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  • p.guptapost
    06-04 09:34 AM

    We paper filed thru about company attorney in May 1st week from Texas. Till now no receipt received.
    Is there any way I can call USCIS to check status without receipt number in hand? Can they track it via SSN or alien no?

    Pl. let me know.

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  • baleraosreedhar
    08-18 10:52 AM
    Apllied on : June 9( Spouse and Me)
    Notice Date : June 10
    FP : 2 July
    Soft Luds on I140 on 7/13
    Soft luds on I140/Old H1's/I 485 on 7/30
    AP approved on 7/31( still no card production ordered status)

    Eagerly waiting for EAD.

    AP got approved( both of us on July 31)

    Wife opened a SR for Expediate process on 14 Aug and today she got Card PRoduction Message

    I am planning to open SR today, I hope the Expediate request is accepted on the basis of Financial Hardship

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  • rayoflight
    05-16 05:57 PM
    I called everybody on the list. C'mon guys we can help changing our lives. Got very +ve response from all the staff.

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  • thomachan72
    03-20 11:55 AM
    Mostly repeating
    1) H1b extension and visa stamping by post (very very essential)
    2) Reinstate premium processing for I-140 (very urgent)
    2) Preventing wastage and recapture of visa numbers (atleast atempt)
    3) I cannot buy a house because of uncertainity
    4) WE TEND TO SAVE MORE AND SPEND LESS WHEN THIS UNCERTAINITY PREVAILS. and lot of us have tremendous spending capability (cars, houses, tourism etc)
    5) Canada and Europe needs me and lot of US educated/skilled people, so please USE us BETTER.


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  • senthilvs
    10-06 09:16 PM
    I sent it on Thursday Sep 11th before hurrican IKE to CGI Houston. Money order was cashed on Sep 23rd. Sent $60 including the express mail for returning the new passport. I haven't received yet. Calling them doesn't help a lot. Does anybody think going in person will help? Do I need to get an appointment to enquire about the passport application? Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • RandyK
    04-03 12:19 PM
    A visa number gets allocated only when administrative approval is granted by NVC. Most likely when you applied (packet 3) last year your case was current and visa numbers was available, however by the time they approved your case the window was closed and PDs became U.

    NVC does not order a visa number for cases pending only for cases that they have approved/completed.

    They do this every month around the 10th like clock work, if by the 10th of any month your case is approved/completed by NVC & your PD is current they order a visa number for you from DOS.

    We called the NVC 2 days ago about the status of our application and the guy on the phone (who was, BTW, very polite and patient) told me that everything was processed and as soon as our PD was current we would get an interview appointment very soon.

    We also sent an email-inquiry to the NVC last week and just today we got the reply :
    "Unfortunately, this case no longer has a visa number available. This is
    because the applicant' visa category is oversubscribed, meaning that
    the available numerical limit of visas able to be issued was reached.
    Upon reaching the numerical limit of visas able to be issued, only
    beneficiaries who have a priority date earlier than listed in the current
    Visa Bulletin may be allotted a visa number in this visa category. "

    So, that must mean that they had a visa number for us back in August 2007 when they sent us the DS230-I and the bills for the visa fees although according to the VB for August/September 2007 EB3 ROW was "U" ?

    Hmm, I have to admit that I have kind of given up on understanding how this all works. I'm just looking forward to that day when we finally receive our GC and are able to move to the States.

    Good luck to all of you and even more patience !


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  • buddhaas
    07-16 01:33 PM
    scroll down half way to see the chart from DOS USCIS.

    Let Them In Page 2 of 2 - (

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  • ganguteli
    04-09 11:22 AM
    That is the past. I'm talking about future. I send a lot of people to join IV. I was running free ads for IV on all my sites (and am still running them on iBookDB) and if you look through my past posts you will see that I was encouraging everyone to do the same. But now I want to contribute money but I don't know what I am contributing towards.

    By running free ads you were not doing any favor to IV. You were only doing a favor to yourself for your greencard. On the other hand you are trying to promote your website on IV so that people come to the site. I see that IV has deleted that ad. I did a google search and did not see any IV ad you talked about. So stop claiming. I will not put the url of your site in my post but if you are true, then send me a PM with a URL of the page where you claim to have put IV ad.


