached then according to Learning01(moderator) we will be in a big mess.After listening to him I think he is right.

    WaitingGC .....
    we are all waiting so lets all wait together.

    Sabar ka phal meeta hota hai ( The fruit of the patience will alwayz be sweet :) :D )

    Magar jab sabar bad jaate hai to phal sadh jaata hai
    (If the patience get longer then the fruit gets rotten):D :D

    We shall over Come.....

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  • goel_ar
    03-24 04:48 PM
    I respect bitzbytz's view. IMHO, Pappu's post shows too much arrogance in IV.
    Btw, I have donated $100 towards advocacy.
    Yeah Right. Now you are going to tell me, my higher education is due to IV, me coming to US is due to IV, me getting bachelors, masters, phd is due to IV, me getting H1 B visa approval and stamping, My getting EB 2 filed approved is caz of IV. , labor approval, 2 yr eads, medical appointments are all due to IV. Get real.

    When I was in trouble, I threw some money at Ms Sheela (not Sheela from sheela ki jawani) and voila , I had solution for my problems. IF we are legal here, we need to be afraid of anything, else glad to go back home.

    Dude, understand that I am a friend not an enemy to IV advocacy. I just said, for me to contribute, I should feel that IV made an impact or will make an impact for my cause. Which I dont feel right now.

    Make me believe and I am in. Until then keep trying.

    If you still want to bark , well you can pick some tree as I just ignored this debate.


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  • immigrant2007
    07-14 10:40 AM
    It might have been answered before elsewhere, but I'm wondering about the logic on how the spillover visas are allocated. Would have been nice if the spillover visas are allocated to oversubscribed countries instead of categories, this way 10k spillover visas that EB2-I is getting now will be distributed equally between EB2 and EB3 ... I believe that's one thing IV is going to or has taken up.

    Looks like parents did a good job of taking both the sick kids to hospital, but the doctor treated only one kid saying that the second untreated kid is not good as the one getting the treatment :D ... if the 2nd kid survives thru the period of time the 1st kid recovers without any treatment, then the 2nd kid will get the treatment.

    LOL, why am I extending the topic ...

    I for one would like to know exactly what IV is planning to take up for the cause of EB3 before contributing.

    Good and very valid logic....
    I am also EB3 (waiting for 6 years now) but I totally disagree that IV is baised against EB3 or favoured EB2 in anyway, we are not heard as fault is ours. We we want something for us to be done then our actions shold speak for all of us just not me or you). Either we put up a fight for our cause (there are chances we will loose) or just submit to our doomed fate. The choice is ours gentleman. I don't think we have tried enough to finally call it quits.

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  • pd052009
    03-24 11:54 AM
    Looks like most of the people simply think there are others who can take care of this for me. Guys.. When a promotion comes, most of us think/say.. why not me?

    Why don't we have the same thought of "why not me?" when it comes to advocacy. Think about it for a moment and participate.


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  • chanukya
    02-01 09:37 PM
    This is what is there in 187, no mention of page s1105

    Only mention page s1121, s1044-1045.

    I am still wondering to which amendment S1105 attached


    Amends: H.R.2 , S.AMDT.112
    Sponsor: Sen Kerry, John F. [MA] (submitted 1/24/2007) (proposed 1/24/2007)
    In the nature of a substitute.



    Amendment SA 187 proposed by Senator Kennedy for Senator Kerry to Amendment SA 112. (consideration: CR S1044-1045; text: CR S1044)
    Amendment SA 187 agreed to in Senate by Unanimous Consent.

    s1105 refers to a page. This corresponds to SA 187 ( and I request you to see BACKLOG REDUCTION is there).

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  • m.anderson
    05-25 01:00 PM
    I would like to join as well. I do have my case number also.

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  • girijas
    04-13 11:12 AM

    If you signup for the DC 10 miler, you will get to see two women fight!

    Let's see...........what's the latest excuse..........Oh yes! Taxes!
    Fine :( Get done with your taxes and then THINK of enrolling for a run. Hopefully we will see more entrees ones you get done with the taxes.

    ..........That reminds me!!! Have to run :)

    Bring it on :p. I am on round 32 of Turbokick's. Six and half years of practice and I love it.

    Just for Fun ... Take it easy. Great to have you on the team

    05-15 02:09 PM
    Is there any way we can initiate the FBI namecheck/background check right away, so that by the time we apply the 485 this is already moving ahead and hopefully will not be a blocker.... i am just thinking out loud about ways we can streamline this process....anyone? ideas?

    07-22 12:00 PM
    iCERT portal says they are processing regular cases as of Oct 2009 i.e. 10 months........I thought it took 7 months these days.

    My PD is March 2010.... has anyone seen approval in 2010 yet from Jan, Feb?

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