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  • gcdreamer05
    02-03 05:01 PM
    or if you know some website which has reviews of companies plz let me know that site...

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  • sybersnake
    12-04 12:22 AM
    Im looking for a custom datagrid to be built.. within the next 24 hours.

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  • toronto1999
    08-12 11:56 AM
    I can't find, can you give a link? Thanks!

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  • neeidd
    07-14 03:29 PM
    Your priority date is not yet current. It will be in August.

    Also you need to prove that you have exhausted all ways to get it adjudicated.

    InfoPass - Eitherway its useless
    Approaching your senator.

    If none of these work then you apply for WOM
    Otherwise your case will be weak and be thrown out
    Thanks a lot for the reply, gcpool



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  • fromnaija
    04-14 05:20 PM
    If she entered without inspection she will have to process her green card in her home country unless you can get a waiver. But if she came here legally and her I-94 expired you may be in luck. You will have to file I-130, and I-485 for her. You will also have to submit I-130 for her son who will apply for an immigrant visa in Nicaragua. You may want to talk to an immigration attorney who will be in a better position to direct you on this.

    Also this forum is mainly targeted at employment-based immigration and you may not get answers here for a family-based immigration issue.

    Good luck.

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  • glus
    01-20 07:56 PM
    Has anyone been able to call USCIS premium processing toll free number today and talk to an Officer. I have been unable to get to an Officer today but was able to talk before. I am wondering whether there is a limit on how many times you can call(I have called 3 times so far in 10 days) or if you can't call after so many days have passed after your application is approved.

    I have been contacting to get my priority date corrected on I-140 approval. Please respond if anyone has information

    You cannot fix a priority date error through a phone! This is a serious thing and would need to be corrected through a letter from an attorney or something like that.



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  • nashorn
    08-09 03:00 PM
    It looks to me that only those who had their case filed by atternoy are getting receipts and cash encashed. Tell me I'm wrong or right by posting your case status.

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  • gcsim
    06-07 08:25 AM

    One of my friend is here on H1b visa since six months and he wants to call his parents....will there be any issues in applying for visa as he is here since six months only. Any help will be appreciated.


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  • pune_guy
    10-25 01:21 PM

    I was told by the staff at the center, where I did my FP, that one can do FP at any location in US. Just go to any nearest location at the same time and date as mentioned in the notice.

    I did the same. My FP appointment was in Oakland but I went to San Jose office. I had gone to the San Jose office a day before to find out if I can go there for FP and that is when they told me this.

    I suggest you ask your wife to go the local office a few days before her appointment and find out if she can go there for her FP appointment.

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  • grupak
    11-16 09:53 AM
    On the main page, go to the state chapter link under the main menu and find the NJ contacts... I think chandu23 can help. paskal is the national coordinator who can also help.


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  • ajju
    02-05 07:23 PM

    I am considering move to a different state in few months (work from home) keeping my existing job for health reasons... My employer has been nice to me.. so Iam not considering changing job for now... My concerns,

    1) Will this situation cause compulsary RFE? Anything I need to be careful of?
    2) Do I need to invoke AC21 or just amend my H1 or start using EAD? What is advisable... Any personal experience??
    3) Can I claim moving expense (when filing taxes) if moved with same job??


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  • GCaspirations
    09-21 11:59 PM
    Did you get the finger Print Notice?
    My case was also transeferred from NSC to CSC and then back to NSC. I got the receipt and tranfer notice but no finger print notice yet.
    I wanted to find out if you got the notice for finger print.


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  • ksairi
    08-15 11:21 AM
    I do not have receipt yet.

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  • MetteBB
    05-27 10:19 AM
    That is GREAT news K *loving it



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  • vidyas_m
    05-05 01:40 PM
    This info might be a little old. But I filed for PERM on Dec 1, 2010 and it got approved on Dec 19th, 2010. So, 18 days. Also, you can find the latest info for PERM approval processing time on

    Good Luck.

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  • Waitingnvain
    07-31 05:58 AM
    If you are on H-1, you cannot apply for L-1. You would have to work for a company outside the US for a period of 1 year before you can apply for a L-1 assuming you are in the US currently.


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  • toronto1999
    08-12 11:56 AM
    I can't find, can you give a link? Thanks!

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  • marcom10
    04-20 12:54 AM
    heh..well my freinds that are to dumb to request on a forum a sig pay me in school. Ive sold a banner n stuff though. im making a newtemplate n it should go down pretty well.

    and wen my new template is up..i wus thinking about hiring some people to work with me. Whether they were to make templates, or code or do flash etc.

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  • purplehazea
    05-08 01:59 PM
    How can you change jobs if you have not filed for I485 and it has not been pending for >6months?
    If you change jobs you will have to start green card process again.
    If you stay with your current company, and if PD becomes current in summer, they can file for 1485 and then once your i485 is pending for >6 months you can try to change jobs using AC21.

    Gurus step in and correct me if I am wrong.

    All reliance on my opinion is at your own risk.

    Good luck.

    09-24 09:03 AM
    It often takes a few letters to be sent to USCIS before anything happens in such situations. It seems like USCIS sometimes disregards attorneys' letters. But once someone takes the letter seriously, you should see some soft LUDs on your case; although it does not always happen.

    04-22 10:38 AM
    Has anyone tried extending NJ DL using H1b extension receipt ?

    My H1b extension is in VSC and looks like it will take long long time to come back....DL is expiring in 30 days, with EAD my renewal would be for 6 months only as EAD also expires in Aug.

    wonder if they will accept H1b receipt with employer letter ?

    please share your NJ DL experience.


    I had extended our licenses from wayne DMV this past march - but I had H1 and H4 approval notices. They did ask me for our approval notices specifically. We also handed our H1/H4 receipts, but she handed those back to us. I would think that they will need the approval notices just to figure out the validity of the new license they will issue.

    I guess you can show them your EAD document and try to get a renewal for couple of months, I am not sure though.

    Good luck.

    Any other takers?

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