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  • NolaIndian32
    04-09 04:47 PM
    This is a link to other races in the DC area: I have never run a race; so I plan on running one of the 5K races in May or June and maybe try one of the 10K races in August. I am sure there are other races abound in summer. If there are others who are apprehensive about running the 10miler (like me) might want to try doing something similar.

    Thanks Girijas for your initiative and dedication to Team IV!!!

    You will receive more tips and advise on training in the Welcome Package shortly!!


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  • ambals03
    04-11 11:40 AM
    As a member, you can get the latest count in

    Thanks. I was looking more like, how many people have actually emailed -- ?


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  • mrajatish
    05-15 09:34 AM
    Seems fishy - what is the reason for this? Push hard for filing 485.

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  • vbkris77
    03-20 10:23 AM
    Hello, Thanks for the help. Here is my list.

    1. As CIS told Congress in a hearing last year, They indeed wasted visas due to administrative delays. Clearing such a backlog would make all EB current. - Best case scenario

    2. Allowing people to file Adjustment of Status (AOS) after their immigration petition (I140) is approved but were unable due to their country cap. Relax/clarify the AC-21 rule for Same or Similar occupation. How much long wait is considered long enough to move-on? (in general terms) - Average Scenario

    3. Let CIS publish the real backlog of the EB AOS applications (Backlog defined by common sense - should include all the EB AOS cases and not just what they think not backedup due to Visa availability) pending by country, and PD in 2-3 months. - Worst case Scenario. Atleast helps us plan our future by deciding to continue the wait or get back home.

    4. Starting the Citizenship clock after I140 approved.

    Thanks again for your help..


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  • coopheal
    04-09 08:26 AM
    Our problem is like a bus, stuck and needs a push. You may think "what will a single push from just me, do". I may think the same too. So we both and all who think alike will not do anything.

    Instead. Do whatever u can. Here pushing the bus is doing your part.. write to media, reps, whoever you think.. I know many people out there who do this, I am one of them very dedicatedly doing it.. but these efforts are not sufficient. Dont wait for anyone to come and help you.
    Again, you must be a fool to wake up suddenly NOW, and not in the last 5-7 months. There is nothing to hope for, with 2000 or 3000 cases approved every year. Simple mathematics.
    I can imagine there are 90% folks who gave up, do nothing.. Dont do that.. even if its a small effort, yet do it. And tell us what you did.. That will motivate us, and I may do better.

    Nobody is saying you to push alone. You can start working collectively under IV's umbrella. So before you start cribbing here research/read what others have been doing. Become part of IV. Start contributing time and money to IV for your own GC.

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  • ujjwal_p
    05-17 12:06 AM
    i assume this is for everyone, including citizens. you may want to make the legal part bold in the phrase "legal immigration". immigration automatically raises everyone's eyebrow but you need to emphasize that the fight here is for "legal" immigration. that is a key differentiator especially when nobody knows what the heck EB, priority date etc is.

    Use the following as a template to send all your contacts via email!!!!

    *not a chain mail. a genuine request to be part of a democratic US bill-making movement* call YOUR Senator and at least one from the list below *

    i am writing to you with a rather 'unusual request'. thousands of high skilled legal immigrants (especially from India and China) are stuck for between 5 to 10 years in the 'Green Card' queue with no 'end in sight' due to a broken system. previous attempts by groups like Compete America ( ( and Immigration Voice ( ( have been rebuffed by powerful lobbies and special interests.

    if you are able to help, know that thousands will thank you. if you are uncomfortable, i will fully understand and seek your forgiveness for this intrusion.

    if you know someone that will benefit from legal immigration reform (e.g. graduate students, etc.), do pass this message along. again, this is NOT a fake chain mail. check out ( to see how those forgotten in the immigration queue are trying their best to make their voices heard.

    at a minimum, take a few minutes to see these colorful posters that highlight the issues at stake!
    more on the issues

    if you can do more, please call your Senator and at least one from the list below with the scripted message:

    currently, Rep. Zoe Lofgren from California, has introduced a couple of bills that can provide temporary relief to thousands of tax paying high skilled workers.
    HR 5921 Introduced to eliminate per country limits
    H.R. 5882 introduced to restore approximately 218,000 unused EB visa numbers.
    HR 6039 introduced to exempt STEM degree applicants from numerical limits

    In addition, the Murray amendment was accepted in Senate Appropriations Committee by voice vote today.

    "OK, enough of that mumbo jumbo" I hear you say :), "what can I do?"

    Tell them that you would like to talk to some one who handles immigration/legal matters, If forwarded to voice mail, leave a VM. If the VM is full, you can get back to the main line by pressing 0 and then leave a message with them.

    The message you have to deliver when calling these offices is

    I would like Representative "Representative Name" to co sponsor bills HR 5882, HR 5921 & HR 6039 sponsored by Zoe Lofgren. All three bills have wide bipartisan support in the house and will help reduce the back logs associated with USCIS. These bills are a great first step towards immigration reform.


    Only if the staff member bring up the issue of CIR, in that case say that -

    In the past we have been supporting Comprehensive approach and still continue to support comprehensive approach and we look for our our main issues to be addressed whenever comprehensive bill is passed. However, this is is just an interim fix to begin or start the immigration reform process.

    Senator Robert Menendez
    202 224 4744

    Ruben Hinojosa
    phone: 202-225-2531

    Charles Gonzalez
    Phone: (202)225-3236

    Hilda Solis
    202 225 5464

    Ciro Rodriguez
    202 225 4511

    Lucille Roybal-Allard
    202 225 1766

    Raul Grijalva
    ph (202) 225-2435

    Dennis Cardoza
    (202) 225-6131

    Jim Costa

    SIMPLY PUT -- please consider taking a few minutes to call at least one of the above lawmakers' offices with the above 'scripted' message. I am not a script-driven person, but the dynamics of law making dictates that simple messages about support for a Bill go a long way towards helping lawmakers form their opinion. This is DEMOCRACY and CIVICS in action :).

    Will you take a few moments to do your bit to help thousands of hard working professionals and their families? In 1 day, Rep Cueller from Texas has signed on as a co-sponsor after receiving numerous calls.

    Steve Ballmer, Safra Catz, Craig Barrett, Carly Fiorina, Scott McNealy, Charles Vest and others all came together for... what?

    we get tons of spam a day. lets take a few moments to help those that join us in contributing to the US economy through their hard work, taxes and social security contribution. of course, they spend hard earned $$$'s on wall st and main st. lets help them help us all.


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  • sundarpn
    03-22 11:21 PM
    If I can ask a few dumb questions:) (I might have overlooked this but these details, but this thread is huge now). When is the hearing? Who is conducting is? Is IV core involved?

    How can other members here help apart from posting to this thread and $ contributions?


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  • godspeed
    04-12 01:54 PM
    You were looking at a older instruction? the link you have posted is the same as what
    gcformeornot posted. please clarify, the instruction states its validity so we have to use that accordingly.

    It is not advised to double file, perhaps you'll get this back sooner than expected and then send it to the lockbox, dunno why they are complicating things as it is there are enough complications :-(
    I was looking at a different file:

    any idea how i can resolve this?! :(


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  • kittu1991
    04-08 03:26 PM
    Actually, H.R. 5921: High Skilled Per Country Level Elimination Act is equally important. Why am I from India being discriminated against as compared to my neighbor from some other country if we are doing the same job for the same company. That way if everybody is in the same boat maybe there will be more uproar about 5882 because I'm sure other populations are more vocal than Indians and Chinese.

    When everybody is equally screwed with EB3 - U for all categories.

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  • IL_Guy
    09-03 03:07 PM
    My Wife and I got the CPO email today. I was able to capture an earlier PD of Sept 04 from my previous company.

    I had saved a Glenfiddich (30 Yr) bottle for some time now, time has come to crack open the baby!!

    Best of luck all my fellowmen.

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  • kzinjuwadia
    05-16 09:36 PM
    I also wanted to let you know that I opened an SR on 5-6-2011. Just saw many people getting approved who PD was after mine. Hence opened an SR. Appreciate for your time taken to answer the questions...

    Did you take infopass appt to find out the status. What is SR? Service Request for someone to take a look into your case?

    06-14 02:44 PM
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    i fourth :D

    01-29 09:07 PM
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